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Pine Township (Mercer County) Zoning Ordinance Pine Township (Mercer County) DRAFT Zoning Ordinance February 2016 Page 3 Section 108 Severability Should any section or provision of

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Text of Pine Township (Mercer County) Zoning Ordinance Pine Township (Mercer County) DRAFT Zoning Ordinance...

  • Pine Township (Mercer County) Zoning Ordinance Prepared by the Pine Township Planning Commission


    The preparation of this Ordinance was financed in part through a Municipal Assistance Program (MAP) grant from the Department of Community and Economic

    Development, as administered by the Governor’s Center for Local Government Services, Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

    Project Planner Richard Grossman, Community Planning Consultant

    PO Box 11 Grove City PA 16127

  • Pine Township Zoning Ordinance Table of Contents


    Article One – General Provisions Sections 101 Title 1 Section 102 Authority 1 Section103 Purpose 1 Section 104 Compliance 2 Section 104 Severability 2 Section 105 Schedule of Fees 2 Section 106 Municipality owned Property 2 Section 107 Interpretation of Regulations 2 Section 108 Severability 3 Section 109 Repeal 3 Section 110 Other Government Property 3

    Article Two – Community Development Objectives Section 201 Overall Goal 3 Section 202 Land Use Goal 3 Section 203 Economic Goal 3 Section 204 Housing Goal 4 Section 205 Community Facilities and Services Goal 4 Section 206 Environmental and Aesthetic Goal 4 Section 207 Comprehensive Plan Implementation Statement 5

    Article Three – District Descriptions Section 301 Establishment of Districts 5 Section 302 AC Agricultural Conservation District 6 Section 203 RR Rural Residential District 9 Section 204 R-1 Single Family Residential District 10 Section 205 R-2 General Residential District 12 Section 306 B-1 General Business District 14 Section 307 B-2 Business District 15 Section 308 I Industrial District 16

    Article Four – Specific Use Standards Section 401 401 Permitted Uses with Conditions, Conditional Uses and Special Exceptions 18 Section 402 Day Care Services 18 Section 403 Forestry 19 Section 404 Private Clubs 19 Section 405 Sawmills 20 Section 406 Individual Mobile Homes 20 Section 407 Home Occupations 20 Section 408 Home Lot Occupations 20 Section 409 Mineral Excavation 21 Section 410 Communication Towers 22 Section 411 Intensive/Outdoor Commercial Recreation 23 Section 412 Cemeteries but not including a Crematorium 23 Section 413 Recreational Campgrounds 24 Section 414 Exotic Animal Raising and Care 24 Section 415 Second dwelling on same lot 24

  • 25 26 26 27 27 27 28 28 28 28 28 29 29 30 30 30 30 31 31 31 32 32

    38 39 39 40 42 42 43

    46 48 48 49 50 50 51





    Section 416 Mobilehome Parks Section 417 Schools, Nursing Homes, Personal Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities Section 418 Agriculture in Residential Districts Section 419 RESERVED Section 420 Multiple Family Dwellings Section 421 Conversion Apartments Section 422 Light Manufacturing Section 423 Flea Markets Section 424 Public Utilities Section 425 Transitional Housing Facility Section 426 Eating/Drinking Places Section 427 Retail Businesses and Shopping Centers Section 428 Bottle Clubs Section 429 Bulk Fuel Storage Section 430 Correctional Facility/Halfway House and Treatment Center Section 431 Heavy Industry Section 432 Junk Yards, Salvage and Recycling Centers Section 433 Retail Business and Eating and Drinking Places in the Industrial District Section 434 Sanitary Landfills Section 435 Sexually Oriented Business Section 436 Auto and Equipment Sales and Service Section 437 Oil and Natural Gas Development

    Article Five – Supplemental Regulations Section 501 Nonconforming Uses and Structures Section 502 Existing Lots of Record Section 503 Application of Yard Regulations Section 504 Temporary Uses and Structures Section 505 Airport Zoning Section 506 Performance Standards Section 507 Parking and Loading

