Pirates of the Caribbean: Beyond the Myth

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Beyond the Myth. Lesson 5: Women Pirates in a Masculine World . English 1102 Dr. Jo Anne Harris. Group 4 Anne Bonny. Group 4 Mary Reed. Group 4 Mary And Anne. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Pirates of the Caribbean: Beyond the Myth

Pirates of the Caribbean:Beyond the MythEnglish 1102Dr. Jo Anne HarrisLesson 5: Women Pirates in a Masculine World

Social IssuesGender IssuesFamily IssuesNarrativesBorn in the upper classAdapted to pirate society, lifestyle, and relationshipsPardoned in trialMore masculine than feminineCross-dressingOne source suggests raised as a manGood familyDaughter of an Irish lawyerThrown out by father after her impulsive marriage

VideoUnknown cause of deathSuggests she was pardoned because of her fathers position as a plantation ownerFeminineBeautiful womanRaised as a womanHigh class family owned a plantationLeft her first husband for Calico Jack

Group 4Anne Bonny

Mary ReedSocial and GenderFamilyNarrativeContinued to be raised as a boy because male life > female lifeRan away to become a sailor then a solider then a cavalry man then a sailor againBecame a pirate after finding it more exciting than a sailor lifeClaimed pregnancy before being executionDied of fever

Raised as a boy to replace her dead brotherRaised as a boy so her paternal grandmother would leave property to her familyFell in love with another cavalry man and left the military to be married and run a tavernSecond husband was a prisoner of her crewFought duels in her husbands place

VideoRaised as a boyBecame a pirate in the disguise of a manDied due to fever or complication during birth

Her family raised her as a boyUsed pregnancy as an excuse to delay execution

Group 4Mary Reed

Social And GenderFamilyNarrativeBoth great fighterBoth fought until the last moment and even fired upon their own crew when they refused to fightJust friendsBoth claimed pregnancy to escape executionVideoOnly Mary was considered an excellent fighterOpenly admitted to being women piratesConsidered to be loversCalico got jealous of Annes love of Mark until finding out he was Mary

Group 4Mary And Anne