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  1. 1. Home U3@U@@]Ci%Ii[iD@ E9[? @3C%Image optimization and preparation of images for electronic publishing
  2. 2. Image optimizationImage optimization is vital for preparing images for digital collectionsImage optimization is the process of getting the right balance of image size and picture qualityImage optimization is achieved by using a special graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop,CorelDraw,Adobe FireworksKey areas for optimizing file size:bit depth,resolution,dimensionInvolves the selection of the right file format /Lossy compression vs.lossless compression /Selection of format for master files storage/Selection of format for web publishing Photo retouching"ii i ii I fii i i III iii ztii iVery common in digital libraries Important stage of developing digital collectionsThe process of preparing images for electronic publicationInvolves image manipulation using a special graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop,CorelDraw,Adobe FireworksThe purpose:to make the images with aesthetically pleasing appearance and attractive look by applying various image editing techniquesNecessary skill for librarians who process old photographs I manuscripts |maps as they usually have poor quality and require special retouching before uploading in the digital collection.1 villi IQ
  3. 3. File size (before |after) 2538KB i: {> 670KB'9.Dimensions in px (before |after) ~ 2576x1952 i: :> 640x485 :1 Techniques ~ Patch tool (removes date)9' 99O 0.9990Color balance (enhances colors) Hue/ saturation (enhances colors) Exposure (corrects tonal values)999'9O 9.9Softiiiiare:Adobe Photoshop CC2014 09"a PW9"l-' Dlmllaf G99"9VCopyright of derivative image:Marina GeorgievaSpot healing brush (touch-ups after date removal)
  4. 4. Dimensions in px (before |after) after2576x1952 :1280x960Techniques4 Patch tool (removes date)~: ~ Spot healing brush (touch-ups after date removal)40 Imported Word calendar with applied bevel & embossed semi- transparent basebeforeV .@T@B'ER 2015I 2 3T M 4 5 6 ~ 3 9 in, _ u 12 :3 u :5 16 Iis :9 20 u 22 :3 2525 26 27 25 29 30 31linliiemiili-ei: 'lIIri1IInr6cIiIev"( I '4. ' 3 FUIIIIIHMIS L A ,. ,, _TI Major techniques for the collage~ .~20 3 layers of the same photo : ~ Black & white version of the photo for background layer : ~ Middle layer has applied mask.Exposure |Offset |ml, -1,,ma ._ Gamma correction to make tree stand out.Magic wand .-.r - tool to remove everything except for the tree.Colors of _ A A A the tree enhanced:Hue/ saturation & Color balance 9 /I _i " _i ( 1 .Top layer is only grass.Applied mask.Magic wand tool . L J I (I [ 7- F] removes everything except for small tu_fls of grass. A I - - _ - Colors enhanced:Hue/ saturation & Vibranceit 9 9.9Original copyright:Dimitar Georgiev Copyright of derivative image:Marina GeorgievaSoftiiiiare:Adobe Photoshop CC2014
  5. 5. File size (before |after) after Techniques673KB r* 249KB ,. ' ~. Lasso tool (selects window) ~2 Content aware fill (removesDimensions in px (before I after) window)900x1344 :: 450x672 Techniques for collage~: ~ Quick selection tool (selects thebefore ,3 - gg lady) I.7' go40 Refine edges (manipulates 4*" _ ii. hair in greater details).9V ~: ~ Apply mask (removesthe Asa ,__. ' 1,background and cuts out only the _ A_ Iselected figure) gr ' s / kg, ~: Eraser tool for touch-upsr> (. - '5;collage E xsy. /u:t. ..A I asAil IFill II iii i Ii +2:Software:Adobe Photoshop CC2014 Copyright of derivative images:Marina Georgieva
  6. 6. Digitized photographGreat example for retouching digitized photo with dull colorsbefore Techniques~: ~ Brightness & Contrast for more sharp colors ~: - Levels for stronger highlightTechniques for the sepia effect4 Convert to RGB color mode ~: ~ Hue |Saturation = > Colorize Software:Adobe Photoshop CC2014 Copyright of derivative images:Marina Georgieva
  7. 7. Digitized photograph afterGreat example for retouching and modifying crooked digitized photo with bluish filterbeforeTechniques~20 Crop tool (for straightening the image)~20 Color balance (for reducing the bluish filter) 020 Brightness & Contrast (for color sharpness) ~20 Levels (for reducing the white pixels) Software:Adobe Photoshop CC2014 Copyright of derivative images:Marina Georgieva
  8. 8. --" Special thanks to the School of1 m, s, mw, mNs_N Information Studies,University of U{iMjl. VAIlKEE Wisconsin Milwaukee for providing "' ,free access to their Virtual Lab.School of Information StudiesThis project was made possible thanks to great option for Internet accessing of the Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 installed on the SOIS virtual machines. The Bllll Copyright:Marina Georgieva