Poem: More Cheese Please

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<ul><li><p> Critical Perspectives on Accounting (1997) 8 , 477</p><p> More cheese please</p><p> munch munch munch on my cheese i am a little rat if you please scamper scamper scamper through the maze i wander through life in a haze dream dream dream of the day i will run in the fields run away snif f snif f snif f for the prize i just cannot see it damn these eyes hurry hurry hurry get there fast i must grab it all it wont last smack smack smack into the wall i turn around in circles then i fall wander wander wander back on track i follow their path never look back munch munch munch on my cheese i am just a little rat help me please</p><p> Sherilyn Moore</p><p> (pa960178)</p><p> 477</p></li></ul>