Plants And Animals In The Ecosystem

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<p>Plants And Animals In The EcosystemObjectives: Classify specific kinds of relationships among plants and animals within an ecosystem Explore food chains</p> <p>Ecosystems </p> <p>What is an ecosystem? An ecosystem is all the living and nonliving things in an area. The nonliving parts of an ecosystem are called abiotic factors. The living parts of an ecosystem are called biotic factors. Both Abiotic and Biotic factors play a role, or niche, in their communities. Communities are all populations living in an area. All ecosystems have the same parts.</p> <p>Food Chains </p> <p>Within an ecosystem is a food chain. What is a food chain? A food chain is the path energy takes from producers to consumers to decomposers. Every population, which is all the organisms in a species living in the same area, need energy to survive. Where does energy come from? The energy from the sun is stored in food. The energy in food is passed from one organism to another.</p> <p>This Is How A Food Chain Works</p> <p>The Sun passes energy to plants. Plants are producers. They can not make their own food so something has to produce the food for them. An herbivore, an animal that eats only plants. An omnivore, an animal that eats both plants and animals, eat the plant. A Carnivore comes along and eats the herbivore or omnivore. Carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores are consumers. All three got their energy by consuming other organisms. It all ends with decomposers such as worms, bacteria, and fungi. Decomposers break down dead organisms into substances that can be used by producers. Meaning the cycle starts all over.Decomposers</p> <p>Carnivore</p> <p>Herbivore or Omnivore</p> <p>Plants</p> <p>Sun</p> <p>Food ChainSample Food Chain</p> <p>Review </p> <p>Can anyone tell me what a predator is? What is the hunted called? What is the original source of energy in a food chain? A _______ is the role or activity of an organism in its community. What is a community/population? What is a producer/consumer? What is the relationship between plants and animals?</p>