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  • Population:1.8 millionCurrency:1 Zloty (Zl) = 100 groszyOpening hours:Shops are usually open11.00-19.00 Monday-Friday and11.00-16.00 on Saturday. Largershopping centers and stores in theOld Town are also open onSundays.Internet:www.warsawtour.plwww.e-warsaw.plwww.warsawvoice.plNewspapers:Warsaw Voice magazineGazeta WyborczaDziennik ZachodniSuper ExpressEmergency numbers:Police: 997Fire brigade: 998Ambulance: 999Tourist information:Tourist Information Centre65 Krakowskie Przedmiecie St.E-mail: info@warsawtour.plOpening hours: (May -September) 9.00-20.00 (October -April) 9.00-18.00www.warsawtour.pl

    WARSAWPUBLISHING DATE: 2009-06-02 | COUNTRY CODE: PLContents: The City, Do & See, Eating, Cafs, Bars & Nightlife, Shopping,Sleeping, Essential Information, Maps

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    WARSAWWarsaw has come a long way since its near completedestruction in the Second World War. This vibrant, busy cityhas slowly been emerging as a new cultural diamond of theEast and forms the centre of modern Poland. And while shinyskyscrapers, new restaurants and funky clubs shoot likemushrooms from the soil, Warsaws many historic buildingsserve as a reminder of this citys glorious history.

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    Warsaw has come a long way from thegrey, Soviet concrete jungle of thepost-war era. Its historic town centre,which was almost completely destroyed inthe Second World War, has regained itsformer glory thanks to a painstakingreconstruction. Based alongside thebeautiful Vistulaa river, this historic capitalhas been emerging as one of EasternEuropes finest cultural spots. Whether youare looking for breathtaking castles,inspirational art galleries, first classrestaurants or an increasingly thrivingnight life you will find it in Warsaw. Atthe same time, Warsaw has retained avery personal, charming touch. Its manyhistoric buildings and monuments help usremember and relive the eventful, gloriousand often troubled history of this newmetropolis.


    Old TownWith its cobbled streets and colourfulhouses, the Old Town marks the focal point

    of Warsaw. At the centre of this UNESCOWorld Heritage site lies the town square,Rynek Starego Miasta, which boasts alively and charming atmosphere. The OldTown is also home to a number of beautifulchurches and monuments, excellent coffeeshops and restaurants.Address: Rynek Starego Miasta

    Royal CastleFormerly home to Polands Kings, theRoyal Castle, or Zamek Krlewski, is animpressive landmark, situated only a shortwalk from the Old Town. Take a peek atthe Kings apartment or pay a visit to thegalleries exhibiting paintings, coins, medalsand carpets.Address: Plac Zamkowy 4Phone: +48 22 355 51 70

    Park LazienkiOne of the most beautiful green spots ofWarsaw. Take a stroll around its dazzlinglakes or visit the stunning neoclassicalPalace on the Water (Palac Lazienkowski).The park is also home to the ChopinMonument, celebrating the famous Polishcomposer, and a range of smaller castles.Address: Ulica Agrykoli 1Opening hours: The palace is open Tuesday-Sunday 9.00-16.00Phone: +48 22 621 62 41

    Pawiak Prison MuseumAn estimated 100,000 people died insidethe walls of this prison during the SecondWorld War, when it was used by NaziGermany to detain political enemies. Todayits remains serve as a powerful symbol forthe oppression and horrors that Varsovianshad to endure. Closed Monday andTuesday.Address: Ul. Dzielna 24-26Phone: +48 22 831 13 17Internet: www.muzeumniepodleglosci.art.pl

    Chopin MuseumThe Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina provides


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    visitors with a unique behind-the-scenesglimpse at the life and work of Polandsfamous composer. It includes extremelyvaluable manuscripts, personal letters aswell as Chopins last piano.Address: Ul. Oklnik 1Phone: +48 22 826 59 35Internet: www.chopin.nifc.pl

    Historical Museum Of WarsawAn extensive collection of clippings,photographs and other exhibits coveringevery aspect of the citys history, from itsfoundation in the 13th century to thepresent day. Closed on Monday.Address: Rynek Starego Miasta 28-42Phone: +48 22 635 16 25Internet: www.mhw.pl

    The National MuseumBoasts an excellent collection of paintings,both old and modern, as well as animpressive art library and a fine collectionof old maps and prints. Closed on Monday.Address: Aleja Jerozolimskie 3Phone: +48 22 629 30 93Internet: www.mnw.art.pl

    Centre for Contemporary ArtDescribing itself as a "place for thecreation and documentation of art in all itsforms", this centre offers a variety of artexhibitions, presentations of visual theatre,concerts of contemporary music,experimental film screenings and more.Housed inside the Ujazdowski Castle.Closed on Monday.Address: Ujazdowskie Castle, ul. Jazdv 2Phone: +48 22 628 12 71-3Internet: www.csw.art.pl


    Polish cuisine is more than just beetrootsoup and red cabbage, and you will realisethis once you set foot in one of Warsawsmany exquisite restaurants. Whether youfancy an old traditional Polish soup with amodern twist or a first-rate French beeftartare, your culinary desires are certain tobe fulfilled. And when it comes to desserts,you are in for a real treat. After all,Varsovians have a very sweet tooth.

