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<ul><li><p>Absolute Accountability</p><p>A M E M B E R O F T H E F L O W M A X G R O U P</p><p>Positive Displacement Flow Meters, Pumps &amp; Discharge Equipment</p></li><li><p>Alpeco has long been acknowledged as the UKs leading supplier</p><p>of tanker metering and associated loading and unloading</p><p>equipment for the downstream petroleum distribution market.</p><p>With over 25 years experience of identifying and meeting the</p><p>needs of this complex industry we know that your business</p><p>depends upon getting maximum usage and efficiency from your</p><p>tanker fleet and equipment. Thats why safety, reliability and</p><p>excellent after sales service are always foremost in our thinking</p><p>for the systems and equipment that we provide. </p><p>Since becoming a member of the successful Flowmax Group in</p><p>1997, Alpecos product portfolio has been further strengthened</p><p>by the acquisition of IFC - the leading manufacturer of Depot</p><p>Loading Skids and Gantry equipment - and more recently, Action</p><p>Technical Products - manufacturers of the excellent Perrett range</p><p>of Tanker Fittings and Actiman Bottom Loading equipment.</p><p>As a result of this merger Alpeco has a product range second to</p><p>none and is able to fulfill all of your liquid handling requirements</p><p>direct from a single source.</p><p>So, whether your requirement is for Depot Loading equipment or</p><p>a complete tanker Bottom Loading and Meter System you will</p><p>find the right solution at ALPECO.</p><p>Bottom Loading and ProductReturn Systems Modular in design, the Actiman Bottom Loading Manifold is the</p><p>lightest &amp; most compact on the market. Ideal for both new and</p><p>retrofit applications Actimans unique floating tube construction</p><p>allows for the pitch between each manifold/API section to be</p><p>adjusted to suit tank pipe work. Actiman has an unrestricted</p><p>flow passage throughout the manifold gallery enabling high</p><p>discharge flow rates and minimal product retention. An optional</p><p>sight glass fitted to each end of the assembly allows the operator</p><p>to see and identify product in the manifold, thereby reducing the</p><p>risk and hazard of costly product contaminations. Installation of</p><p>the Alpeco Product Return System facilitates fast product</p><p>change over or returns to tank at ground level thereby saving</p><p>time and increasing operator safety.</p><p>Meeting the needs of the downstream distribution industry</p><p>Actiman Manifold</p><p>Actimanmanifoldwith sightglass</p></li><li><p>Meter Systems Alpecos range of Truck Meter Systems combine world renown</p><p>Liquid Controls Flow Meters, with industry proven Cargo Pumps</p><p>and DMX Gas Separators from Blackmer. </p><p>System variants offer mechanical or electronic registration, hose</p><p>reel and bulk metering with wet or dry hose delivery options, all</p><p>of which are certified by UK NWML.</p><p>Lectrocount3 offers the ultimate in Electronic Metering Systems</p><p>and gives significant operational and administrative benefits to</p><p>the user. Multi-functional software allows variable set up and</p><p>control of the delivery system whilst providing comprehensive</p><p>management information such as end of shift reports showing</p><p>number of deliveries, grades and volumes delivered. </p><p>Lectrocount3 can be programmed with up to 24 named </p><p>products across 4 calibration groups thus ensuring optimum</p><p>accuracy for all deliveries and elimination of the product losses</p><p>associated with conventional mechanical meter systems.</p><p>Controllability and safety can be enhanced further with the</p><p>addition of Alpecos Radio Remote STOP/START System which</p><p>can be integrated with Lectrocount3 to provide remote stop/start</p><p>of the tanker delivery system from the end of the delivery hose. </p><p>Overfill Prevention SystemsATEX approved and compatible with all UK gantry systems,</p><p>CIVACON Overfill Prevention equipment is fail safe in operation</p><p>and ensures optimum protection against dangerous overfills.</p><p>The Liberty Bottom Socket incorporates an interlock facility for</p><p>use in conjunction with coaming vent valves whilst the brake</p><p>interlock switch is located in the center of the 10 pin plug and</p><p>protected from the elements by a dust cap when the vehicle</p><p>is in transit.</p><p>Absolute Accountability</p><p>CC8-50 Cargo Pump and DMX3</p><p>LECTROCOUNT3</p><p>and LC meter</p><p>CIVACONHLCOequipment</p></li><li><p>Product SupportVehicle or equipment down time costs you money and hence</p><p>you need to be assured that if you encounter a problem it will be</p><p>sorted out as quickly as possible. Alpecos commitment to after</p><p>sales service and support is unrivaled in the industry and our</p><p>team of service engineers can be called upon to carry out infield</p><p>service and repair work any where in the UK.</p><p>As an ISO 9001 2000 accredited company, Alpeco was</p><p>approved, in April 2004 by the Department of Trade and</p><p>Industry, as a Self Verifier, which means that our engineers</p><p>are now officially authorised by NWML to carry out repairs,</p><p>calibration and sealing of Alpeco Tanker Meter Systems, without</p><p>incurring the additional cost or attendance of the Local Trading</p><p>Standards Department.</p><p>Whether you need advice over the telephone or a visit from an</p><p>engineer, you can be assured that when you call for service</p><p>Alpeco will respond.</p><p>Alpeco Limited</p><p>Chinnor Road, Bledlow, Nr Princes Risborough, Bucks HP27 9PH</p><p>Tel: 01844 342666 Fax: 01844 345286 www.alpeco.co.uk</p></li></ul>


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