PHOTOGRAPHER Melissa Barr. Overview: Depending on the type of photographer, they capture pictures for a living. Photographers used special equipment to

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PHOTOGRAPHER Melissa Barr Slide 2 Overview: Depending on the type of photographer, they capture pictures for a living. Photographers used special equipment to take photographs. Typically a commercial photographer will work around 40 hours a week in a studio or set. Freelance photographers dont have set hours and work to favor their clients. These photographers will go to weddings and performances. A photojournalist is journalist and a photographer combined. Meaning, they go out and take pictures for news and magazines and write an article to go with the shot. Although freelance photojournalists dont work under a contract, they go find the shot and write the article and either post to their own website or summit it to a magazine. I am interested in the many fields of photography, but I would like to build my business around fashion, portrait, and landscape photography. Fashion photography can just bean that you go to fashion shows and take photos, but Im more interested in photographing editorial models. Like the photographers you might see on Americans Next Top Model. Melissa Barr Slide 3 Why am I interested? I love to capture that moment that no one wants to forget. Everything happens at the blink of an eye, and you always hope that there was someone there to capture it! I am that person. I bring my camera everywhere in anticipation that I will get some good candid shots hanging with friends or family. Or when were on the road and you find that something that is composed just so. I have been interested in photography for a few years now and I think its just those moments when you wish you had a camera that led to me this path. Not everyone noticed good composition and how to make a great photo compared to a good one. I think it fits me perfectly for many reasons. I used to want to be a model, but then all the other models grew taller than me. So I then I thought many I could go into fashion design, but sewer is really not something I am interested in. I went through a musician phase when I tried learning to play the guitar and singing but I cannot sing at all. So instead of trying to pursue something better suited for someone else, I can take picture of musicians, models, landscapes, and fashion and capture those amazing shots without actually being in the shot :p Melissa Barr Slide 4 $alary Freelance Photographers charge between $15-20 per hour. Depending on your experience and skill, the price varies quite largely. Melissa Barr Slide 5 Future Outlook Different industries depend on different expertise in this job. The media always needs photographers (ex. Movies, music videos, commercials, etc) Freelance photographers are seasonal; weddings tend to happen during the spring and summer. Unless you photograph concerts, shows, and dance, etc.needed all year round. Melissa Barr Slide 6 Working Conditions Really depends on the type of photographer. Commercial photographers work indoors in studios or on an outdoor set, depending on the assignment. The conditions also depend on the people you work with; they can make your job easy or very hard. When youre working outdoors, the weather will affect your work conditions and can prolong an assignment. For me I would be working indoors and outdoors so the working condition would vary day by day and by the people I am working with. Slide 7 Other Career Paths Photography Teacher Elementary School Teacher Music Store Owner Slide 8 REFERENCES