Physics Jeopardy!. $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Newton’s Laws EnergyMomentum Circular Motion GravitationThermo

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Text of Physics Jeopardy!. $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Newton’s Laws EnergyMomentum Circular...

  • Physics Jeopardy!

  • $100$100$100$100$100$100$200$200$200$200$200$200$300$300$300$300$300$300$400$400$400$400$400$400$500$500$500$500$500$500

    Newtons LawsEnergyMomentumCircular MotionGravitationThermo

  • $100$100$100$100$100$100$200$200$200$200$200$200$300$300$300$300$300$300$400$400$400$400$400$400$500$500$500$500$500$500

    Newtons LawsEnergyMomentumCircular MotionGravitationThermo

  • If a student holds a book at rest, the force exerted by the book is equal to the books

  • A soccer player kicks a 0.5 kg ball with a force of 50 N. What is the force on the players foot?

  • A baseball player hits a ball with a bat. What is the action-reaction pair? (2 answers!)

  • 2 cars of different masses collide. What can be said about the forces exerted on each?

  • A rocket is launched upward with a force of 50N, it has an acceleration of 25 m/s. What is the rockets mass?

  • A hydraulic lift raises a 1000 kg car 2 meters off the ground. What is the cars potential energy?

  • What is the kinetic energy of a 10 kg object moving at a speed of 10 m/s?

  • A 0.20 kg bullet is fired straight up with an initial velocity of 300 m/s. What is the maximum height it can reach without air resistance?

  • If Sarah has a mass of 40.0 kg and begins dropping from 30.0 m above ground, how much kinetic energy will she have when she reaches the ground?

  • If Kelly the skaters speed increases so she has 3 times the momentum, then her kinetic energy increases by

  • When is linear momentum conserved?

  • A child is on a sled moving down a hill at 20 m/s. The combined mass of child and sled is 100 kg. What is the momentum of the child and sled?

  • A 70 kg skier leaves a ski jump at a velocity of 14 m/s. What is the skiers momentum?

  • A cart with a mass of 1 kg traveling at 2 m/s catches up to another cart with a mass of 2 kg traveling at 1 m/s. The carts are moving in the same direction. The first cart collides and sticks to the second cart. How fast are the carts moving as they are stuck together?

  • Grace is bowling and only one pin remains in her last frame. The pin weighs 3 kg and Graces bowling ball weighs 6 kg. If the ball is thrown at 10 m/s, and after hitting the pin it is moving at 5 m/s, how fast is the pin moving after the collision?

  • In which direction will the ball fly if released at the position shown?

  • A car is driving around a circular track, in which direction must the centripetal force act to allow the car to stay moving in a circle.

  • Draw a picture of the direction the plane would fly if the string breaks.

  • What is the centripetal force experienced by a 2000 kg car traveling at a speed of 20 m/s while going around a curve which has a radius of 50 m?

  • (Daily Double)

  • A block has a mass of 5.00 kg. What is its weight on Earth at sea level?

  • If the force of gravity suddenly stopped acting on the planets, how would they move?

  • The gravitational force between 2 spheres is 100 N. If the distance between them is doubled, what is the force between the masses?

  • The gravitational force between 2 spheres is 70 N. If the distance between them is halved, what is the force between the spheres?

  • (Daily Double)

  • A spaghetti noodle is placed in boiling water. How does the motion of the noodle molecules change, and why?

  • What is entropy?

  • A cup of boiling water at 100C is placed inside an insulated box. The inside of the box is 20C. Describe the conditions inside the box after a long period of time.

  • An engine has an input of heat energy of 10,750 J and does 2420 J of work. What is the heat lost in the system?

  • On Friday after school, you organize and clean your room. By Monday morning, everything is a mess. If you had an entropy meter, how would Fridays reading compare with Mondays reading?


  • Jon swings his 30.0 kg little brother around in a circle that has a radius of 1.0 m. He applies a force of 3000 N. What is the speed of his little brother?


  • What could you do to the two masses shown that would cause the greatest increase in the gravitational force between them?

  • *1-100 weight*1-200 50N*1-300 Impact of bat against ball & Impact of ball against bat*1-400 equal and opposite*1-500 2.0 kg*2-100 19,600 J*2-200 500 J*2-300 4500 m or 4592 m*2-400 11,760 J or 12,000 J*2-500 9 times*3-100 when there is no force on the system*3-200 2000 kg*m/s*3-300 980 kg*m/s*3-400 4/3 m/s*3-500 10 m/s*4-100 X*4-200 towards the center*4-300 Tangent*4-400 16,000 N*4-500*5-100 49.0 N or 50.0 N*5-200 Tangent to their original orbits*5-300 25 N*5-400 280 N*5-500*6-100 move faster, because they have more heat*6-200 The measure of the amount of disorder in a system*6-300 the water and the box reach a uniform temperature*6-400 8330 J*6-500 Mondays entropy is higher*10 m/s


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