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Popular Woodworking 2000-12 No. 119

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  • WoodworkingPopularDecember 2000 #119


    The Skill-Building Project Magazine for Practical Woodworkers


    12 Best New Toolsof 2000RevolutionaryDovetail JigCut perfect jointsby handtoday!

    Nick Englers secret to

    Super-Tight Miters

    Plus Shaker tailors counter Wright-style hall tree Modern storage tower

    12 Best New Toolsof 2000RevolutionaryDovetail JigCut perfect jointsby handtoday!

    Nick Englers secret to

    Super-Tight Miters

    Plus Shaker tailors counter Wright-style hall tree Modern storage tower


    Scott PhillipsAmerican Woodshop host

    shares his best tricks

    Scott PhillipsAmerican Woodshop host

    shares his best tricks

  • Best NewTools of 2000Weve been testing tools all yearto bring you our list of the 12most outstanding woodworkingtools introduced in 2000.

    Shaker TailorsCabinetThough this drop-leaf case piecewas used by tailors in the Shakercommunity at Watervliet, N.Y.,we think you can find a use forthis handsome dresser in justabout any room.By Glen Huey





    POPULAR WOODWORKING December 20002

    In This Issue

    Dovetail JigIt used to be that hand-cut dove-tails took years to master.Thanks to this amazing new jig,thats not true anymore. You cancut airtight dovetails today.

    Modern Storage TowerIt takes up less than 2 square feetof floor space, yet it holds enoughstuff for almost any home office.

    Introduction to Hand PlanesEven the woodworker who has apower tool for everything needs afew decent planes in the shop.Find out which planes are essen-tial to woodworking and whateach is good for.By Dale Lucas











  • Americas BEST Project Magazine!

    In Every Issue6 Out On a Limb

    Welcome,Scott Phillips

    8 LettersMail from readers

    12 Tool TestGet the inside story on newportable planers from Makitaand Grizzly.Black and Deckersnew plunge router is an amazingvalue

    18 Tricks of the TradeScott Phillips shows you tricks thatwill help you sharpen tools, installhinges and tune your band saw

    24 Flexner on FinishingThe basics of coloring wood

    30 Projects From the PastModern Doll House

    78 Endurance TestVaughan pull saws,Veritas wheelmarking gauge,Timber Wolf bandsaw blades

    82 Classifieds84 Caption the Cartoon

    Win a Freud router bit set

    88 Out of the WoodworkTheyre Tools,Not Toys

    On theCoverScott Phillips, theamiable host of theAmerican Wood-shop, joins us thismonth as a con-tributing editor andauthor of our Tricksof the Trade col-umn.

    Cover photo by Al Parrish

    Welcome Friends PlateThis little scrollsawn gem looksgood hanging on your kitchenwall or displayed on a shelf.By Rick Longabaugh

    Compound Mitersfor Dummies Cutting accurate miters andcompound miters is one of themost vexing problems wood-workers face. Learn to set upyour table saw to cut virtuallyany slope.By Nick Engler

    Two Tub TablesOnce youve gotten a lesson incutting compound miters, putthat knowledge to good use byconstructing a walnut or plywoodtable.

    Quadralinear PostsWith just one router bit, you canmake lightweight, super-sturdyposts that show off oaks quarter-sawn ray flake on all four sides.Then build a Frank LloydWright-inspired hall tree usingthose posts.

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    POPULAR WOODWORKING December 20004


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  • Our ongoing effort to bring you the bestin woodworking know how haslanded some pretty eye-popping, jaw-drop-ping talent over the last year or so. Wevepadded out the magazines professional ed-itorial staff with a line-up of regular con-tributors who have proven themselves inthe workshop and bookshop. You proba-bly know Im talking about finishing ex-pert Bob Flexner and the jig meisterhimself, Nick Engler. Then, of course,theres our work-a-day-world contributorsGlen Huey and Troy Sexton, who showyou how to build great projects using awe-some techniques so you can construct yourprojects just like the pros.

    Now, good friends and woodworkers-in-arms, Im thrilled to officially welcomea very bright star to our group wholl besharing his woodworking wisdom in everyissue, Scott Phillips, host of The Ameri-can Woodshop PBS television series. Youare in for a real treat.

    Scotts experience is as broad as it isdeep. And believe me, theres so muchmore to him than a TV personality wholanded in a wood shop. Scott developedan early affection for woodworking andlearned from his grandfather, starting atage 6. Thats when he built his first chairunder an experienced, watchful eye. Witha love of wood deeply ingrained, he laterfollowed his fathers footsteps and becamea forester after earning a forestry degreefrom Michigan State University. For yearshe was a roving veneer timber buyer forHartzel Veneer of Piqua, Ohio, Scottshome town. (Speaking of Piqua, the ad-dition of Scott to the Popular Woodwork-ing team completes what I jokingly call theMiami County, Ohio, woodworking triad,which also includes Nick Engler, a lifetimeresident of West Milton, Ohio, and my-self, a Troy, Ohio, native. We all grew upwithin 10 miles of one another!)

    Scott was not content to merely roamthe woods scouting out veneer-grade logsstill on the stump, and started a retailwoodworking store as well. Some timelater, the store, a bit of an anomaly at thetime, caught the eye of the Shopsmithcompany and soon Scott was working for

    them developing the store concept andother woodworking tools. While there, hestarted producing videos to demonstratethe use of Shopsmith machines. Well, pro-ducing the videos and being the on-cam-era demonstrator lead to, guess what? Theconcept that eventually became TheAmerican Woodshop TV series. Today,the program is shown on public televisionstations all over the country and has beenon the air for nearly a decade. If you haveseen the show, you know that Scott em-phasizes practical projects using safe tech-niques to produce quality woodworking.That combination makes Scott a great fitfor Popular Woodworking.

    In each issue Scott will share some ofhis hard-won woodworking tips and tricks,and he has a big bag full of them. His workwill take over our long-running Tricks ofthe Trade column and is now calledTricks of the Trade from The AmericanWoodshop. But dont think for a momentthat we arent interested in hearing fromyou about your best shop tricks. We willstill publish at least one original readertrick and, are you ready? The prize is anincredible 1212" Delta portable planer. Yes,each issue the best