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Product Design Portfolio

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PortfolioP r o d u c t D e s i g n B y K y l e O M u r c h u







AEC is a device that aids users with

disabilitys to accuratley show there emo-

tions at a more personal level. I t uses LED

users emotions through slight movement,

colour, texture and material. It allows the

user to show more complex emotions in

an intellagent manner. The device sits

comfertabley onto the lower part of the

arm and is activated through emotional

touching,colour lighting is then activated

thourgh out the product.

AEC Conceptual Elements

AEC’s conceptual aspect is to also look

at how people interact on an emotional

level. It is asking the question question of

whether people can express such person-

al and private issues as emotions through

a device or product.

Duration - 8 Months

A . E . CAssistive Emotional Communication


work began on a prototype, this was

done through sketching the product

through CAD and Solidwork and using

through both Plastic Rapid Prototyp-

ing and the use of Z corb protyping.

A . E . C - Conceptualization , sketch work, prototype Assistive Emotional Communication

Sketch Work

Sketch work was then undertaken to visualise

ideas, brainstorm ideas and development was

undertaken on ideas before continuing with the

selected product.

Final Design

completed through programs such as

Solidworks, Cinema 4D, Photoshop

and In Design, each program was

used to produce the required images

for the project.


To design a case / package to

house a socket wrench and a mini-

programming through Solidworks

and Excel.

The Product

An industrial style package was de-

signed to house the socket wrench

and sockets, the design exposes the

rough exteriors of the product and

also allows the user to easily choose

a size of socket from the available

selection. The design also cuts

down on manufacturing and material


Duration - 1 week


designed for the packaging, the

through solidworks and excel to

allow for easy (swapping) between

Exploded View

The view below shows an exploded view of the Packaging design, the design is Industrial and

obvious and gives a robust and strong feeling to the product. The openness of the package

also allows for easy access to the pieces and the design allows for less material and produc-



The Brief was to design a every day item

that made life easier. The product had to be

manufactured for under a euro to ensure that

the product could be sold for its max price of

The Product

The outcome of the assignment was Bag a Box

a reusable carrier bag that separate’s shop-

ping and ensure’s its easy transport from the

store to the required destination. Bag a Box

combines the user friendly and easy to carry

bag with the strength that a Box can provide.

The product is cheap to produce and environ-

mentally friendly.

Duration - 3 Months

Bag A Box - Conceptualization, Sketch work


Sketch work

Sketch work was produced to brainstorm different solutions for the products that could

make life every day easier, different solutions for the bag design were also considered

at this stage such as the folding mechanism of the box, the shape of the bag and the

box and some material considerations were considered.

Sketch Models

Sketch models were then pro-

duced of a selection of designs

that were taken from the sketch

work and cponceptualisation

phases, different solutions for the

box such as the folding mecha-

nism and shape were tested at this

stage. This phase enabled us to try

out different solutions and choose

the best shape, size, mechanism

and materials for Bag a Box.

FEA Analysis

FEA analysis was undertaken using Solid-

works program. Analysis such as stress

and strain, drop testing and pressure test-

ing were conducted to ensure accurate

strength and safe use of the bag could be



Bag a Box was prototyped useing traditional sewing techniques for

the Bag and CNC milling for the internal plastic box, the images show

produce the Box section.

Bag A Box - FEA, Prototye, Assembly, Graphic


The product was then as-

sembled using wire springs

this enables the box to fold

storage of the product


The branding of the product had to comply with that of the Tidi

company, due to this key branding features of the Tidi compa-

ny such as coliur and text were incorporated into the branding

of Bag A Box.

Product Testing

Once the prototype was completed the product could then be properly tested, this was

done by using individuals to use the product during there to day lives and note results of

user ability reaching an %80 positive rating.

Leaning furniture was a brief

undertaken to design a piece

of furnitutre that could be fully

or partially supported by a

a lounge chair with one leg

and used the force of the user

and of the wall to keep the

chair in an up right position.

Chair is manufactured through

roller forming and its mane

body material is stainless


Duration - 4 weeks.

Leaning Chair


The pictures to the left show the functions of the chair and the way in which it can easily lean against a wall to support itself, the chair has a rubber backing to ensure that no slip-ping takes place and ensures that the wall is never damaged

Final Design

also saves space by being supported by a wall, the chair would be suitable for a small


THe brief was to design an ECO friendly piece of stationary for mas manufactureing, the product had to be ECO friendly in regards

The Product

produced useing bent and steamed plywood, this is a eco friendly material that can easily be produced and disposed of in eco an eco

The product is also user friendly and allows

ascending manner from less importan to im-

(Project Duration 3 months, outcome 2:1)

Desk File - Sketch work, Models, Final Design

Sketch Work

Sketch work showing design of the desk Fileing

Sketch Models

produced out of carboard of

produced of the clip for the

strenght was obtained for the

Final Design

Right shows top, back and


The brief was to improve on the current de-

sign of the laparoscopic graspers, improve-

ments were to be made in such areas as user

friendliness, comfort and ease of use, FDA

protocol were to be followed through out the

design so as to ensure for correct production

within the medical product Environment.

The Product

Improvements were made to the main body

of the Laparoscopic Graspers, improve-

ments were made to the handgrip and sup-

port of the wrist to allow sergeants to easily

hold the graspers for longer periods of time,

all improvements and research were made

through careful analysis and in cooperation

with Saint Jamses hospital Dublin.

Laparoscopic Graspers - Medical, Technical, Graphic Design

Medical Design

Research was conduced on the FDA and EU

Medical Authority to ensure that the product

would be designed to medical standard, the

product was also graded as a grade two

medical product via the FDA.

Technical Design

Technical elements were considered through

out the design phase such as the head of

the graspers, turning function of the grasp-

ers, ergonomics, etc.

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