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Pirates of the Caribbean. Julio Municoy. DIRECTED BY : Gore Verbinski PRODUCED BY : Jerry Bruckheimer STARRING BY : Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Geoffrey Rush, Jack Davenport and Jonathan Pryce MUSIC BY : Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Pirates of the Caribbean: the curse of the Black Pearl</p> <p>Pirates of the Caribbean</p> <p>Julio Municoy</p> <p> DIRECTED BY: Gore Verbinski</p> <p> PRODUCED BY: Jerry Bruckheimer</p> <p> STARRING BY: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Geoffrey Rush, Jack Davenport and Jonathan Pryce</p> <p> MUSIC BY: Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer</p> <p>CINEMATOGRAPHY BY: Dariusz Wolski</p> <p>DISTRIBUTED BY: Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Pictures</p> <p> COUNTRY: United States</p> <p>PLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPL</p> <p>In Pirates of the Caribbean, the Curse of the Black Pearl, Elizabeth Swann, who is the daughter of the governor of Port Royal, is kidnapped by the crew of the Black Pearl, led by Capitan Barbosssa, in order to lift curse placed on them after stealing Aztec gold.Will Turner, a chilhood friend and secret admirer of Elizabeyh, persuades pirate Captain Jack Sparrow to help him in the rescue.</p> <p> The Second Movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead ManS Chest. In this film, Cutler Beckett, a powerful agent, arrests Will and Elizabeth because they helped Jack Sparrow in the previous film. Beckett offers clemency if Will agrees to search for Sparrow and his magical compass. At the same time, Sparrow tries to release himself from an old debt with Dawy Jones, by finding the Dead Mans Chest.</p> <p>In the third film of P. of the C. at Worlds End, Beckett is trying to extinguish all the pirates for ever. Will, Elizabeth and the crew of the Black Pearl go to rescue Jack Sparrow.</p> <p>And now P. of the C.: On Stranger Tides is an upcoming 3-D fantasy action-advventure film.It is the fourt film. In this film Captain Jack Sparrow is searching for the fountain of youth and he is confronting the pirate BlackBeard. Thank you very match ! </p> <p>FOR THE BEST TEACHER:. THE SUPERTEACHER: MISS LILI</p>