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A portfolio book containing featured design works of mine from 2012-2015.

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    Portfolio of Josephine Maureen

    a portfolio

  • a portfolio

  • HEYThank you for your interest. Im Josephine Maureen, a visual communication design student currently taking my sixth semester in Bina Nusantara University.

    Although I do a wide range of creative works, I have a soft spot for brand identity design, especially for those brands with dreams and vision. Why? Because they have stories, and I love stories - dont we all? As a great fan of art and story-telling, Im also into acting, cinematography, watercolor painting, music, and writing.

    This book contains a collection of my projects from 2012-2015. Please enjoy!

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    Address: Taman Aries Jl. Aries Elok E1/15 Jakarta Barat 11620 DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

    Place of Birth: Jakarta

    Date of Birth: March 2nd 1994



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    Personal BrandingTRIBO ClothingBakso KeratonNu Art Sculpture Park

    Cubito!Liang Teh RedesignMarcell Concert SetAksen Newsletter






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    Lee SiangEyesPeribahasa2014

    As The DeerFriday MissionVarious LogosEpilogue





  • Personalbrandingbranding, illustration, web design

    -A personal brand identity of mine as a designer and illustrator. The color orange symbolizes creativity and warmth while yellow is happy, fun, and bright. I consider creative, fun, warm, and professional as my keywords. The childish pattern of creativity-related items has something to do with my passion in illustration and story-telling, as children tend to have wilder fantasy and higher imagination. I believe that people should not kill those imagination and dreams with adults reality, and I wish my art can help not just children, but everyone to keep their dreams and fight for them.


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  • 11While keep living my idealism about dreams and imagination, I still include professionalism as a keyword. It is shown through the composition and layout of my brand identity - tidy and structured.

  • tribobranding, packaging

    -TRIBO Clothing is a fictional clothing brand for a branding project. It targets teenagers from 17-25 years old and middle-to-high socioeconomic status. The big idea of this brand is being tidy doesnt mean being boring. It offers the popular tribal pattern, for mainly semi-formal occasions.


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  • BAKSOKERATONbranding

    -Bakso Keraton is a small restaurant in K. H. Syahdan Street in West Jakarta, Indonesia. This restaurant offers traditional Indonesian beef meatball, with the large-sized tendon meatball as its speciality. The business was opened in February 2010 by Nurdianto, a Javanese man who currently resides in Jakarta, the capital city. Nurdianto didnt choose to open his restaurant near Binus University without any good reason. The area is a pretty busy and active part of the city, especially with students from the university. It is proven by the fact that 80% of the customers in Bakso Keraton are university students, while the 20% are local residents.


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    TRADITIONALBakso is Indonesian traditional meatball. Nurdianto made each meatball by himself in traditional way every morning before opening the restaurant. Keraton is traditional name for palace of old kingdoms in Indonesia. WARMThe meatball soup is best served hot, enjoyed best while its stil warm. The atmosphere when people dine in the restaurant is usually warm and friendly. FUNWhile enjoying the traditional meatball in warm atmosphere, customers (which mostly are university students) should feel the fun and cheerfulness of being with their friends.

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  • nu artSculpture parkbranding, editorial design, web design

    -Nu Art Sculpture Park is The Green Art Museum. Nu Art Sculpture Park is the only sculpture park in Indonesia; it is basically the only place that offers such thing. - a brand new experience where people can learn art while enjoying the sound of the flowing river and the smell of the green trees, escaping themselves from the crowded city. Natural & Green; it offers you an atmosphere rarely found in your daily lives - a beautiful natural space where your mind might find its peace. Artistic & Insightful; especially for you artists and art lovers. Educating & Modern; despite the previous attributes, it is still part of this modern world and it is worth your time.


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  • CUBITO!branding, copywriting, illustration, packaging

    -Cubito is a kue cubit stall in a modern food market in Jakarta, Indonesia, which is popular among teens and food bloggers nowadays. Kue cubit itself is a traditional Indonesian street snack in a form of a small round cake with flour, sugar, milk and baking powder as main ingredients. Beyond ordinary kue cubit, Cubito mixes famous ingredients such as Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Oreo, etc with the traditional kue cubit batter, creating new kue cubit experience. The visual approach involves a mix of pop art characteristic and vector illustration to reach teens as the main target, in accordance to the clients request.


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    Through the comic-like elements in the design, Cubito invites people to embark in a new adventure of mixing their favorite kue cubit with the finest ingredients.

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  • liang tehcap pistolillustration, packaging

    -Liang teh is a common herbal tea found in Indonesia. Just like most kinds of herbal tea, it is often associated with Chinese. It is usually referred to as liang cha - literally translated as cool tea. The new design is inspired by traditional Chinese paintings. They usually have good management of white space, making them minimalistic, simple, yet beautiful. Red is a very prominent color in Chinese culture, which is why the usage of red in this packaging is important - as in the original one. But too much red will make it look hot instead of cooling and refreshing, which are the true characteristics of the drink.


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    marcellCONCERT SETpackaging, retouching


    This is an assignment in which I had to design a music poster for fictional concert, the tickets, and the album from a local musician. I chose Marcell Siahaan. He is a pop and R&B singer from Indonesia, best-known for his slow-tempo love songs. The main target audiences of this concert are male/female adults with slow-music preference and middle-to-high socioeconomic status. In accordance to these criterias, the main keywords for the design are minimalistic, clean, and exclusive. The design was made to be simple, non-crowded, and relatively low in saturation to show some luxury.


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    aksennewslettereditorial design, typography

    -Aksen is a fictional Indonesian typographic newsletter, created for a school assignment. Consists of eight pages with a headline each, the design was developed with achromatic tones plus a yellow. The layout is prone to modern-style, with geometric shapes and sans serif typeface.


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    lee siangbranding, copywriting, illustration, packaging

    -Lee Siang is a bakkwa seller established in 1987 in Indonesia. It provides pork bakkwa with special recipes passed on through generations in the family. Now, with the new generation takes ownership of the family business, a new and fresh branding needs to be done in order to reach the modern world and younger people nowadays. The logo of Lee Siang is inspired by a collaboration of a traditional Chinese stamp, a little Chinese girl, and the Chinese word read as Lee Siang. The main color of the whole design is red and yellow. To be able to reach certain target market, a mascot was also designed.

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    EYESdrawing21 x 29.7 cmPencil on paper

    -A drawing practice.


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    LAIN DI MULUTLAIN DI HATIillustration, painting42 x 29.7 cmChinese ink on paper

    -Lain di mulut, lain di hati is an old Indonesian proverb used to picture someone whose words are not in sync with his true feeling or motivation. It is like having an angelic lips but devilish heart, or the other way around.

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    2014illustration, painting29.7 x 42 cmWatercolor on paper

    -Embrace them all, then let them all go. The memories; good or bad. The feelings; love, hatred, anything in-between. And everything else. No regret, no hard-feeling. Just wanna embrace them all, then let them all go, and try not to hurt more people (including myself) in the new year. A new year resolution. of 2014.


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    as the deerillustration, painting29.7 x 21 cmWatercolor on paper

    -An illustration designated for screen printing on T-shirt.

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    friday missionillustration, painting21 x 21Mix media on paper

    -A series of illustrations created on Fridays, inspired by a Bible verse each. Mainly done in watercolor.

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    variouslogos-Other logos I have made beside those shown before.

  • 58 This is the last page of my portfolio. Thank you for your atten