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Photography by Mandarin Creative Solutions

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Children Brand Photographer.

Text of Photography by Mandarin Creative Solutions

  • Childrens Product Photographer

    Photography Portfolio and Price list 2013

    Creative Design and Photography Experts

    Telephone: 0845 833 0030Facsimile: 0845 833 0040 email: [email protected]:

    Awarded BIPP Photographer

  • Creating the inspiration to producecreative photography and design toenable your products to stand apartfrom the competition. Our full timefemale photographer has the time

    and patience to capture themoment. Working for numerousyears within the industry she

    understands the importance ofcapturing every detail, the smile, theaction. Mandarin Creative Solutionsprovide a full creative service from

    branding to full campaigns,packaging to full point of sale

    solutions. Please contact our studiowhere we will be happy to help.

  • smile It cannot be faked when it comes to children, waiting for the magicmoment which connects your product with your audience.

  • Move Delightful babys first moves are captured whilst ensuring yourgarments are equally perfect. Photography looks effortless, natural.

  • inspiration Creative ways to present your products. We will work onbuilding your brand through both the design and the photography.

  • It is lovely to children enjoying themselves. Fun shows through the

    lense. As well as creating the usual serious photos you see in

    advertising we can also do the fun ones too!happy

  • creative Showing your products in use brings your brand to life.

  • patience The art of photography children with your products. We have loads of it.


  • from conceptto consumer

    Designers Manufacturers Distributors Agents Retailers




  • For Larger products please contact our studio to discuss your requirements.

    Commercial Photography Fees

    Highest quality images Cutouts / image manipulation

    Free image cataloging Excellent turnaround time




    Your company needs exciting pack shots and creative product photography to showcase your products and catch theattention of potential customers. With our packshot prices starting from as little as 10.00 each, the more productsyou have photographed, the cheaper it gets.

    We have a studio set up in the midlands, and in addition wehave a full portable set-up for location work, if you like we cancome to your chosen premises.

    photo retouching / colour correction / colour adjustment / compositing / imageenhancing, 75 per hour or please call for bespoke quote.

    No. of photos Cost (each)100+ photos 10.0051 - 99 photos 11.0041 - 50 photos 12.0031 - 40 photos 14.0021 - 30 photos 16.0011 - 20 photos 18.002 -10 photos 25.001 photo 35.00

    No. of photos Cost (each)10+ photos 10.006 - 9 photos 15.001 - 5 photos 20.00

    1st hour 165.00Additional time per hour or part 95.00Half day 400.00Full day 700.00

    WEB & ECOMMERCE PHOTOGRAPHYImages are taken to bring out as much detail as possible so may result inan off-white or grey background, natural shadows as created by thelighting are left in the shot. Images are colour corrected, but otherwise notretouched in any way.

    Notes:* If you require the background to be pure white this will require a clipping path for whichyou will be charge accordingly.

    We always provide written quotations and agree costs in advance - please give us a call if you would like to discuss a project or your bespokeproduct photography requirements. Collection and return of items is usually the client's responsibility, although we can arrange for this ifneeded. Our normal photography rates apply if photography is taken on location, .

    Clipping Path CostsSimple 5.00Up to a six sided object e.g. packaging / bottles

    Standard 10.00Multiple sided object e.g. clothing / utensils

    Complex 15.00Many different sides and angles e.g. push bike / jewelery

    What is a clipping path?A clipping path is a vector line that outlines the separation between an image and its background. It assists designers in "clipping" an imagefrom its original background and inserting it seamlessly into a new image or placed on a coloured background. Effectively a clipping path allowsanything within the path to be seen; anything outside of it is excluded.

    Notes:* Minimum half day for photography services outside ofNottinghamshire. Overseas by special arrangement. * Rates are exclusive of travel and any image processing charges listed.Travel charged on a mileage basis.* We can provide high quality prints of images to special order.* For light set up on location is a additional 50.* Props needed to compliment the product for the photo are extra.