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    1. Develop effective leadership skills

    2. Foster team development

    3. Champion team achievements

  • A Quick Case Study 02

    The legacy of Steve Jobs a model of imperfect leadership

    Steve Jobs past CEO and business mastermind behind Apple, NeXT and Pixar. Tough and visionary leader.

    Lets investigate their story further

  • The story behind Steve Jobs

    Founding Apple

    With Steve Wozniak in his familys

    garage in 1976

    Leaving Apple

    Unceremoniously ousted from Apple

    in 1985, formed Pixar and neXt

    Saving Apple

    Returned as CEO when Apple bought his company neXt in


  • The story behind Steve Jobs

    Visionary Leader

    Perfectionist Tyrant

  • The story behind Steve Jobs

    Five lessons of leadership

    The Risk Lesson

    The Succession Lesson

    The Mission Lesson

    The Team Lesson

    The Perseverance Lesson

  • How do Great Retailers do What They Do?

    Personal leadership style needs to adapt to the needs of business culture and context

    Know personal preferred leadership style

    Work to develop behavioural versatility to enhance leadership repertoire

    Hold the vision for the organisation

    Vary leadership style to meet needs of business

    Innovate and inspire

  • Develop effective leadership skills

    Adopt and appropriate leadership


    Demonstrate great


    Continue to evolve as a


  • Foster team development

    High performing teams

    Communicate and consult with teams

    Support and plan for team development

    Prepare and share team objectives

  • Champion team achievements

    Facilitate team contributions

    Delegate to drive performance

    Actively support teams

  • ACTIVITY Steve Jobs

    Workshop Activity

    1. The most important skills for modern day business

    leaders are passion, innovation, drive and the ability to

    hire the talent to bring their dream to life discuss.2. Self-reflection is the key to great leadership. How do

    your leadership skills stack up?

    3. Leadership can occur anywhere in an organisation. It is

    not a position, its a mindset discuss.