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POLICIES AND PROCEDURES MANUAL - Trinity Lutheran ... POLICIES AND PROCEDURES MANUAL Trinity Lutheran Church 6215 196th Street SW Lynnwood WA 98036 425/778-2159

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    Trinity Lutheran Church

    6215 196th Street SW Lynnwood WA 98036


  • TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH 6215 196th Street SW

    Lynnwood, Washington 98036


    TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page Preface

    Introduction Procedures Review Committee (PRC) Administrative Council (Ad. Council) Ministry Board Chairs Distribution Revision Record Church Staff Personnel Policies Objectives (R-1-1-01) Staff Positions (R-1-1-01) Hours of Work (R-1-1-01) Pay Schedule (R-1-1-01) Benefits (R-1-1-01) Holidays, Vacations, and Absences (R-1-1-01) Sabbaticals (R-9/97) General Staff Policies (R-9/97) Pastoral Staff Relationships and Policies (R-9/97) Termination (R-9/97) Synod Congregation Compensation Guidelines (Year 2001) Staff Positions / Descriptions Lead Pastor (R-1-1-01) Associate Pastor(s) (R-1-1-01) Minister of Parish Life (N-1-1-01) Minister of Music (R-1-1-01) Organist (R-9/97) Minister of Youth and Family (N-1-1-01)

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    Administrator (R-1-1-01) Secretaries (R-1-1-01) Bookkeeper (N-1-1-01) Custodian(s) (R-9/97) Adjunct Staff Personnel Policies Preschool (Preschool Employee Handbook) Child Development Center (R-1-1-01) Staff Positions / Descriptions Preschool Director (N-1-1-01) Preschool Lead Teacher (N-1-1-01) Preschool Co-Teachers (N-1-1-01) Preschool Office Assistant (N-1-1-01) Preschool Summer Assistant (N-1-1-01) Child Development Center Director (N-1-1-01) Child Development Center Lead Teacher (N-1-1-01) Child Development Center Teacher Assistant (N-1-1-01) Child Development Center Cook (N-1-1-01) Child Development Center Teacher Assistant/Cook

    (N-1-1-01) Administrative Council (R-1-1-01) Administrative Council Appointee(s) Financial Recorder (R-1-1-01) Institutional Representative(s) (R-9/97) Membership Secretaries (R-1-1-01) Offering Handlers (R-1-1-01) Administrative Council Board Financial Management Board (N-1-1-01) Administrative Council Policies Board Budgets and Capital Expenditures (R-1-1-01) Church Van – Use of (R-1-1-01) Contingency Reserve Fund (R-1-1-01) Fund Raising Activities (R-1-1-01) Trinity Fund Raising Request Form (R-1-1-01) Administrative Council Standing Committees (per Constitution) Audit Committee (R-1-1-01) Mutual Support Committee (Suspended August 2000)

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    Nominating Committee (R-9/97) Administrative Council Support Committees Memorial Committee (R-1-1-01) Personnel Review Committee (R-9/97) Salary Review Committee (R-1-1-01) Vision Committee (R-9/97) Ministry Boards (R-1-1-01) Congregational Life Board (R-1-1-01) Subcommittees: Recognition Committee (R-4-21-99) Education Board (R-1-1-01) Subcommittees: Adult Education Committee (N-1-1-01) Child Development Center Advisory Committee(N-1-1-01) Preschool Advisory Committee (N-1-1-01) Evangelism Board (R-9/97) Facilities Board (R-1-1-01) Social Concerns Board (R-1-1-01) Stewardship Board (N-1-1-01) Worship Board (R-1-1-01) Youth and Family Board (R-1-1-01) Ministry Coordinating Team (N-1-1-01) Auxiliaries Trinity Lutheran Church Women (R-1-1-01) Pastoral Policies Baptisms Confirmation Funerals / Memorials Weddings

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    Trinity’s “Policies & Procedures Manual” already existed at the time Trinity revised it’s constitution to reflect the merger into the ELCA. When the constitution review committee reviewed chapter 18 of the constitution, “Continuing Resolutions”, it was determined that our “Policies and Procedures Manual” functioned as continuing resolutions. It was then decided not to break up the “Policies and Procedures Manual” and insert the pieces into the appropriate areas within the body of the constitution. Instead, Chapter 18 of the Constitution was written so that Trinity’s “Policies & Procedures” function the same as continuing resolutions except that they are contained in the Policies & Procedures Manual rather than in the body of the constitution document. There is no codification requirement however, since they are not in the body of the constitution document. Therefore, it can be said that the “Policies & Procedures Manual” is an extension of our constitution document. Chapter 18 of Trinity’s Constitution is reprinted below. Chapter 18.

