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PICKERING - High School | One-to-One Adult Courses · PDF file 2019. 7. 15. · Pickering College offers two residence houses - one for boys, one for girls. Each residence family is

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PICKERING COLLEGE SCHOOL • Newmarket, Ontario >> Gateway: Toronto • Located approx. 30 minutes north from Toronto, the city of Newmarket
is considered part of the Greater Toronto Area. It is a town of 77,000. • Founded in 1842 - second oldest independent school in Ontario • Approx. 500 students at the school; 100 live on campus • 100% graduates who apply gain entrance to post-secondary institutions
Grade levels School options begin at JK level. CISS MLI will accept international students in: Grades 7-8 (Middle School) / ages 12-13 Grades 9-12 (High School) / ages 14-17
Programme FY LINEAR SCHOOL Full Year: September to June Partial year study not possible
Campus 42-acre campus in residential neighbourhood
Accommodation B Boarding in school residence 3 meals daily
Average Class Size 15 students (average)
ESL Available - all levels
Sports & social clubs mandatory
School uniforms mandatory - Purchase through school store
School Breaks Several long weekend breaks per year, including: - December holidays (2-3 weeks) - Spring break (2-3 weeks) School arranges special excursions for boarding students on long weekend breaks (extra costs) Christmas/March Break: students are not permitted to remain on campus. Accommodation arrangements are available through a CISS MLI host family.
Special features • Excellent sports & arts programming • Curriculum focus on excellence and
innovation • Leadership Programming • Duke of Edinburgh Programme
“Learning for Life. Creating the Future”
The mission of Pickering College is to be a leader in education, inspiring individuals to become enlightened citizens who meet high standards for lifelong growth and learning. We develop and instill in our students the attributes, values, knowledge, self-confidence and the courage to be successful in life. Founded on the Quaker principals of Family, Community and Integrity, our students not only develop strong academic skills, but they develop social consciousness and leadership skills in order to contribute to the world in a meaningful way. At Pickering College, we provide a nurturing, supportive and enriching 21st century learning environment for all students. We know our students and ensure that they are supported and encouraged to meet their individual needs and accomplish their dreams.
• CISS MLI application including transcripts • SSAT exam score OR TOEFL score • Students appling to grade 12 should have an English proficiency equal to a TOEFL score of 550+ (80+ iBT) • Telephone/Skype interview
Additional documents may be requested once the admissions office has reviewd the basic application.
RESIDENCE Pickering College offers two residence houses - one for boys, one for girls. Each residence family is comprised of nine students of from grades 9-12, from various cultural backgrounds, along with an Associate Faculty Member (family head), a Proctor and residence staff members. The residence family proactively supports each student’s general well- being and academic achievements. Family members help plan outings, activities, games, and celebrate birthdays, holidays and other milestones. Students gain increased confidence in their ability to live independently and can more easily transition to residence life in university. Residence rooms are shared between 2 students. Both residence buildings conform to contemporary standards of comfort and safety, with televisions, common-room areas and laundry facilities for students. Personal tablet laptops (with wifi) are utilized throughout the Senior School and each Pickering student is assigned a personalized email for ongoing communication. 3 meals + 1 snack are served daily. Students are members of one of 4 school “houses”, which compete in various school activities.
ACADEMIC CURRICULUM The school operates on a linear school system and the year is divided into 3 terms: September - December, January – March and April –June. Middle School (grades 7-8): Our 21st century integrative, exploratory approach to learning in the Middle School connects students to the real world. We emphasize the development of rational and critical thinking through project based learning. Students use digital tools to explore, communicate and collaborate. Opportunities abound for students to pursue their strengths, particular skills, talents or interests whether in music, art, drama, leadership or athletics. Upper School (grades 9-12): Our Senior School program prepares students for university while also encouraging them to make a difference in the world as ethical, compassionate and values-based decision-makers. Using the latest technology, including tablet PCs and Internet-based learning tools, our academic curriculum focuses on excellence and innovation while ensuring students have a solid understanding of core subjects. We offer a broad range of programs for those wishing to pursue humanities, sciences, math, business studies, arts, and languages (including English as a second language). The following is a list of some of our popular course offerings. Biology, Calculus, Media Studies, Vocal Music, Chemistry, Functions & Relations, Politics, Instrumental Music, Physics, Data Management, Spanish, Guitar, Environmental Science, French, Sociology, Visual Art, Computer Science, Business, Philosophy, Drama, Communications Technology, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Family Studies, World History, Media Arts, English, English as a Second Language, Health & Physical Education, Accounting, Geography
COMPUTERS / LAPTOPS LAPTOP: MANDATORY Pickering College’s laptop program is about much more than simply outfitting students with computers. It is about creating an online community of learning by improving access to quality resources, encouraging increased collaboration, introducing new ways of learning and working and streamlining the flow of information. To support our students, our Help Desk operates all year long, providing technical support and “tune ups” as needed to improve the performance of students’ laptops. Wifi is available on school laptops only.
ESL The school’s ability to provide students with special attention allows Pickering College to welcome international students with a solid level of ESL proficiency but who may require some ESL support. Students applying for senior level grades (grades 11 and 12) should possess an advanced level of English to succeed in the challenging academic curriculum. Upon arrival, students are assessed for their reading, listening, speaking, writing and comprehension abilities. Additional charges will be applied for this programme and billed directly to the student’s personal school account.
LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME Pickering College has developed a school wide, curriculum-rich, experiential based Leadership program that incorporates the concepts and ideals of leadership. In accordance with our mission, Pickering College has consistently demonstrated a leadership role in the field of education. The Leadership program stresses 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity and character building. Leadership curriculum courses are mandatory through to grade 10, but beomes optional in grade 11 and 12.
SPORTS AND EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES participation: mandatory Participation in sports and extra-curricular activities is a mandatory component of the academic life. Each term students are required to choose both a physical and social activity and may choose either competitive sports or a recreational programme. Pickering offers an extensive range of athletic and artistic options from its 42-acre campus, 3 gymnasiums, indoor ice area, 4 playing fields, fitness centre and access to an off-site equestrian centre.
Fall Winter Spring
Basketball - Girls Cross-Country Running Equestrian Soccer - Boys Soccer - Girls Volleyball - Boys
Basketball - Boys Figure Skating Hockey Skiing Snowboarding Swimming Volleyball - Girls
Equestrian Soccer - Girls Softball Track and Field Mountain Biking Ultimate Frisbee
SPORTS & ACTIVITIES - competitive or recreational (grades 7 & 8)
Basketball - U14 Girls Cross-Country Running Equestrian Soccer - U15 Girls Soccer - U14 Boys
Basketball - U14 Boys Figure Skating Hockey - U14 Skiing Volleyball - Girls
Equestrian Mountain Biking Softball - U14 Boys Track and Field
Social Activities / The Arts Bands - concert, jazz, guitar and percussion groups Choir
Debating Drama / Theatre Filmmaking Club
Snowboarding Squash
• 42-acre campus • 2 residence houses • Baseball diamond • 3 gymnasiums • Running track • Indoor ice arena • 4 playing fields • Fitness Centre • Radio Station
• Dining hall • Meeting Hall • Music rooms • Art room • Science labs • Learning Commons/Library • School store / Book store • Health Centre with 24/7 nurse • Student Lounge
Off-site facilities include our farm/equestrian centre, tennis/ squash courts , curling facilities and a swimming pool