    Article Six – Signs Section 601 Exempt Signs Section 602 Performance Standards Section 603 Illumination Section 604 Sign Permits Section 605 Signs Permitted in each Zoning District Section 606 Electronic Signs Section 607 Billboards

    Article Seven – Planned Residential Development

    Article 8 – Definitions

    Article 9 Zoning Hearing Board

    Article 10 Administration, Enforcement and Appeals

    Article 11 Amendments

    Article 12 Effective Date

    Article 13 Certification


  • Pine Township (Mercer County) DRAFT Zoning Ordinance February 2016           Page 1 


        Section 101    Title  This Ordinance shall be known and may be cited as the Pine Township Zoning Ordinance. The  accompanying district map shall be known, and may be cited as, the Pine Township Zoning Map.    Section 102    Authority  In accordance with the authority granted to Pine Township, Mercer County, through the Pennsylvania  Municipalities Planning Code (Act 247, as reenacted and amended), this Ordinance and map are  intended to:   

    Regulate the density of population;   

    Regulate the location and use of buildings, structures and land for residential, agricultural,  commercial, industrial and other purposes; 

      Regulate the height, bulk, number of stories, size and placement of buildings and structures; 

      Divide the Township into districts of such size, shape and area, and to establish such zoning  map, as may be deemed best suited to carry out the regulations; and 

      Establish procedures for the administration, enforcement, amendment, and relief from  hardships under certain circumstances. 

      Section 103    Purpose  These regulations are deemed necessary in order to encourage beneficial growth in the Township while  keeping the density of development consistent with existing Township facilities and the Township's  ability to develop new facilities needed.  These regulations are expected to:      Promote the public health, safety, morals and general welfare;   

    Conserve and stabilize property values through encouragement of the most appropriate uses of  land in relation to adjacent properties, with consideration given to the physical characteristics of  the property, and its value, as well; 

      Secure safety from fire, flood, panic and other dangers by providing for adequate open spaces  for light, air and amenity, and by promoting emergency preparedness and operations; 

      Preserve forests, agricultural lands, and recreation areas in their natural state, or from conflict  with urban development;  

      Protect floodplains and manage the release of stormwater to minimize downstream flooding; 

      Prevent the overcrowding or improper development of land, incompatible uses of land, and/or  blighting conditions; 


  • Pine Township (Mercer County) DRAFT Zoning Ordinance February 2016           Page 2 

    Facilitate the economic provision of safe, adequate and reliable transportation, water supply,  sewage disposal, public schools, parks and other public requirements; 

    Avoid congestion in travel and transportation, and maintain and improve the carrying capacity  and safety of major roads; 

    Reduce the cost of building roads and installing utilities, and the subsequent cost of Township  operations; and 

    Encourage similar controls upon development in adjacent municipalities where logical zoning  district boundaries extend across municipal lines. 

    Section 104    Compliance  No structure shall be located, erected, demolished, constructed, moved, externally altered, converted or  enlarged nor shall any structure or land use be used or designed to be used except in full compliance  with this Ordinance and after the lawful issuance of all permits and certifications required by this  Ordinance. 

    Section 105         Schedule of Fees    The Township Board of Supervisors shall establish by resolution, a schedule of fees, charges and  expenses and a collection procedure for zoning permits and/or certificates, appeals and other matters  pertaining to this Ordinance.  The Board of Supervisors may update the resolution from time to time as  necessary. The schedule of fees may be posted in the Township Offices, and may be amended only by  official action by the Township Board of Supervisors.  

    No permit, certificate, application or variance shall be issued, nor shall any action be taken on  proceedings before the Zoning Hearing Board unless, or until, such costs, charges, fees or expenses have  been paid in full. 

    A zoning permit or certificate shall be required for all new construction, additions or alterations affecting  exterior dimensions of existing structures; and, for any structural or interior changes required for a  change of the structure’s use, or for any change in use. 

    Any application for amendment, variance, special exception, conditional use, permit or any other  application or certificate within the scope of this Ordinance, shall be accompanied by a fee, such fee to  be established by resolution of the Township Board

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