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  • The Pimp Your Lingo

    Special ReportHow To Unleash The Hidden Power Of Lan-

    guage To Attract Any Girl You Like!

    Copyright Stephan Erdman | www.tooshytodate.com


  • Hi...Its Stephan here.

    Do you know Dave?

    Dave is a guy that has learned to speak like everyone else.

    And when he meets people he talks to them as best as he can and hopes that people will find whatever he says interesting and who knows...


    After all thats what it is about right?

    In general that seems to be working fine for Dave. Because with most people there isnt much at stake...

    With women its different. When he meets them nerves really grab him by the balls. Because around women he must appear extra interesting in order for them to stick around, right?

    You see..deep inside Dave thinks he isnt that interesting or remarkable...and there is nothing better than a woman walking off to drive that fact home with Dave.

    So he works harder to come up with interesting things to say...act confident if he can, or try to look calm and in control while he feverishly searches his brain for something original to say to impress her... or maybe he has learned that asking questions is great..so he peppers her with a few questions hoping that she wont notice his naked fear. But somehow his mind goes blank.

    In the process his voice gets tense, his shoulders go up and he starts to act in a way that he recognizes as me at my worst, he doesnt know what to do about it and that makes it even harder to take anything in that she says...

    his vocabulary shrinks to yes and no and great and maybe and be-cause he is not in charge of language but it is in charge of him he feels under intense pressure because nothing that comes out seems sort of what it should be like...calm, confident, manly...

  • And all the while there that churning sensation in his stomach crushes his lungs...

    ...Nightmare! And guys are living it every day!

    How do I know?

    Because I have been there myself.

    And because now many guys like Dave email me and say things like:

    I can talk to other people, friends, guys anyone. But I just dont know what to say to a cute girl.

    Every time I am around a girl I like I freeze up. I just dont know how to have a conversation I guess.

    I am not sure why...but I talk to a girl for a little while...and then I just run out of ideas. And dont know what else to do. What shall I talk about?


    I know there is stuff you can do with language that is powerful. I just dont know what it is. Can you help me with that?

    This really is a hot button for many men. Because nothing crushes our confi-dence more than feeling helpless.

    And its ok to feel helpless about ballet or mathematics...but talking???

    No way. We think we should be able to do it.

    You have to be pretty dumb to not be able to TALK, right?!

    And thats why so many guys are not even admitting to themselves that they may not have mastered the art of conversation as well as they might if only...

    ...they learned the powerful principles contained within it.

  • Ok. Please listen carefully.

    Language is a tool. An amazingly powerful tool.

    It is an incredibly under the radar tool...If you know how to use it.

    The secrets of how to use language effectively and persuasively and in a way that makes guys want to hang out with you and girls to be attracted to you are not taught in school...And most guys never come across anyone that will let them in on the principles that great communicators use to their advantage every day...and here is the thing: Unless someone shows you what they are you are not likely to just stumble upon them...because they are subtle and generally unnoticed..

    ...but all that is about to change for you....

    In this report I will lift the lid on some of the most effective ways of using lan-guage and conversation to have guys like you and girls be attracted to you...

    I have called it The Pimp Your Lingo Report.

    Cause thats what you can do with it. Taking the way you use language out of the realm of unconsciousness and making it your friend (or super sharp tool) rather than your enemy. Taking it to the next level and then some...are you with me?

    Before we get to the Lingo Pimping specifics... one important point:

    Whenever someone says to me: What shall I say? what I want to say is It doesnt matter. Just say it confidently and stand straight while you are doing it!

    Why? Because it is not useful to learn pick up lines or to tell guys exactly what to say to a girl like a parrot. (And this is NOT what this report is about)

    But that is only half the truth.For many of us it is huge to find out what we communicate with our body lan-guage and voice regardless of the words we say. And because on a subcon-scious level SO MUCH depends on HOW you say what you say I was tempted to focus on that first.

  • But then I remembered that over the years much of my growing confidence and ability to attract and interact with girls came not just from working on my body language and attitude...but much of my progress came when I was in-troduced to the amazing power of language, words, phrases, questions, an-swers and all the other aspects language contains.

    And when I am talking about power I dont just mean their power to make other people like me or not but also their power to influence me in a good or bad way.

    And of course our confidence, body language and even the way our voice sounds (believe it or not) depends just as much on how comfortable we are with what we are saying or how we are leading the conversation.

    You see the truth is:


    Just as well as:


    So what I am saying is this:

    If you dont have a clue as to the structure of language that works,

    if you unknowingly use words that make you sound, feel and look weak,

    if you dont know how to create interest, connection, intimacy through your language,

    if you are boring people by talking too much or too little or by what you talk about,

    if you use phrases that ruin your impact,

    if you blindly plot along in a conversation without knowing what is really going on,

  • if speaking to girls scares the shit out of you because you are always worried about running out of stuff to say,

    if the whole subject of words is just a big blob with no distinctive fea-tures in your mind...

    ...then knowing this will ruin your confidence and sense of control, which in turn will affect your body language and voice confidence.

    No question about it!And you know.. you might drift through your life never finding out how much you really could have achieved if you had just been able to talk to people and especially girls in a way that made them feel excited to be with you.

    And while the Inner Game of Communication (or your communication mind-set) is HUGE, and the body language and voice aspect is truly important... what you say is at least equally important.

    So in this report I will focus on language, the words, phrases and sentences and how you can use them rather than be used by them.


    One last thing: Before I let you in on the great principles and secret ninja lingo techniques of great communicators (and evil dictators, hypnotists, politi-cians etc..) I need to ask you one big question that is slightly bigger picture...but super important. Because it will underscore everything I will share with you straight after.

    Here is the Nr.1 Question Id like you to answer right now:

    What is the purpose of communication?

