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Posten Nov 2020.pdf3 Minne o a Win e ; Membe hip Ma e
4 Lib a Co ne ; De e Fjo d Lodge Comm ni Se ice
5 In od cing: Ne Book b Jan Pe e on
6 Son of No a Di ic Si and AZ Lodge Info; Oc obe Bi hda
7 De e Fjo d Info ma ion
Co-P e iden ’ Col mn “Do ou ant to build a sno man?” is the question asked b Anna and Elsa in the animated Disne movie, Fro- en. The movie setting is the m thical
Nor egian inspired kingdom of Aren- delle. Anna and Elsa created the mag- ical sno man Olaf, ho has child-like innocence and a ise-cracking sense of humor. Olaf is pictured here, be- t een Jan and Sherrie Loomis. Sherrie and I have ans ered the question posed above, and e are moving to Windsor, Colorado the end of November here e’ll be making more sno men than possible in AZ. We join ith Olaf in aving goodb e to all of our friends and members of Desert Fjord, here e have been engaged in lodge activities for the past 20 ears. We ill miss all of ou and sincerel appreciate the Nor egian fello ship and support that ou have shared ith us these man ears. We ill relish the memories of meals shared and stimulating presentations and discussions about art, culture, music, travel, histor , genealog , and more. There are too man people to thank for all the did to make us feel el- come and for sharing their talent and leadership skills that made Desert Fjord such a great lodge. We ere blessed to have orked ith these leaders ho have passed a a John Lovell, Hal Onsager, Sharon Clunk, Ralph Hjelmstad, Roger Espeland, Anker Miltun. We have enjo ed
orking alongside Ed and Ph lliss Bergo, Jonathan Walters, Janis John- son, Ross Berg, Flo d and Eli abeth Do ns, Berit Miltun, Dirk and Da n Walter, Ali Berg, Lois Riple , Jana Peterson, Nina Poe, Lois Sakkas, Shirle Ouren, Georgiann Crouse, Shannon Prond inski and man more. Without these people, the lodge could not e ist. The put in the e tra
ork and effort to make sure meetings and events are useful and enjo - able for the rest of us. We encourage ou to get engaged in lodge leadership and activities. It’s a great a to develop long-lasting friendships and it gives ou an op- portunit to engage in our Nor egian heritage in even deeper a s. Though e are moving, e ill remain active in Sons of Nor a . The Colorado lodges are also in District 6, so e hope to see our Desert Fjord friends at future District conventions. We can no longer invite ou to hat had become our annual, “Picnic in the Pines” in Pa son an - more. Ho ever, e’d elcome ou to Colorful Colorado to stop in for some Nor egian hospitalit if ou’re ever in our neighborhood. Mange takk and farvel. Jan and Sherrie Loomis
D F L 6-133
Established 1984
Heritage Meeting—November 8th at 2 PM Ascension Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall
7100 N Mockingbird Lane, Paradise Valley, AZ (Take Sc da e Rd H i gbi d Che e , a M cki gbi d i c ed h f ch ch d e c c i . P ea e e e h gh S h a ki g )
Popco n and a Mo ie: DRONE OVER NORWAY! B ing a ma k-co e ed mile! Plea e keep ociall di anced (6’) Plea e click o egi e fo he e en o RSVP o L nn Solie (612) 250-6997.
Ch i ma i oon he e and d ing COVID, i ’ ime o con ide i al gif . If o ha e g andchild en, con ide gi ing hem a membe hip o Son of No a . De e Fjo d Lodge no ha 18 He i age membe , child en age 15 and o nge . The ecei e he ne Viking fo Kid mag-
a ine, a e eligible o a end o Di ic 6 Camp No ge
and q alif fo a a ie of chola hip and g an (De e Fjo d Campe hip and Schola hip , Di ic 6 Schola hip and Campe hip , Si el and Roge E peland Memo ial Schola hip, and mo e) o a i
i h he co of a ending a College/Uni e i . In addi ion, he e a e he i age p og am ch a : Camp T ollfjell (age 8-13), Folkehog k le (age 14-17), O lo In e na ional S mme School, No egian Lan- g age Camp, and mo e. Son of No a al o offe a n mbe of in ance and financial p od c fo child en. When p cha ed a a o ng age, he co i e ea onable, and he polic p o ide p o ec ion a a ime hen li le need o be done o q alif fo co e age. To lea n mo e
abo he SON financial p od c i i : h p ://
. od c /. If o kno omeone ho ma be in e e ed in join- ing Son of No a and De e Fjo d, ha e hem i i o eb i e: .de e fjo d.o g. The can join on he Son of No a eb i e: h p :// .
join_o _ ene / and elec Sco dale, De e Fjo d a hei Lodge choice. Pa men of membe hip d e
can be made i h c edi ca d on he ec e i e and e ecei e no ice of ne membe o e can add
hem o o mailing li fo he Po en and in i a ion o mee ing .
M M b She ie Loomi , Membe hip Sec e a
M a W
O a L a a M a, a a I a . O a a a a O a L a' a . A
, O a L a a a , "I , I a . A a a a
M a, a I a." T a O a L a a , a
, a . “I ," a . "W
M a !”
