PNAC conducts HIV Summit 2010

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  • 8/9/2019 PNAC conducts HIV Summit 2010


    PNAC conducts HIV Summit 2010

    By Karen Pastor, Carmela Quidoles, and Isadora Romeral

    The Philippine National Aids Council (PNAC) hosted the HIV Summit 2010, a one-day program

    calling for immediate action on the increasing number of cases of HIV AIDS, which was held atthe Diamond Hotel in Manila. Members from different government agencies, independent

    organizations, academe and the media attended the program.

    The purpose of the event, which ran from 8:00 AM to late in the afternoon, was to raise

    awareness on the growing number of cases of AIDS in the country, and to show support for the

    implementation of the Reproductive Health Bill. Several calls for action were presented along

    with statistical facts supporting reports of the disease becoming widespread in the country.

    The focus of our organization is the treatment, care and support while other organizations focus

    on proper education on HIV AIDS, says Rosemarie Barrientos, Development Manager for

    Positive Action Foundation Philippines Inc. (PAFPI). She emphasized the importance of

    providing proper education to the public in order to prevent acquiring the disease.

    The Highlight of this event is the continuous increase of HIV AIDS cases in the Philippines,

    that is why different organizations should work hand in hand in providing the right information

    to the public to prevent the spread of the disease, she adds.

    Aside from the talk held at the Diamond Ballroom, exhibits from different members of the

    PNAC also stood around the registration area. Organizations such as PAFPI, TLF Share

    Collective, Inc., and Pinoy Plus, each had booths with booklets and pamphlets for the audience

    and passersby.

    According to the chairperson of the Case and Support Committee of Pinoy Plus, we should

    support RH Bill for the reason that from the year 2007 up to present, majority of HIV cases

    comes from the youth sector.