Photography At Its Best

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Photography At Its Best. Breahna Hunter 4A 5/1/12. Leading Lines. Framing. Angle. Rule of Thirds. Patterns. Get The Shot (Action). Center of Interest. Macro Photo. Cutline # 1. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Photography At Its

Breahna Hunter4A5/1/12Photography At Its Best

Leading Lines



Rule of Thirds


Get The Shot (Action)

Center of Interest

Macro Photo

Cutline # 1Fooling around before classes. Christian Puente and Nyasia Robinson finish play fighting and continue back to their classes. This was during fourth block between lunches in the 300 hall.

Cutline # 2Signs go up for those who needed a Prom dress. Bethany Moore and Haley Bain put up ads to help out girls whom are in need of a prom dress. The dresses were able to be viewed on Friday, May 4th in room 816.Hal Stoelzle 2000 winning piece from Columbines shootings. Students ran to a friend who ran out to safety and was hugged and overwhelmed by the support of classmates.

Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo # 1

Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo # 2A 2009 Patrick Farrell picture of an extremely malnourished 4 year old. She was then sent to a clinic where she went up to 16 pounds. thank you :D