L I B A C N E A Book Review by Jan Johnson
(highlighting one of the books a ailable in our great Librar )
One of the most prominent citi ens of Goteborg, S eden, plunges to his death off an apartment balcon , but hat appears to be a “societ suicide” soon reveals itself to be a carefull plotted murder. Irene Huss finds herself embroiled in a comple , high-
stakes investigation. As Huss and her team begin to uncover the victim’s hidden past, the are dragged into S eden’s seam under orld of street gangs, struggling immigrants, and neo-Na is, in order to catch the killer.
(Helene Tursten is a S edish riter of crime fiction. The main character in her stories is Detecti e Inspector Irene Huss ho is a ife, mother and homicide detecti e. “De ec e In ec H ” i he in an -b k e ie hich ake
lace in S eden Before becoming an author, Tursten orked as a nurse and then a dentist, but as forced to lea e due to illness. During her illness she
orked as a translator of medical articles
De e Fj d l dge e be ake a diffe e ce i he ld
b i l e e i c i e ice jec .
T . Ja J a P B a a a a a . Ja a 590! T a a a a / a a F C . Ja a 30, P a 20
a 15 . W a a a a
a a a a a a . T a a . I a a a a a a P 480-812-9762
This is a book that portrays an evolution: when I was a girl, fascinated by traveling and camping in beautiful Arizona, Colorado, and Mexico, I was motivated to love the ever-changing skies and mountains. After receiving gifts of viewing famous museums, ballet performances, intriguing architecture, taking thousands of dance lessons, using art books and materials, I yearned to dance and create. This early training led me further into the enduring study of art and dance and ultimately, a career where arts are an integral part of my life profession as a practicing artist, dancer, and college and elementary teacher.
During those wonderful and fruitful years, adventurous international college classes, curiosity, and friluftsliv led me to explore Europe and my ancestral homeland, Norway. More extensive travels and exhibits throughout Scandinavia pre- sented preternatural opportunities for my camera and paints. These adventures deepened my appreciation for the astounding work of so many creatively-inspired people; they applied their wondrous gifts and shared them for the ages to come. For me, reliving and reviewing all their creations has been an almost surreal experience.
Now I must share my visual impressions of some of the world’s great Scandinavian landscapes and their magical im- pact. I have a great sense of relief that now these inspirational paintings may serve as a witness to some of the magnifi- cent joys of this world.
Jan Peterson
[email protected]
Cost: $27. 5 for members ($5.00 donation goes to Desert Fjord Lodge)
N o v e m b e r B i r t h d a y s
District Si President: Luella Grangaard
District Si is made up of the follo ing states:
Ari ona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Ne Me ico, Utah and Ha aii - Website:
Zone Seven Director: Benn Jo Hinche
Zone Seven is made up of lodges in the follo ing states:
Ari ona: Scottsdale #133-Desert Fjord; Sun Cit #134- Sol B er; Mesa #153-Overtro Fjell; Flagstaff #167- Nor- dic Pines; and Yuma #168-Sola
Utah: Salt Lake Cit #83-Leif Erikson
N P 6-167 - 3 d S nda , Famil
Re o ce C ., Flag aff, AZ
O F 6-153 - 3 d Sa da
a 11:00 am, S Pe e L he an Ch ch,
1844 E Dana A e, Me a, AZ
6-168 - 3 d T e da a 7:00 pm,
Fai h L he an Ch ch,
2215 S. 8 h A e., Y ma, AZ
B 6-134 - 3 d Sa da a
11:00 am, Elk Lodge, 10760 Union
Hill D ., S n Ci , AZ
Go o: :// . . / D /
on their lodge ebsite.
Ale Boema k
* He age Me be
:// . . /D -F -L -6-133- - -N -563052183744742/
Norman C Jenson Jr 3rd Shirle M Berg 4th Karl K Haldorsen 6th Michael J Osland 9th Heather L Kalin 13th Nicholas Jacob Bergo 14th Janet Peterson 19th
Madeline Levell * 20th Olivia D Loomis * 21st Judith O Miles 23rd Kari A Ja 26th Nanc J Zine 26th Dirk P Walter 28th Mar A Steinnes 29th
Mission Statement
To promote and to preserve the heritage and culture of Norway to celebrate our relationship with other Nordic Countries and to provide quality insurance and financial products for our members
O D F L C -P : Jan Loomi (602) 617-7542
C -P : Jona han Wal e (347) 801-3345
: Ph lli Be go (480) 812-9762
: Jani John on jani [email protected]
A : Di k Wal e and Flo d Do n
C : Ed Be go
D F B : Ali Be g-Ande on
D : Jani John on
E C ( & G ): Nina Poe, Pa l Lindbloom, Go don Pe e on
F D : Go don Pe e on, Pa l Lindbloom
G : Geo giann C o e, No man Jen on, J
L : Nanc Zine
M : She ie Loomi (480) 786-4232
P E : Jona han Wal e
P D /P : Jani John on
: L nn Solie (612) 250-6997
D : Be i Mil n (480) 966-2009, Nellie Lokken
: Da n Wal e (480) 860-9192
: (1 ) K Haldo en; (2 ) P Flande ; (3 ) No m Jen on
: Loi Riple and Loi Saaka
P.O. B 1716 STAMP
Sc da AZ 85252-1716
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
S N a I a a H ad a W b :
:// . .c / - a N egia g a ha c ec a d e ca ce ed age a ai e
f d aid i di id a h a e ha dica ed. J b i g a f eg a ee i g ; a e he bag b a e ge i he d a i g.
http www boxtops education com participating-products
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I d ab