Pictograph!!! What are Pictograph? Pictograph is a kind of graph that shows information. Instead of

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Text of Pictograph!!! What are Pictograph? Pictograph is a kind of graph that shows information. Instead of

  • Pictograph!!! By: Alice Poon, Stephanie Fok, Mira

    Kwan, Tsui Yee

  • What are Pictograph?

    Pictograph is a kind of graph that shows information. Instead of different colored bars, it is replaced with pictures and icons. Usually there is a legend and it shows how much an icon represents.

  • What do they look like? This is how a pictographs looks like; it looks just like a normal, regular chart, but bars are replaced by patterns or pictures or icons.

  • How do we use it?

    Pictograph must always have a key or a legend in order for the data to be expressed clearly. If the legend is not detailed enough, the down side could be we will not be able to express smaller numbers. We use Pictographs when we are trying to explain data in a fun and interesting way.

  • How do we analyze it? Picture/Icon



  • Why do we use it? People like to use this kind of graph simply because it looks more interesting. Instead of having normal charts and graphs, it has little icons and pictures which is more visual. Little children may like to read these more than tables or line graphs.

  • Who uses it?

    They are normally used by teachers because it isn’t just plain numbers and students will be interested in them.

  • When do we use it?

    When we want the presentation of the chart more visually attractive and easier to understand. The frequency of each item is represented by pictures. It is also a graph that uses pictures to compare values.

  • How to we construct it? 1. Write the title of the graph

    2. Write down the group/ category of the graph

    3. Choose a related picture/ icon to represent the data

    4. Decide the value of each picture/ icon

    5. Draw the pictures on the graph accordingly to the data

  • Importance?

    For Primary students, they are always very useful because they can easily understand or see the number of different objects in the chart. But for secondary or adults, they are not always useful because secondary should’ve learned to see bar charts, and adults will not even use this kind of chart, they are just made for kids.

  • Real Life Examples

    Teachers in schools, usually Primary school uses these kind of graphs to teach their students about simple data representation and to express data in a more simple way for junior students to understand. It is a more fun and easy style of graph for younger students to interpret compared to the others (graphs and charts).

  • Conclusions

    Overall, pictographs is a very useful way of expressing data in a fun and interesting way, especially to children and students. They makes graphs visually interesting and less confusing for us to understand. Pictographs are also very easy to make, but can only be used to represent more simple data.

  • Thank you for watching!

    Hope you understand more about Pictographs!