Plains Indians (Native Americans)

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Plains Indians (Native Americans). http:// Plains Indians. Plains Indians. Plains Indians. Plains Indians. Work is divided among men & women The highest appreciation for nature (buffalo) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Plains Indians

Plains Indians(Native Americans) Plains Indians

Plains Indians

Plains Indians

Work is divided among men & womenThe highest appreciation for nature (buffalo)Warrior societiesArt & religionLanguageEach tribe or clanSign language to be universalPlains Indians

Hunter/ gatherer societyWhat does this mean?Who do you think did what?Plains Indians

HuntersStrong men & leaders

GatherersWomen, elders, children & the disabled

Preparers & CooksWomen, eldersPlains Indians

WOMENOversaw life in houseGathered foodBuilt tepeesPassed traditionsCrafts skill = rank in society

Plains Indians

MENHuntersProtectorsPass on knowledgePass on legendsLed spiritualized ceremoniesProvide military leadershipProve bravery & ability

Plains Indians

ELDERSLooked to as the wisest among tribes Consulted about any problemsThe connection between the spirit & native worldPlains Indians

TRADITIONSummer: gathering of councilsDiscuss progress & problems with elders

Sun Dance: 4 day celebration to thank the Great Spirit & ask for luck/ fortuneWhat is a great spirit to you - Journal.Plains Indians SUN DANCEPlains Indians

Plains Indians

HORSESsacred dog1600s used in trade until each tribe has them1: hunting2: moving villages3: raiding

Plains Indians

BUFFALOThe general store to the Native AmericansUsed to the utmost extentNothing goes to waste!!!Plains Indians

BUFFALOHunted as a stapleIndians corralled them or drove into herds with their horses & attacked with bows & arrows

Corral: a hunting strategy; to corner and capturePlains Indians

BUFFALOMen hunted themWomen & children cut apart animal & brought it back to camp

Plains Indians

BUFFALO used for1: clothing2: shelter3: food- protein - could be stored (jerky)Plains Indians