Pitting Corrosion - PAC Crevice Corrosion Grinding debris from work carried above a tube run that has initiated Pitting Corrosion on Duplex material

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Text of Pitting Corrosion - PAC Crevice Corrosion Grinding debris from work carried above a tube run that...

  • Pitting Corrosion

  • Pitting & Crevice Corrosion

    Grinding debris from work carried above a tube run that has initiated Pitting Corrosion on Duplex material..

  • Pitting & Crevice Corrosion

    Note the Crevice Corrosion on this 2507 material at the back of the fitting & on the tube.

  • Crevice Corrosion Under Clamps

  • Pitting & Crevice Corrosion

    316 Metal on metal not a good idea. Note the 2 points of Crevice Corrosion where the clamp makes contact with the tube

  • 316 Stainless Steel Time to Failure

    316 Stainless tube failed after 2 years on a new Tug Boat Malcolm Parratt, New Build Superintendent, Swire Offshore. The 316 Stainless Steel tube failed on the Bonga FPSO after 18 months in service Yemi Okeremi, Senior corrosion Engineer at Shell.

  • 316 Stainless Steel Time to Failure

    In the past 3 years alone, dozens of in-service tubing failures in small-bore 316L SS tubing have been reported on most BP-operated GoM deep-water installations. The vast majority of these incidents are attributed to external corrosion, the cause of which is due to the susceptibility of 300-series austenitic stainless steels to crevice and pitting corrosion in marine atmospheric environments. Other BP locations (e.g., North Sea, Trinidad), major oil and gas producers, and other sectors such as the NASA and the military have had similar historical and recent experience with chronic external corrosion of Type 316L SS tubing. This problem not only results in service disruptions and increasingly expensive maintenance and repair, but poses potentially significant risks to health, safety, and the environment if not effectively mitigated and/or prevented. Ardjan Kopliku BP Corrosion Lead -GoM

  • Pitting & Crevice Corrosion Super Duplex Alloys

    Crevice Corrosion on 2507 tubing accelerated by the 316 clamp fingers separating the tube.

  • Crevice Corrosion

    Despite more than 10 years marine exposure on a Shell semi submersible support vessel the exposed surface of a section of Tungum Alloy Tube remains clear of corrosion. The Stainless steel Section from a Southern North Sea gas platform in the Leman field shows crevice corrosion after barely 4 years in the same environment.

    Crevice Corrosion on 316 St.Steel under the clamps.

  • Total Lifetime Capital Cost based on 30 Years

  • Oil & Gas- HP control lines

  • Oil & Gas- Safety Shut Down Conduit

    Tungum tube runs used as a corrosion resisting conduit for wire rope

    90 Pulleys

  • Oil & Gas- Clamping Arrangements

    Tungum tube runs (gold colour) showing standard working practices for using St.Steel twin ferule fittings & 3x Dia. bend radiuss . However, not a good idea to have 2 tube runs tight side by side. Leave a 5mm minimum gap where possible.

  • Oil & Gas- HP Lines Twin Ferrule Fittings

    Tungum tube runs (gold colour) showing standard working practices for using St.Steel twin ferule fittings & 3x Dia. bend radiuss

  • Dive Systems Tungum for O Service

  • Oxygen Compatible Systems Hyperbaric Chamber

  • Military Fighting Vehicles, Hydraulic Lines

  • Transport Brake Line Systems

  • Typical End Users & Specifiers

  • Tungum Protective Oxide Layer

    Tungums protective oxide layer polished back to reveal that no crevice corrosion has occurred under the pipe clamp.

  • Tungum Protective Oxide Layer

    Tungum tube used for Temperature Safety Element (TSE) loops in service for 15 years. Note the green verdigris oxide layer, on the tube. This is to be expected after this period of time and is part of the tubes protective system.

  • Tungum Protective Oxide Layer

    Tungum tube showing the green verdigris oxide layer after 15 years in service with no galvanic corrosion issues with the St.Steel fittings into the bulkhead.

  • Hydraulic lines

  • Excellent lifetime cost compared to other tubing options

    No recorded failures of Tungum tube when correctly used and installed

    Compatible and approved with all industry recognised tube fittings

    Quicker installation times - can be as little as 75% of the time compared to Super Duplex or Austenitic St.Steels

    Reduced system down times due to its longer life

    Material of choice for Oxygen and hyperbaric systems

    Over 30 years of experience of real time Oil & Gas applications

    Key benefits

  • ISO9001:2008 Approval

  • ASTM B706-00 Temper TF00 Seamless Copper Alloy (UNS No. C69100) Pipe and Tube

    BS EN 12449-CW700R-R430 Copper and Copper Alloys-Seamless, Round Tubes for General Purposes

    ASTM G124-10 Determining the Combustion Behavior of Metallic Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres

    ASME B31.1 and B31.3 USCG United States Coast Guard

    Identified as ALLOY CZ127

    In-house specification TCL100

    Ministry of Defence specifications:

    Aviation: DTD5019 (for high pressure systems)

    DTD253A (for low pressure systems)

    Navy: NES749 part 3

    Army: AFS4000


  • Chemical Composition

    Element Min % Max%

    Copper 81.00 84.00

    Aluminium 0.70 1.20

    Nickel 0.80 1.40

    Silicon 0.80 1.30

    Iron 0.25

    Lead 0.05

    Tin 0.10

    Manganese 0.10

    Total Other 0.50

    Zinc The Remainder

  • Physical Properties

    Mean Ultimate Tensile Strength 480 N/mm

    (31.07 tons per Sq. in.)

    Mean 0.2% Proof Stress 240 N/mm

    (15.54 tons per Sq. in.)

    Design Stress at 4:1 Safety Factor 107.5 N/mm

    (6.96 tons per Sq. in.)

    Hardness 140 HV5 max.

    Elongation (Average) 45 Per Cent

    Magnetic Permeability 1.0015 Max.

    Thermal Conductivity at 300 K 1.0W/cm K.

    Weight 8.52 x 10 kg/mm

    (0.308 lbs per cu.in.)

  • Typical material test cert

  • Family owned UK Limited Company

    Established in 1933

    World wide distributor network

    World wide approvals and certifications

    Tungum Limited

  • Tungum Worldwide

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