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HISTORY OF A STRUGGLEBrigitte Bardot Foundation, rescuing wild and domestic animals in France and around the world.Today, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation is a registered charity and counts on the support of more than 70,000 donators in over 60 countries and over 600 volunteer investigators and de-legates. Its headquarters are located in Paris and it employs nearly 90 people, with its 3 sanctuaries and seasonal staff. It also brings legal action against cruelty or mistreatment with the help of its investigators and delegates across Fran-ce.InmainlandFranceandoverseas,theBrigitteBardot Foundationisalsopresentonallfivecontinentswhereit supports local initiatives. Atthesametime,itconstantlystepsupitsinformation campaigns and strengthens its communication networks to keep the public ever informed about animals in distress. AmemberofEurogroupfor AnimalsinBrussels,which fights for stronger legislation in Europe for animal welfare. A member of SSN (Species Survival Network). The Brigitte Bardot Foundation participates in CITES, the ConventiononInternationalTradeinEndangeredSpecies of Wild Fauna and Flora. ItalsoworkswiththeInternationalWhalingCommis-sion. In France, the Foundations combats include bullfighting and it is spearheading the fight against ritual slaughter.1962 : Brigitte Bardot is the first celebrity to condemn the cruel methods used to slaughter livestock. 1977 : She travels to the polar ice caps to alert public opinion to the seal pup massacre.1986 : Brigitte Bardot creates her Foundation in Saint-Tropez.1988 : The headquarters are transferred to Paris in the wake of the Foundations success.1989-1992 : From May 1989 to October 1992, Brigitte Bardot hosts a series of 13 TV shows called S.O.S. animaux, which score a huge success.1992 : Brigitte Bardot donates the famous Madra-gue property to her Foundation. On 21 February, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation is registered as a charity. It purchases Mare Auzou, which beco-mes its first sanctuary.1995 : The Dalai Lama is named an honorary member of the Foundation.2006 : Brigitte Bardot donates her pro-perty in the Paris region to the Foundation to create a second sanctuary.2011 : The Foundation celebrates its 25th anniversary.A message from Brigitte BardotIve always had a deep love for animals since my earliest childhood. My frequent journeys, as well as the news, have often confronted me with a terribly cruel reality, and I soon realised that I had to take up the challenge against ignorance and disinformation and dedicate my life to the difficult cause of animal welfare.The challenge has been very long, relentless, and too often made unbearable by cruelty. In the be-ginning, I had to overcome countless obstacles alone, and this often threw me into profound distress. However, as the years went by, thanks to support from an efficient and reliable team, hundreds of volunteers and tens of thousands of donators across the world, I have always remained motivated and determined to keep on fighting. Today, my Foundation is the proudest achievement of my life! It is to each and every one of you that I owe this immense joy and honour. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and loyalty.Your everlasting friend, Brigitte BardotHERE ARE SOME OF ITS COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS IN INDIAThe FBB funds stray dogvaccinationand sterilisation programs inDharamsala,Nor-thern India, organised by Tibet Charity, and supportsthecostsof a dedicated clinic established in premises loaned by His Holiness the Dalai-Lamas sister.Sikkim stateThankstooursucces-sfulcooperationwith VetsBeyondBorders (VBB)andthegovern-ment, animal welfare is officiallyactiveinthis statewiththecreation ofadedicateddepartmentinchargeofstreet dogs,whichexcludesanyrecoursetoeuthanasia. Since 2006, we have been funding a care program (sterilisationandvaccination)thathascurbedthe proliferation of dogs and cats, and will soon make Sikkimthefirstrabies-freestateinIndia.More than70,000dogsshavealreadybenefittedfrom this program. In addition, the Foundation has been invitedtowriteeducationalarticlesforschool textbooks.Severalthousandstray dogssterilisedsince 2004incollaboration withMaitriandinpar-tnershipwithKarma-paOgyenTrinleyDorje since 2014 during the KagyuMonlam Festival.More than 7,000 dogs sterilisedsince2006 with VBB and a clinic/sanctuary set up with thelocalassociation LACS.The Brigitte Bardot Foundation supports, designs and funds welfare and care pro-grammes for wild and domestic animals. It participates in programs to reintroduce wild animals into their natural habitats helped by a large number of sanctuaries and as-sociations, as well as major sterilisation campaigns. It works in more than 60 countries on all 5 continents with local organisations, and sometimes with other NGOs.The Foundation around the worldPlusFunding for three mobile clinics for WSPCA, BLUE CROSS and Friendicoes. Over 4,000 dogs sterilised in Bylakuppe with VBB.Funding for the Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) International Training Center (ITC) dispensary in Ooty.DharamsalaLadakhBodh Gaya