    Dom PolskiBased inside a beautifully restored pre-warvilla, this restaurant offers traditionalPolish cuisine in a charming atmosphere.Address: Ul. Francuska 11Phone: +48 22 616 24 88Internet: www.restauracjadompolski.pl

    La BohmeAn upmarket venue located inside thebuilding of the Great Theatre, servingParisian-style beef tartar as its speciality.Address: Plac Teatralny 1Phone: +48 22 692 06 81Internet: www.laboheme.com.pl

    InabaA traditional Japanse restaurant with amouthwatering choice of tempura andsushi, set in a simple, stylish environment.Offers a Karaoke room for that specialafter dinner party.Address: Ul. Nowogrodzka 84-86Phone: +48 22 622 59 55Internet: www.inaba.com.pl


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    SenseSpecialising in fusion cuisine, this venue isa popular choice and will no doubtchallenge your taste buds. Sitting in aclassy lounge-like dining area, guests canchoose from a wide range of exotic dishessuch as "delta blue": beef tenderloinstuffed with blue cheese. Why not try thecreamy blue cheese mouse for dessert, orhave one of the numerous cocktails orwines on offer.Address: Ul. Nowy Swiat 19Phone: +48 22 826 65 70Internet: www.sensecafe.com

    Jazz Bistro GwiazdeczkaThis stylish venue, equipped with a largeglass roof, serves a variety of fine meatdishes, pasta, pastries and pancakes.Address: Ul. Piwna 40Phone: +48 22 887 87 64Internet: www.jazzbistro.pl

    U FukieraOne of the best known restaurants in town,this charming venue offers high qualityPolish and European cuisine in a cosy, ifsomewhat kitschy interior. Guests haveincluded Englands Princess Ann,Denmarks Queen Margaret and Germanex-model Claudia Schiffer.Address: Rynek Starego Miasta 27Phone: +48 22 831 10 13Internet: www.ufukiera.pl


    WedelThis caf, run by the traditional chocolate

    firm Wedel, boasts more than 20 differenttypes of hot chocolate. The deserts arealso worth dipping into. If you cant livewithout chocolate, youll love it!Address: Ul. Szpitalna 8Phone: +48 22 827 29 16Internet: www.wedelpijalnie.pl

    Cafe BlikleA charming venue, established in 1869,which is famous for its delicious cakes andice cream that leave you craving for more.Well worth it.Address: Ul. Nowy SwiatPhone: +48 22 826 66 19Internet: www.blikle.pl

    Cafe BristolAn elegant and expensive Viennese-stylevenue serving light meals and nicepastries.Address: Krakowskie Przedmiescie 42-44Phone: +48 22 551 10 00Internet: www.lemeridien.pl

    Czuly BarbarzyncaThis simple, bright caf bookshop ispopular with students and hosts poetryreadings and literary discussions.Address: Ul. Dobra 31Phone: +48 22 826 32 94Internet: www.czulybarbarzynca.pl

    SamefusyHere you will find an excellent choice ofteas with the most exotic flavours.Address: Ul. Nowomiejska 10Phone: +48 22 831 91 04Internet: www.samefusy.pl


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    Warsaw night life has improveddramatically in recent years and can wellcompare to that of its Eastern Europeanneighbours. Start the night by sipping acocktail or glass of wine in one of the finebars that are scattered across the city. Ifyou like clubbing, there is a good choice ofvenues from groovy, alternative clubs tostylish jazz venues, you are guaranteed anight of joy.

    Column BarThis upmarket place boasts a range ofexcellent cocktails and live music and ispopular with the Warsaw high society. Athappy hour (17.00-20.00) all drinks andsnacks are half price.Address: Krakowskie Przedmiescie 42-44Phone: +48 22 551 10 00Internet: www.lemeredien.pl

    Cafe PolyesterA cocktail bar with a funky decor, offeringa range of drinks and snacks.Address: Ul. Freta 49-51Phone: +48 22 831 46 36Internet: www.polyestercafe.com

    HeliconA small, friendly jazz caf with regular livemusic.Address: Ul. Freta 45-47Phone: +48 22 635 95 05

    Miedzy NamiLocal artists and photographers exhibittheir work on the walls of this hip bar,

    which is popular among media people andfashion addicts.Address: Ul. Bracka 20Phone: +48 22 828 54 17Internet: www.miedzynamicafe.com

    LezakiDesigned as an exotic beach bar, this placeis perfect to relax from a tough day ofsightseeing with a refreshing Pina Colada.Address: Ul. Piwna 48