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Photobook Stories

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  • Photobook


  • A Tsunami of Photobooks

    A History of Photobooks

    New Publishers

    Going Dutch

    Making a Book the basic stepsMaking a Book the basic steps

    Some things to avoid

    Marketing a Book

    Reasons for Making Books

    Some Recent Success Stories

  • A Tsunami of Books

    The New Photobook Histories

    The Medium of the Photobook The Medium of the Photobook

    Technical Developments

  • A History of Photobooks

  • The First Photobooks

    Anna Atkins British Algae 1843

  • The Photobook as Record

    James Nasmyth and James Carpenter The Moon 1874

  • Photography as Art

    Laure Albin-Guillot Micrographie Decoratif 1931

  • Werner Graff Ess Kommt der neue Fotograf 1929

  • Vitezslav Nezval Alphabet: Choreographic Compositions by Milca Mayerova1926

  • The Photobook as Propaganda

    M.Tursunkhodzhaev Ten years of Uzbekistan 1934

  • Vladamir Mayakovsky and Alexander Rodchenko Pro Eto. Ei i Mne 1923

  • The Stream of Consciousness Photobook

    William Klein Life is Good and Good For You in New York 1956

  • Ed van der Elsken Love on the Left Bank 1956

  • The Japanese Photobook

    Kikuji Kawada The Map 1965

  • Ken Ohara One 1970

  • American Photobooks

    Larry Sultan Pictures from Home 1992

  • Jim Goldberg Raised by Wolves 1995

  • Company Books

    Martien Coppens Monsters van de Peel 1958

  • Typologies

    Hans Peter Feldmann Pictures 1971

  • New Publishers Self-publishing Interest in particular theme (Oodee, Velvet Cell)

    Lots of Money (Morel) Emerges out of fashion/art (JSBJ) Emerges out of fashion/art (JSBJ) Its a goof (Little Brown Mushroom)

    Offprint Paris

  • Little Brown Mushroom - Conductors of the Moving World

  • Dutch Designers

    Koen Hauser

    De LuisterVan Het Land

    Designer Bart Baets

  • Jaap Scheeren - Fake Flowers in Full Colour

    Designer Hans Gremmen

  • Christien Meindertsma Checked Baggage

  • Delphine Bedel

    Hard Copy, Zurich

  • Decisions to Make

    Funding Paper Text Design Binding Binding Add-ons Edition Sizes Printing Pricing Marketing

  • Bindings

    Case Bound sewn and glued to hardback cover

    Perfect Bound pages glued to cover

    Stab Binding Sewn on the spine, cover cut to form joinjoin

    Spiral Bound Wire spiral binding (never use plastic!)

    Screw and Post Screws and posts hold pages to cover

    Pamphlet Stitch Pages held by stitch in the middle

    Saddle Stitch Pages stapled in the middle

  • Printing

    Offset expensive, for large orders onlyInkjet Good for small runs. Alec Soth used this early onPhotocopy Cheap and functional. Araki used thisDigital Cheap and good value. Easy to manageDigital Cheap and good value. Easy to manageRisograph when you want some weird coloursPrint-on-Demand Blurb, Lulu etc. Gets the book


    Letterpress, Screen Print Labour intensive for handmade

  • Edition Sizes

    One thousand books is A LOT OF BOOKS.

    - Elijah Gowin

    Selling 50 books is an achievement.

    - Anouk Kruithof- Anouk Kruithof

    Making books by hand is difficult.

    - Alec Soth

    Sold out is better than a box full of books.

  • Some Things to Avoid

    Making a book because isnt that what you do

    Letting the pictures do the talking

    Including dodgy pictures because they fitIncluding dodgy pictures because they fit

    Including great pictures when they dont fit

    Travel Photography dressed as documentary/art

    My Crazy Life

  • Reasons for Making Books

    Get attention

    Get a name

    Get a track record

    Make Money

    Get a CV

  • Marketing a Book

    Chris CoekinThe Altogether

  • Accompanied an exhibition

    Third Book in a series detailing working class


    Previous Books sold over 1,000 copies

    Featured in The Guardian Weekend Magazine Featured in The Guardian Weekend Magazine

    In BJPs Top 10 books of 2011

    Sent books out to me, Parr, Soth, Colberg and

    many others

  • Some Recent Books

    Christian Patterson Redheaded Peckerwood

  • Ricardo Cases

    Paloma Del Aire

  • Print on Demand

    Mishka Henner Blurb/Lulu

  • The Online Book

    Paul Close - Snakebox Odyssey (Picasa Album)

  • Whats Next


    More flexibility of form

    Mixing of genres v Fossilisation of genres

    Cross community cooperation v Isolated communities Cross community cooperation v Isolated communities

    Jack of All Trades v Master of One