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PLN Basics. What is a Professional Learning Network? (PLN) How would that help me? How do I create one? Twitter Really Simple Syndicate (RSS). Professional Learning Network (PLN). A PLN a network of professionals and professional organizations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating a Personal Learning Network (PLN)

PLN BasicsWhat is a Professional Learning Network? (PLN)How would that help me?How do I create one?


Really Simple Syndicate (RSS)

1Professional Learning Network (PLN)A PLN a network of professionals and professional organizations Weve always had them, but by using online resources, our PLN is more accessible and easier to tailor to our individual needsWe can easily find educators that can support us in our professional development in ways that we control and manageWe can pull the information we want out of the vast amount of information available How to Develop a Networked PLNThere are many ways to create a PLN, but the two easiest are using Twitter and RSS feeds

By using these two methods, you have the power of thousands of people and thousands of organizations

Professional Development can be incremental and throughout the year

Professional Development can be tailored by you to fit your exact needsLets Set Up a Twitter Account

Twitter.comCreate an accountTwitter Cont. Most professionals use their real name or some form of it, but that is up to you

Make sure you add a picture, most professionals use their real photo, again optional

Go to settings to monitor privacy, most professional twitter accounts are open because the purpose is to share resources

I would not set it to alert you to each tweet, youll go crazy. Just DM and @ alerts work well.

Follow your Twitter Teacher

The twitter teacher will walk you through the processTwitter Set UpRecapConfirm your account through your emailCreate your profilePrivacy settingsSeparating work and personal twitterUsing your real name and photo for professional use

Its Important to Create Your ProfileDont stay the egg with no descriptionBe an addition to your PLN

The Lingo@mentions, this is public, but the other person is alerted to your postRetweets, RT, click on the retweet sign to let your followers se a post you found interestingDM direct message, found on the right hand side. This is personal to that individualUsing #hashtags to add your post to a group of like topics. Search #hashtags to follow topics


Retweets (RT)

Direct Messages (DM)

#hashtags A way to group like categories

Favorites: a way to file resourcesBy clicking favorite you can keep tweets in your favorites tab for easy reference

Twitter SearchUse #hashtags in the search box

Finding TweepsThere are search sites, but the easiest wayis to look at who like minded colleagues are following

Shortening Your URLTwitter automatically shortens, but this site allows you to track clicks and shortens URLs more

Top 21 Twitter ClientsFor mobile use and easier management at home

Tweet DeckI use TweetDeck at home and TweetCaster on my phone

Twitter EtiquetteOur Emily Post of the Cyber World

Find Some People to FollowYour address book to find people you knowHash tags # to find interestsLook at people associated with someone you resonate with @donnaromanFollow and unfollow to tailor your PLN

RSS ReaderRSS in Plain English

Short video to show you how to set up and use an RSSClick here for overview and instructions Google ReaderHeres mine, there is also an example on our wiki

Set up Your ReaderCreate a google accountClick on ReaderLets start finding blogs Edublog 2011 winners

So, what did you end up with?Pull Technology of

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