Pinhole Photography Alice Russell

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Pinhole Photography Alice Russell. What is a pinhole camera?. Light sealed container with a small hole through which light exposes film Set aperture No viewfinder Self-operated shutter. Most important to consider:. The amount of light available (inside versus outside, weather) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Pinhole Photography Alice Russell

Pinhole PhotographyAlice Russell1What is a pinhole camera?Light sealed container with a small hole through which light exposes filmSet apertureNo viewfinderSelf-operated shutter

Most important to consider:The amount of light available (inside versus outside, weather)Film sensitivityAperture (pinhole)Shutter speed (interval)

How It WorksLight travel into container through pinhole, producing an inverted and reversed image on the opposite wall (film)

Each point of light coming in creates a point on the filmNegativesThe film that has been exposed becomes the negativeA positive is created through a contact print

CharacteristicsInfinite depth of field, which means that all parts of the photo are in focusCrisp photo qualityWide angleBlack and white or color

Wayne Martin Belger

HistoryThe properties of light and photography are old ideasChinese philosopher Mo-Ti 400 BCECamera Obscura used by the ItaliansJohannes Vermeer

Types of Pinhole CamerasVarious sizes, various films

Premade camerasPinhole Polaroids

Digital Pinhole or Lego PinholeDouble ExposuresMore than one aperture on cameraExpose film more than once

Airplane Hangar Used as Pinhole CameraRob Johnson -, 600 gallons of chemicals

Worldwide Pinhole Photography DaySince 2001:


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