Plant Design-Biscuit Manufacturing

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A process plant to produce one thousand kilograms or one tonne per day on a single eight-hour shift basis has been carried out with much precision and consideration given to the most optimum process route. An increase of 10% was given to the product so as to take care of losses along the production line and also to the plant producing under capacity. The materials needed for the production of the biscuit and their approximate percentages are: Flour -- 50%, water--30%, sugar--2%, salt --2%, baking powder--2%, additives --14%. The materials or equipment design are: one mixer, one extruder and conveyor tunnel oven. Other equipments are sealing machines, water pump, filter, tables, pre-printed nylon etc. 1492.96 kg of dough is mixed per day and 1000 kg of biscuit is the target to be produced with a 10% increase to account for losses in the production line. The heat generated over the whole production process is 650,358.92 kJ/hr. The profit at 75% and 100% capacities are N12.678m and N 17.7135 m respectively. The recommended sales price is estimated at N3.60.

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