Physics Back to School Night 2013-14 Jenny Garcia

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Back to School Night

PhysicsBack to School Night2013-14Jenny GarciaOverviewStudents receive schedules at the start of each unit.Usually one lab and one test per unit.One makeup test per six week grading period.Aeries input after tests (usually).Assignments will usually be from textbook or handouts.

Physics ContentPhysics curriculum is based on California State Standards.First SemesterKinematicsNewtonian MechanicsSecond SemesterWavesElectricity & Magnetism

3More indepth, especially labs.Move at a faster pace. Fewer review opportunities.Is your student spending too much time?Should be 2.5 hours/week total.If your student is spending significantly more time than that, have him/her come and talk with me.This semester = more math (algebra, trig light)Next semester = more conceptualTimes AvailableTutorials are a great time for your student to come and ask questions.

As the year progresses, I may institute a mandatory tutorial visit for students with low test scores. If they dont appear, you may see an email from me.

Test debrief during class and tutorial.Contact InfoEmail (preferred)

Voicemail 408-867-3411 x 318I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. ~Albert Einstein

Heres looking forward to a great year!!!