    And honestly...when I recently asked this question at a seminar I got more dif-ferent answers than there are types of cereal in your average supermarket.

    When you put all of those answers in a big pot and let it simmer for a few hours without the lid on this is what it boils down to is in essence:

  • You want someone else to do what you want.


    Sounds manipulative and selfish doesnt it?

    I know. Took me years to admit this to myself because I had the same reac-tion.

    But this is it stripped down to its core.

    Think about it...

    When you say Ill have a beer. to a barman you want him to give you a bot-tle of beer open it and tell you how much. In essence thats what you want.


    When you say I love you mum you want your mum to smile, or feel loved, or say I love you son or something else and of course with these examples it all depends on how you say it too.

    Ok. so far so good.

    Here is another example.

    When you say Ok no problem when someone tells you to do something that you dont want to do...whats happening then?

    Well truth be told... you want them to REFRAIN from giving you hassle and drag you into a struggle about it, or REFRAIN from putting pressure on you.

    In simpler words there is another side to what I would call the

    active communication mindset which is

    Wanting someone to do what you want

    And that other side is:

    Not wanting someone to do what you dont want

  • Lets call this the passive communication mindset.

    This is a double negative..so in front of the law the same thing

    ..but in terms of mindset it changes EVERYTHING!How?

    Because it makes you focus on what you want to avoid rather than on what you want to happen.

    Most people (especially people that would see themselves as shy or introvert) tend to operate from this passive communication mindset most of the time.

    Many people allow themselves to be conditioned to avoid confrontations, up-sets, rocking the boat, offending people, discussions...and end up focussing on avoiding the bad stuff rather than creating the good stuff.

    Are you with me?I would suggest that being predominantly in an active communication mind-set will serve you better if you want to be a better communicator and learn to use language to its full potential as well as being excited about dealing with people and especially ...GIRLS!

    Please reread the previous paragraphs a few times if you are not sure what I am talking about yet. It is one huge distinction 99% of the world are not aware of and that alone was something I have only ever shared with private clients.

    Great communicators with charisma and persuasive power are all in an ac-tive communication mindset...They might not know it consciously or call it this...but they truly are and you can get a sense of this whenever you are moved by one of them...

    Why am I telling you all of this?Because when you apply the principles I am going to be sharing with you in this report you will become someone who will aim to have an impact on peo-ple. You will communicate more often with an active communication mindset. Be prepared for this to feel a little bit more intense and exciting because you will become aware of your own power to get responses you want. Be pre-

  • pared to be surprised by feeling a sense of control in conversations which might make you feel self conscious at first because people are ACTUALLY truly reacting to you.

    So lets get into it!

    Introducing the...

    Pimp Your Lingo Principles

    I am calling the first set of principles and tools:

    Connection Factors

    Understanding and using these principles will make you a great compelling communicator with ANYONE (MEN AND WOMEN) that doesnt need to feel worried about freezing up ever again.

    Rapport Through Language

    Some great tools for creating deep rapport are



    keyword backtracking


    Using these clever tools you can quickly draw a person in even if they are stressed or nervous or havent known you for long.

    They will feel heard, understood and close to you. Understanding how this works gives you complete confidence that you will never have to think what to say next.

  • If you have never come across the term rapport before... wikipedia ex-plains it like this:

    Rapport is one of the most important features or characteristics of unconscious human interaction. It is commonality of perspective: be-ing "in sync" with, or being "on the same wavelength" as the person with whom you are talking.

    When was the last time you noticed that a person was completely in sync with you?

    Look around you. Couples in love with each other often show all the signs of rapport, which include body language matching, voice tone matching, even a similarity of breathing rhythm, and true listening to each other and picking up of words and phrases without any conscious awareness of it.

    Knowing these techniques enables you to create a setting for all of these factors to appear..

    Of course you will need to get used to weaving them into your conversa-tion as it makes sense. So I will teach you how to do this effortlessly and elegantly.

    Replacing Weak Words/PhrasesThere are certain words and phrases that make us feel out of charge, powerless, depressed and worse. They also make us sound out of charge, powerless, depressed etc. to others AND to ourselves. Learn how to re-place them with Power Words which make you appear and feel strong. Learning about these words changed my life and will yours and most im-portantly makes you more compelling and charismatic.

    The Power of QuestionsQuestions are the most powerful language tools there are. If you know how to use questions well, what the impact of different types of questions is, what types of questions to use when and how you will literally never be worried about freezing up again around any girls no matter how cute. And thats just the basics.

    Advanced Language Magic

    There are ways of phrasing sentences that make you very compelling. There are many ways of stacking the odds of girls saying yes to you purely through language. I call this language magic. For example...there are key phrases that make it easy for people to say yes to what you are suggesting...those key phrases would be useful to know, wouldnt they?

  • 70-30 Principle

    Less is often more when it comes to talking. By Learning to stop trying to impress girls by talking too much and instead aim for talking no more than 30% of the time. Its far better and easier to find out interesting things about someone else than trying to make yourself sound interesting. And a lot of other useful stuff happens too when you do this which you will find out about...which I will reveal to you...


    Well..think of softeners as the oil that keeps the engine running smoothly ...if you dont mind the industrial metaphor. The thing is...softeners are small phrases that you use as a preamble or a afterthought to your main sentence. And I guess I should tell you...this enhances the flow of the conversation, makes it possible to create intrigue when used right, and frames your thoughts and questions elegantly as i am sure you have just noticed when reading this paragraph...(you probably noticed already...I just gave you a number of examples ;-))

    Attraction AmplifiersAttraction Amplifiers are specific principles that work especially with women to...you guessed it...amplify attraction!

    Messing with RapportRapport is the solid foundation of any kind of effective communication with anyone. But its important not to be...