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    P L A Y E R S G U I D E

    W O R L D T A V E R N P O K E R

    World Tavern Poker is a free bar poker league where players compete for points, prizes, bragging rights, and seats to the World Series of Poker! Play at your local tavern and earn your way to Regional and National Championship events - where 40 seats to the WSOP and over $100,000 in prizes are on the line each season!






    Points, Blinds

    Rankings, FAQs

    General Rules

    The Championships

    The OPEN

    Creating your player account and finding a tournament only takes a few minutes.

    1. Mouse over the MY PLAYER PAGE button at the top of the website and click on CREATE A PLAYER ACCOUNT.

    2. Enter your profile information (and a unique user name) and click SUBMIT.

    3. You can then log into the site and click on FIND A GAME to register for tournaments in your area.



    PLAYINGOnce you register for a game, we ask that you arrive 30 minutes early so the tournament can start on time. And PLEASE REMEMBER that the bars pay to be part of World Tavern Poker, so please be sure to support the bar with your purchases and tip your wait staff!

    THE TOURNAMENTS Each tournament is a No-Limit Texas Hold Em event where you are playing until the last person is left standing. The top 20 players in each tournament receive points towards their rankings.

    STARTING CHIP COUNTStandard World Tavern Poker Tournaments start with 10,000 in chips. Check out the Official Bonus Chip Program to see how you can earn extra chips for each tournament!





    15 = 1,500

    3 = 1,500

    2 = 2,000

    1 = 5,000

    21 Chips = 10,000

    Table of Contents

    = Updated Sept 2014


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    THE POINTS STRUCTURE The Top 20 players in each tournament receive points based on where they finish and how many individual players competed in each tournament.

    BLIND STRUCTUREThe World Tavern Poker blind structure allows for two tournaments each night.

    Blinds will continue to double for levels 11+

    Level 1 100/200

    Level 2 200/400

    Level 3 300/600

    Level 4 500/1000


    Level 5 1,000/2,000

    Level 6 2,000/4,000

    Level 7 3,000/6,000


    Level 8 5,000/10,000

    Level 9 10,000/20,000

    Level 10 15,000/30,000

    Level 11 25,000/50,000



    1 100002 95003 90004 85005 80006 75007 70008 65009 600010 550011 500012 450013 400014 350015 300016 250017 200018 150019 100020 500

    BLIND TIMESBlind times are generally determined by the number of players in attendance and are decided by your Tournament Director. Below is a guide that many bars follow.

    10-20 Players = 25 MINUTES PER LEVEL

    20-30 Players = 20 MINUTES PER LEVEL

    30-50 Players = 18 MINUTES PER LEVEL

    50+ Players = 15 MINUTES PER LEVEL

    EXPLAINING THE POINTS Our new structure rewards players by giving them the opportunity to earn more points for every player in attendance! To figure out your score for a given game, simply take the number of players and multiply by 50, then add it to the score reflected in the baseline to the left.

    Lets say 30 players take part in a tournament. That means anyone finishing in the Top 20 adds 1,500 points to their baseline. So if John Smith finishes in first place, he would earn 10,000 points plus the 1,500 additional points (30 players times 50), for a total score of 11,500 points.

    In that same tournament, Johns wife Betty finished in sixth place. She would earn 7,500 points, plus the extra 1,500 points, to earn a total score of 9,000 points.

    If Betty wins a tournament with 25 players, she would earn 11,250 points (50 x 25 = 1,125 + 10,000) for that victory.

    Scores are automatically generated on the World Tavern Poker website once the TD enters the results from a tournament.


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    THE RANKINGS You are ranked at 4 different levels based on the average of your top scores. However, you must have a Minimum # of Games Played to qualify for any Championship events.


    Are there any fees to play World Tavern Poker? World Tavern Poker is completely free to the players, and there is never a buy-in. We do however strongly encourage you to support the bars with your food & beverage purchases to ensure the promotion continues.

    Note: Some bars/states have a No Loitering Policy. This means that their bathrooms, seating and events (like poker) are for paying customers only.

    When do the scores get updated? We ask TDs to update scores within 24-48 hours. If you are concerned about scores, please speak to your Tournament Director or email us at [email protected]

    Am I allowed to get extra chips for food purchases? Absolutely not! That is considered a buy-in to the game, and is illegal in almost every state.

    What are the prizes at Regional Championships? Depending upon the number of bars, prizes can vary from certificates to tickets to the WTP Open, Hotel and Travel, and even WSOP seats.

    I am interested in becoming a tournament director, who do I talk to? Please contact us at [email protected] for more information

    I would like to play in my favorite sports bar/ hangout, how do I get them to join World Tavern Poker? World Tavern Poker offers a Player Rep. Program designed to reward players for getting their favorite bars/ restaurants to sign up with the league. The prizes range from cold hard cash, to seats at Nationals. Login to and visit the My Player section to find out more!

    1. Tavern Ranking = Average of Top 15 scores at that Tavern. (1 game to earn ranking)(minimum of 10 games played to qualify for All-Star and 15 games for Tavern Championship events)

    2. Regional Ranking = Average of Top 15 scores from any Tavern in that Region. (Min. 15)

    3. State Ranking = Average of Top 20 from any Tavern in the State. (Min. 20)

    4. National Ranking = Avg of Top 25 scores from any Tavern in the Country. (Min. 25)

    * Bars playing one game a night require 7 games played to receive a ranking and 5 games to qualify for ASC


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    Please remember that specific tournament rules can vary from casino to casino and World Tavern Poker rules are designed to keep the game fun without losing the integrity of the game. This is a self-dealt game, so some rules have been created/adjusted for that.

    The Tournament Director is in charge of each event and and can determine how the rules are enforced in the best interest of the game. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF YOUR TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR AND OTHER PLAYERS.

    Also, many times new players will join the league and may not understand the rules, please help them (rather than criticizing) as the more players at each tournament ensures the bar will continue the promotion.

    MISDEALS Any card flipped over during the initial deal is an automatic misdeal. If cards are dealt out of order, try to fix them. Anyone who has not yet looked at their cards can call a misdeal if they feel the cards were dealt incorrectly. This means all cards are brought back in, reshuffled, and a new hand is dealt.

    BETTINGA bet is not binding until the chips are actually released into the pot, unless the player has made a verbal statement of action. A verbal statement denotes your action and is binding unless there is a gross misunderstanding of the previous bet.


    NO GAMBLINGThis rule is taken very seriously. Any Tavern or Player caught wagering cash, property, or anything of value will immediately be terminated from the league. No chip bonuses can be given as an incentive for any purchase at the bar. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    AGE REQUIREMENTS FOR REGULAR TOURNAMENTS & CHAMPIONSHIPSWTP strongly recommends that no one under the age of 18 be allowed to compete in World Tavern Poker tournaments. However, it is ultimately up to the bar owner as to whom they allow to play.

    For WTP Championship events: All players MUST BE 21 years of age (by the time of the event) to participate, as the winner is moving on to an event held at a casino. This includes: All Star & Tavern Championships, Tavern TOCs, and Regionals.

    REGULAR SEASON SPECIAL EVENTSTournament Directors have the option of running special tournaments at their taverns during Week 6 and Week 18 of the regular season! TDs can take a poll from their players and see what they would like to play. The choice of special events are:

    Crazy Pineapple: 3 hole cards dealt, one discarded at the turn, regular Holdem afterDeep Stacked: Double, or even triple the starting stacks! (run game two as a turbo)Tag Team: Pair off players into teams, and have them switch seats at 15 minute intervals



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    RAISING All raises must be equal to or greater than the size of the previous bet or raise on tha

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