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P.O. Box 9113 Ahmadi 61002 Kuwait Tel: +965 . Box 9113 Ahmadi 61002 Kuwait Tel: +965 23970100 - Fax ... • SAI General Trading and Contracting Co. has a fully approved building construction

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Text of P.O. Box 9113 Ahmadi 61002 Kuwait Tel: +965 . Box 9113 Ahmadi 61002 Kuwait Tel: +965 23970100 - Fax...

  • P.O. Box 9113 Ahmadi 61002 Kuwait

    Tel: +965 23970100 - Fax: +965 23970111

  • Contents

    Division Overview


    What We Offer

    Civil Engineering (SAI)

    Architectural Buliding Construction (SAI)


    Mechanical Engineering & Contracting Co. (MECC)

    Fire Protection & Safety (ALGHANIM WORMALD)

    Building Materials Supplies

    Business Partners

    Projects & Clients



  • Division Overview

    Ali Alghanim & Sons Group General Trading & Contracting Co. is the holding Company for a number of divisions and

    subsidiaries executing contracting works within Kuwait and the GCC countries. In addition to executing direct works,

    this company holds various agencies for international companies and assists them in obtaining specialized contracts

    within Kuwait for projects requiring international technology and expertise.

    The areas of work covered by these directly controlled divisions and subsidiaries include:

    Civil & Architectural Contracting: SAI General Trading & Contracting Co.

    Mechanical Contracting: Mechanical Engineering & Contracting Co.

    Dewatering & shoring

    Telephone & Electrical Network Installations

    Fire Protection & Detection: Alghanim-Wormald Safety & Security Systems Co.

    Building Materials

    Projects completed have ranged in value from KD 50,000 to KD 17 million. Employee numbers fluctuate depending

    upon contracts in hand but have reached in excess of 3000 nos.

  • Expertise

    The Contracting Groups activities cover construction works in:


    Power Stations


    Booster Stations

    Tank Farms

    Electrical Transmissions Stations

    Telecommunication Networks

    Housing Projects

    Office and Residential Complexes

    The success of our projects comes from understanding the needs of our clients, working efficiently and safely to

    achieve quality. We are a ISO 9001:2008 certified company and operate in full compliance with its systems and


  • What We Offer

    Architectural Building Construction (SAI)

    SAI General Trading and Contracting Co. has a fully approved building construction division executing high quality

    and complex showrooms, tower blocks, industrial facilities and substations.

    In addition to new constructions, maintenance works to hospitals, education facilities and the like are continually


    The company is well experienced in material management, quality control and procedures to ensure that health,

    safety and environmental matters are fully considered

    Civil Engineering (SAI)

    Our 100% owned subsidiary SAI General Trading & Contracting Co. has a fully approved infrastructure division

    executing projects in the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, water, power and public works sectors.

    Recent projects have included oil tank farms, large diameter underground sewage pipelines and pumping

    chambers together with all associated roads, drainage, micro tunneling and utility services.

    In addition to new constructions, the division also carries out maintenance projects for roads, drainage and utilities.

  • Telecommunications

    This division was one of the first companies within Kuwait to carry out digital pair gain and digital loop carrier

    services for the Ministry of Communications over copper and optical fiber cable networks.

    Keeping pace with the rapidly developing telecom technologies we have become a total telecommunications

    solution provider and system integrator entering the new era of Next Generation Networks.

    Our telecommunication division is an MOC approved telecommunications outside plant contractor (design, supply

    and installation of telecommunications infrastructure) for both backbone and access networks and have deployed

    optical fiber access over Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) supplying GPON equipment, IP-MPLS and NGN


    What We Offer

  • Mechanical Engineering & Contracting Co. (MECC)

    Mechanical Engineering and Contracting Co. is one of the leading pipeline contractors within the Oil & Gas sector

    having installed numerous km of pipes from 6 56 diameter both above and below ground.

    This company also carries out process piping in the petrochemical and power sectors having worked in refineries

    and power station projects.

    What We Offer

  • TelecommunicaTions

    What We Offer

    Fire Protection & Safety (ALGHANIM WORMALD)

    Fire systems are mandatory in all Industrial & commercial buildings and come under the building code in Kuwaits

    law. We provide comprehensive solutions in this field enhancing the safety of our clients through our wide range

    of services.

    Our fire safety systems help in being forewarned and preventing serious damage in the case of an accident. Some

    of the safety systems include smoke detectors, fire alarms, water sprinklers, fire dampers and fire-proof safes and


    Alghanim-Wormald Safety & Security Systems W.L.L. provide products and turnkey solutions to all of the oil, gas,

    power and commercial sectors. These works include sprinkler, water spray, Clean Agent Inergen Fire Suppression,

    Dry Powder, Vesda, foam, gas and detection systems incorporating the technology of our international partner Tyco

    and sister companies.

    We have the contracts with several important buildings and complexes in the state of Kuwait for the installation

    and maintenance of firefighting devices. Through our services, all of these sites have been declared 100 percent

    safe by the Authorities after due inspection.

  • What We Offer

    Building Materials Supplies

    We supply construction and Building materials by procuring high quality products from across the globe from our

    international partners. We have an organized team of highly experienced and trained procurement staff, whose skills

    translate into benefits for our clients. The division is very keen on keeping deadlines as construction activities are

    highly time bound. Towards this end, we have a very efficient supply chain, well monitored all the way from the

    original source to the construction site in question.

  • Business Partners

    Tyco Integrated Solutions, UK


    Zamil Steel Industries

    Babcock Borsig, Germany

    Alcatel Lucent Integration Systems, Germany

    Toshiba T&D

    Poong Lim

  • Projects & Clients

    BMW, Land Rover Showroom

    Hyundai Engineering & Construction Company

    Quality Net


    Ministry of Public Works



    Ministry of Education

    Ali Alghanim & Sons Group HQ.

    Diwan Alghanim

    Hyundai Heavy Industries

    Ministry of Electricity and Water


    Ministry of Defence



    Ministry of Energy

    Ministry of Planning




    Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs

  • Certification

    Ministry of Public Works - Kuwait

    Ministry of Electricity and Water of the State of Kuwait

    Approval of the Ministry of Education - Kuwait

    Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs - Kuwait

    Ministry of Defense - Kuwait


    CTC classification: Construction (Grade 02)

    CTC classification: Roads & Drainage (Grade 01)

    CTC classification: Electrical (Grade 03)

    CTC classification: HVAC (Grade 02)

    KOC classification: Piplines (2A, 2B, 2C, Grade 03)

    KNPC classification: Telecommunications (Grade 01)

    KNPC classification: Earth & Soil Works (A1)

    KNPC classification: Construction (B1, B3, B4, B6)

    KNPC classification: Roads & Dykes (A1)

    KNPC classification: Fire, Security & Safety (A3)

    KFD classification: (Grade 01)