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  • What we do We make customer loyalty and mobile coupons easy!
  • In a nutshell Card-less customer loyalty Secure mobile coupons Track-able ROI Digital Signage Social media integration
  • Customers can use any phone number Loyalty can be tracked Phone (407) 810-5925 The right side panel can be a slideshow to promote the program, products, services, The optional Bluetooth PIN pad can be used to ensure a valid purchase
  • Fully compliant with the new provisions in the FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Receiving text messages is optional Customers may opt-in on a subsequent visit if they choose
  • Punches vs Points Punches are the digital equivalent of a paper punch card. Each phone number entry counts as 1 punch. A period of time must pass in between each punch to prevent fraud. The cashier can also validate each punch. Points allow the merchant to enter the amount to add This value can be based on dollars spent, items prevent fraud.
  • Customers can receive offers on ANY phone
  • 265-831-567 Coupon codes are unique and track-able to the customer Redemption can be single-use or multiuse per customer Customers may also retrieve coupon codes via their account on
  • The offer appears on the iPad Your coupon for: 265-831-567 FREE Any Medium Size Beverage has been redeemed. You have registered 2 loyalty visits. The cashier presses the proper button on the point-of-sale to apply the discount A confirmation number appears on the screen that will also appear on audit reports A visit is registered for the customer automatically (no need to enter their phone number)
  • Optional printer Connects to iPad via Bluetooth Scan barcode at point-of-sale Provides enhanced accountability No need to log confirmation numbers for coupon redemptions
  • Register loyalty visits remotely Remote Visit Receipts Single use disposable keywords Customers text in to get credit for their digital punch or points the kiosk Casual/Fine Dining Drive Through Car Wash Pizza/Food Delivery Opt-In rates 80% or more
  • Stay informed with our dashboard
  • More dashboard reports
  • Engage your customers in many ways Kiosks Keywords / QR Codes coupon search engine myPR iPhone app Facebook integration Website widget We also have an API to play nice with others
  • Does it work? You bet! Customers who register 4 visits will likely register 10 or more visits 3 million coupons redeemed Average redemption rate is 8% As high as 20% or more Real profits for your business
  • Mobile Smartphone-only Fraudulent check-ins Email open rate only 15% Direct Push gone after dismissed Mag-swipe cards Paper punch cards Neither offer communication Generic texting No tracking Texting keywords only No loyalty Nothing comes close to PlumReward
  • We are better Not tied to a particular Point-of-Sale Does NOT require customer to own a smart phone 35% of existing phones are feature phones Text messages have a 98% open rate Kiosks are beautiful and attract attention Simple for both you and your customers to use Our brand is trusted 25% of customers register at more than one business We are always there - 24 / 7 / 365
  • Experience in many markets We are successful in many types of businesses Restaurants / Pizza / Coffee / Desserts Hair / Nail / Tanning Salons Hospitality / Golf Courses Recreation / Entertainment / Bars / Bowling Car Washes
  • Cost Required Setup Cost Required Service Monthly Cost Equipment/Account* $199 Customer Loyalty $49 ($.07 per message a-la-carte) Optional Services Monthly Cost 1,000 Messages $49 ($.04 per message overage) 2,500 Messages $89 ($.035 per message overage) 5,000 Messages $159 ($.03 per message overage) Option Pack $29 iPad mini enclosure available in several colors Kensington ClickSafe Tether PivotTable (rotates iPad mini) Domestic Ground Shipping Optional Setup Cost Coupon Printer $399 PIN Validation Keypad $49 Custom iPad Theme $99 *Customer provides an iPad mini Dynamic Digital Signage Customer Interactions 10 Second Games Facebook / Website Integration
  • 3 million coupons redeemed Redeeming 3,500+ coupons per day 6 million user relationships 50% opt-in for mobile offers (supplementing loyalty) Meeting 5,000+ new customers per day 25 million visits (check-ins) registered Checking in 30,000+ visits per day 60 million text messages sent Sending 60,000+ per day
  • Our promise We are absolutely committed to the success of your mobile marketing and customer loyalty initiatives and look forward to helping you build increased revenue, customer loyalty and brand awareness! Thank you for your time.
  • Contact PlumReward, LLC 6161 Blakeford Drive Windermere, FL 34786 877-616-3440