Photography Video Consent Form Committee February 2015 Photography Video Consent Form Bo’ness Amateur Swimming Club may photograph / film swimmers during training sessions

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<ul><li><p>BASC Committee February 2015 </p><p>Photography &amp; Video Consent Form </p><p>Boness Amateur Swimming Club may photograph / film swimmers during training </p><p>sessions / competitions. Boness Amateur Swimming Club will follow the guidance for </p><p>the use of images of young people as detailed within Scottish Swimmings Child </p><p>Protection Policy and Procedures and will take steps to ensure these images are used </p><p>solely for the purposes they are intended (indicated below). </p><p>Purpose of use: For training purposes, recording of significant BASC </p><p>events including competitions, social events and for use </p><p>in club promotional materials which may include press, </p><p>website, the club Facebook account, club leaflets and the </p><p>notice board. </p><p>Venues Bo'ness Recreation Centre, Bo'ness Academy, at </p><p>competition venues attended by BASC and social events </p><p>organised by BASC. </p><p>Dates From date of signing, continuing indefinitely unless the </p><p>membership secretary receives notification in writing that </p><p>consent has been withdrawn. </p><p> If you have any concerns regarding the nature of filming please contact the Club Child </p><p>Protection Officer. If the video / photos are on Boness Club website / social media </p><p>sites and either the parent / guardian or the young person wish the data to be removed, </p><p>please give 7 days notice to the Membership Secretary after which the data will be </p><p>removed. </p><p>Please complete the relevant part of the conduct signature form and return to the </p><p>Membership Secretary. </p></li></ul>