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    Piatra Neamt, yesterday, today and tomorrowIn a cloud of dust, on the pavement full of bumps, on which the dirty pools formed immemorial times reflect the Pietricica peak, on the narrow street, a man strives to put straight a wheel of his cart, getting in the way of three second-hand clothes merchants and a bus. The traffic jam is an image from my childhood; an image turned into a picture that today represents one of the most modern mountain-cities in Romania.

  • Piatra Neam lies in theBistria RiverValley, surrounded by mountains - Pietricica (590 m), Cozla (679 m), Cernegura (852 m), Btca Doamnei (462 m) and Crloman (617 m), at an average height of 345m (1,131.89ft).The city is located 350km north of the capital city ofBucharest, in the historical region ofMoldavia. The nearest airport isBacu, situated at 60km south. Piatra Neam is linked by Romanian railway trunk number 509 to Bucharest andIai, and by DN15 national road toBacu(thereforeDN2to Bucharest), Iai,Suceava, andTrgu Mure(Transylvania).The city is informally divided in several districts (in Romanian:cartiere)

  • History

    The area around Piatra Neam is one of the oldest inhabited areas in Romania. The oldest traces of human civilisation in the present territory date back to the higherPaleolithic, about 100,000 years BCE. TheCucuteni culture, whose development lasted approximately one thousand years (ca. 3600-2600 BCE) was attested in the territory of Neam county by a remarkable number of settlements (approx. 150), archaeological diggings unearthing important museum collections ofAeneolithicartifacts. Archaeologists have also discovered objects here dating back to the Neolithic Period and theBronze Age(about 1900-1700 BCE).

  • Excavations just outside the city revealed the ruins of a largeDaciancity, Petrodava, mentioned by Greek geographerPtolemyin the 2nd century. The whole compound had its heyday between the first century BCE and the first century CE. Standing out is the citadel atBtca Doamneiwhich contains shrines resembling those identified in theOrtiei Mountains. As far as the existence of a local leader is concerned, historians tend to suggest the identification of the Kingdom of Dicomes in the very political centre at Petrodava. The complex of strongholds without peer in Moldavia andWallachiais evidence as to a powerful political and military centre both inBurebistas time and in the period that preceded the reign ofDecebalus. The settlement was documented in the 15th century as Piatra lui Craciun, or Camena, amarket town.

  • Economy

    The city's industries include a fertilizer plant, a pulp and paper mill, and several food-processing plants. In the city are also located an agricultural machinery plant (Mecanica Ceahlu), a pharmaceutical plant (Plantavorel) and two paper manufacturers.The city's main industrial park is situated 11km south, in theSvinetiarea. During the communist period, theSvineti platformwas one of the most important chemical plants in Romania and the site of a research institute.In the recent period, the most important Romanian commercial brands originating from Piatra Neam areRifil(synthetic fibers manufacturer),Altex(Media Galaxy) (TV, hi-fi, home appliances national dealer),ro:Kber''Kber''(paints manufacturer),Amicii-Kubo Ice Cream(ice cream producer) andDasimpex(mobile phones dealer).There are 4 local TV stations (TV M, 1TV, TeleM, Actual TV ), 3 FM radio stations and several newspapers.

  • Sports

    FC Ceahlul Piatra Neamis the local football (soccer) team; best performance: 4th round inUEFA Intertoto Cupin 1999 after two matchesversusJuventus Torino. Currently it plays in the first national league -Liga I.FormerFibrex Svineti, actuallyHCM Piatra Neamis the local men'shandballteam, three times champions of Romania and two times winners of Handball Romania's Cup.VC Unic Piatra Neamis the local women'svolleyballteam.Piatra Neam is the residence ofConstantin "Ticu" Lctuu, the first Romanianalpinistwho reached the top ofMount Everest.The Piatra Neam Equestrian Stadium (Baza Hipic) is the host of severalshow jumpinganddressageinternational competitions.

  • People from Piatra NeamVictor Brauner, painterAnda-Louise Bogza, soprano singerLascr Vorel, painterIulia Hlucescu, painterSimona Vasiliu Chintila, painterAnton Vorel,herbalist, pharmacistCalistrat Hoga, writerConstantin Lctuu, mountain climber (first Romanian ascent onMount Everest)Bogdan ru, athleteLuminia Dinu-Huupan, handball playerGheorghe Tadici, famous handball coachVasile Tristariu, painterCristian Grecu, humoristEmil Calmanovici, industrialist and communist activistMihaela Rdulescu, TV hostDan Ostahie, general manager of Altex RomaniaJan TausingerRobin Smith Sthl, dramaturgeAdam Strng, history professor