    CONTINUING RESOLUTIONS & POLICIES & PROCEDURES MANUAL *C18.01. The Administrative Council may enact continuing resolutions and

    additions, deletions or changes to the policies & procedures manual which describe the function of the various committees or organizations of this congregation and other structures, duties and policies of this congregation.

    *C18.02. Continuing resolutions and the Policies & Procedures Manual shall be enacted or amended by a two-thirds vote of all voting members of the Administrative Council.

    RESPONSIBILITY: The constitution clearly implies that the Administrative Council is responsible for the Policies and Procedures Manual. (Reference Chapter C12.04.02, C12.04.07, C12.04.09, C13.06, C18.01, and C18.02) The Administrator is responsible for keeping the Policies and Procedures Manual current on computer file as directed by the Administrative Council. (Reference Position Description II.B.b.) Prepared by Cliff Bronson and Phil Douglas

  • 10/10/12

    INTRODUCTION In August 1999, at a regular scheduled meeting of the Management Board, Ken Schwartz (Chair), expressed concern that what the Management Board was doing didn’t have too much in common with the Management Board duties and responsibilities expressed in the R-9/97 Procedures Manual. Phil Douglas (a member of the Management Board) volunteered to chair a committee to review the current Procedure Manual (R-9/97) on behalf of the Administrative Council. The Administrative Council, at its regular scheduled meeting August 18, 1999, empowered the Management Board to appoint a Procedures Review Committee. Phil picked a committee composed of three lay members of the congregation that have been or are currently members of the Administrative Council, and three lay staff members of the congregation that are expected to ensure that the procedures in force are followed. The first meeting of the Procedure Review Committee was held January 6, 2000. Phil advised the committee of his understanding of the expectations of the Administrative Council. 1. The committee will review, revise, reorganize, rewrite and recommend procedures

    that support the Administrative Council responsibilities as defined by the Trinity Lutheran Church Constitution approved January 8, 1995.

    2. The committee will submit their efforts, as well as those approved by other

    Committees and Boards, to the Administrative Council for approval. 3. The Procedures Review Committee will not prepare new procedures that are the

    responsibility of a Committee, Board or the Administrative Council. 4. The completion schedule for procedure review is November 1, 2000 or prior, and

    effective dates for revisions and new procedures is January 1, 2001, subject to Administrative Council approval.

    After the Procedures Review Committee meeting, January 6, 2000, Phil met with all committees, boards and the Administrative Council, and distributed Trinity Lutheran Church procedures dated R-9/97 for review, per the goals established by the Administrative Council. The success of the procedures review could not have been accomplished without the assistance of the Committees, Boards, and Administrative Council. On behalf of Trinity Lutheran Church Congregation and the Procedures Review Committee I wish to thank you all for your dedicated support. Yours in Christ, Phil Douglas

  • 10/10/12

    PROCEDURE REVIEW COMMITTEE (PRC) Appointed by the Management Board, November 9, 1999 Laity Lay Staff Gundy (L. O.) Gunderson Cliff Bronson Council President 1996 – 1997 Minister of Parish Life Jane Hansen Fred Chrysler Council President 1998 – 1999 Administrator Ken Schwartz Lisa Hunnewell Council Treasurer 1999 – 2000 Minister of Youth & Family Phil Douglas – Chairperson Council Treasurer 1997 – 1998 Administrative Council July 1, 1999 – June 30, 2000 President Bill Franz President-Elect John Hammar Vice-President Fred Dann Trainee Ivo Schilbach Secretary Pat Derksema Trainee Sherrie Burdick Treasurer Ken Schwartz Trainee Brett Joseph Lead Pastor Mark H. Reitan Ministry Board C

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