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  • What Is RecruitEasy? RecruitEasy is a REVOLUTIONARY flat-fee or low-cost RECRUITMENT SYSTEM. It offers a 100% full and professional recruitment service at less than half of the usual agency fees! With OVER 10 million CVs at its disposal, its a flexible service to fit your precise needs, from simply sourcing & screening CVs to a full service. Additional premium services are available: an Audio-CV to help bring the candidates written CV to life, an in-depth Job-match and Personality Blueprint (psychometric analysis), PLUS a UK work eligibility check for employed candidates. Terms are totally transparent and the fairest available with a FREE 28-day candidate replacement service and a 100% Money Back Guarantee offered. There is virtually no risk.

  • Why Must Recruitment Change? The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) says that average cost of recruitment with typical agencies is 3,750 per new employee - not even accounting for other hidden costs! A 2010 Survey revealed that over 75% of employers felt they were getting poor value for money from agencies. With such high costs and poor service, some even felt ripped off RecruitEasys founders felt the same way (in a previous business) and this provided the inspiration to launch RecruitEasy. Their passion is to change the recruitment business and offer employers just like themselves a fair deal, that is, a quality service at a realistic price

  • Is RecruitEasy Really Different? RecruitEasy has a simple yet revolutionary fee structure for a full recruitment service and you dont have to pay upfront just for advertising: Only 795 Sole Agency. You receive FULL Recruitment Agency services Just 10% Premium Sole. FULL Agency services PLUS our premium services Just 10% Multi-Agency. You receive FULL shared Recruitment Agency services Thats a staggering up to half the price of typical current average fees and lets YOU keep YOUR profits! Quality of Service is not compromised in fact it is substantially improved! Full screening and vetting of CVs for each candidate, an online management dashboard and, if required, a Job Match & Personal Blueprint, an Audio-CV and a UK work eligibility check for employed candidates.

  • What is a Candidate Blueprint?Its a 6-page in-depth personality & psychometric profile. Although optional, we advise you to obtain this FREE to ascertain: Job-match suitability Underlying key motivational drivers External personality traits Creativity & lateral thinking Cognitive function & emotional IQ Attitude to work/life and personal integrity X-factor measure for success IQ predictor comparisonYour employees represent a huge investment for your business and commitment from you so it pays to be scientific about recruitment!

  • Is There More To The Service? Top professional quality of service is delivered. Your personal recruitment specialist will help save you valuable time and money by screening suitable candidates and making all the arrangements to final interview and beyond Your user-friendly online dashboard will be updated so you can manage vacancies and keep track at all times You can decline, accept, shortlist or arrange interviews with candidates directly within your dashboard Simply cost-effective and efficient management of your recruitment freeing your time to focus on other activities!

  • Where Can I Get More Info? Simply browse our site at where you see online videos, brochures and get downloads and demos. Our FAQ section should answer any questions you may have. Full contact details are provided on the site You can register to be kept informed or even enter brief details of any immediate vacancies you may have. We will immediately get to work! You will not be disappointed! RecruitEasy is not just the easy way its the smart way!

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    *Welcome to RecruitEasy The easy way and the smart way to recruit

    *******Welcome to RecruitEasy The easy way and the smart way to recruit