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<ul><li> 1. Commentary:I asked my model to ride a certaintrack that we found in the wood. Ipositioned myself in a ditch whichwas facing the first corner and alsopositioned myself so when the ridercame round the corner, he wouldbe in the bottom right of the shotobeying the rule of thirds. I set mycamera so it would take multipleimages at once so I could captureShooting Details:the perfect image, I also took theLocation: Wheatacre wood, Boldimage so natural framing with theDate: 24/11/12trees was shown with a treegrowing outwards leaning ontoF-stop: f/5.3 another tree. Where I took theimage was very harsh conditionsShutter speed: 1/60 and this linked into my slogan of gohard or go home linking it to myCamera: Nikon D5100brand as its shown that the rider isLighting Conditions: very misty and light was pushing his ability to the limit andrestricted due to tree coverthat is part of what my brand isabout.</li></ul> <p> 2. Commentary:I told my model to ride down thetrack, but this time I was positionedfurther down so I could capture himgoing into and going round thecorner. Once again my camera wason multi-shot so it took multiplephotos at once. I positioned myselfso the image would obey the ruleof thirds and would also includeactive space by having the riderwith space in front of him as well asShooting Details: having his eye contact looking on.Location: Wheatacre wood, BoldThis links in with my brand as mybrands slogan is go hard or goDate: 24/11/12home and because he was ridingF-stop: f/3.5 his bike in harsh conditions he waspushing himself to the limit.Shutter speed: 1/60Camera: Nikon D5100Lighting Conditions: very misty and light wasrestricted due to tree cover 3. Commentary:After a couple of runs I asked themodel/rider to get off the bike andplace it down I then positioned my selfvery low looking up at the bike, fromhere lowering the aperture and usingthe manual focus on my camera Imade it so the frame and cranks in themiddle were more focused than otherpart of the bike and the environmentShooting Details: in the background this emphasised theLocation: Wheatacre wood, Boldmud on the bike, showing that the bikeDate: 24/11/12had been used. This linked into mybrand as the slogan is Go hard or GoF-stop: f/3.5 home and because the fact that thebike was photographed with mudShutter speed: 1/50 looking used shows that he pushedhimself and the bike to the limitCamera: Nikon D5100 coming out dirty on the other side.Lighting Conditions: very misty and light wasrestricted due to tree cover 4. Commentary:I asked my model to ride the end of thetrack where he would have to brake hard. Ipositioned myself in some trees close towhere he would have to start braking, mycamera was on multi-shot so I would beable to capture him skidding and had achoice of my best photos I also used a fastshutter speed and followed the rider as hewent passed this made the background ofthe image blurred but kept the rider infocus. I managed to capture him right atthe end of his skid and managed to showleaves coming up as well as mark where hehad just skidded, I positioned myself so theShooting Details: photo would obey the rule of thirds and soLocation: Wheatacre wood, Bolddead space would be created this gives theimage meaning of where the rider has justDate: 24/11/12came from and what hes been through.F-stop: f/3.5 This links in to my brand because of theslogan Go Hard or Go Home this imageShutter speed: 1/60 shows that he was going full speed andpushed himself to the limit until the veryCamera: Nikon D5100 last second.Lighting Conditions: very misty and light wasrestricted due to tree cover 5. Commentary:With this image I asked themodel/rider to place his helmet onthe floor, I knelt down so I was levelwith it and lowering the aperture Icreated a depth of field making thehelmet stay in focus and theShooting Details: surrounding environment slightlyLocation: Wheatacre wood, Boldblurred out. This links in with mybrand as it shows the conditions theDate: 24/11/12rider was biking in and showed thathe was taking risks and pushingF-stop: f/5himself to the limit which is what myShutter speed: 1/30 brand is all about.Camera: Nikon D5100Lighting Conditions: very misty and light wasrestricted due to tree cover 6. Commentary:In this image the rider was gettingready to carry on doing more runs ofthe track. By lowering the aperture Iwas able to put more focus on thebike and make surrounding contentslightly blurry but not enough for itto become un-visible, I captured himShooting Details: just about to put his helmet on, ILocation: Wheatacre wood, Boldpositioned myself lower down whichallowed me to capture both theDate: 24/11/12rider and his bike, It also allowed meto capture the environment he wasF-stop: f/3.5riding in. This links to my brand asShutter speed: 1/80 after several runs he was willing togo back out there and do moreCamera: Nikon D5100 which Is what my brand is all about.Lighting Conditions: very misty and light wasrestricted due to tree cover 7. Commentary: In this shot the rider is doing the track but on one of the corners there is a bump and I managed to capture the rider in mid air by using a fast shutter speed and the multi shot setting on my camera . I was positioned in a ditch to the right of the track and took the photo as the rider began to take the corner and come through the trees, the trees create a natural frame for the image and the image obeys by theShooting Details: rule of thirds this image also showLocation: Wheatacre wood, Bold active space which shows the direction of the rider and where heDate: 24/11/12 is heading. This image links to myF-stop: f/3.5brand as it shows the environmentShutter speed: 1/60the rider is in and also shows the rider focusing on his next move andCamera: Nikon D5100 pushing himself to the limit to beLighting Conditions: very misty andthe best he can be, which is whatLight was restricted due to tree cover my brand is all about. 8. Commentary:In this image I captured the riderjust about to go round a corner. Tocapture this I positioned myself in aditch next to the corner and put thecamera on multi shot so it wouldtake more than one image and Icould choose which one to use, Ialso made sure the rider waspositioned to the right of the imageso it would obey the rule of thirds.Shooting Details: This image also uses active spaceLocation: Wheatacre wood, Boldwith space in front of the rider thisDate: 24/11/12shows that the rider is moving in aF-stop: f/4 certain direction, this links into mybrand because the rider is focusedShutter speed: 1/30on his next move and being focusedCamera: Nikon D5100 is what my drink is all about.Lighting Conditions: very misty and light was restricted due totree cover 9. CommentaryTo do this image I positioned themodel/rider on the edge of the hilland made him look out into thedistance creating a look space thismakes the viewer not only look atthe rider but what he is looking at.This image obeys the rule of thirds Idid this by positioning the model tothe left of the image. In this imageshows that the rider is eager toShooting Details:Location: Wheatacre wood, Boldexplore places to make him thebest he can be and striving the toDate: 24/11/12be the best is one of the things myF-stop: f/3.8 brand is about.Shutter speed: 1/80Camera: Nikon D5100Lighting Conditions: very misty and light was restricted due totree cover 10. Commentary I took this image using the multi shot setting on my camera and a slower shutter speed, this created a motion blur of the model/rider yet kept the surrounding trees in focus, this made the rider seem like he wasShooting Details:going fast. In this image to environment is clearly shown andLocation: Wheatacre wood, Bold shows that the rider is challengingDate: 24/11/12 himself this links to my brand as challenging yourself is part of whatF-stop: f/3.5my brand is all about.Shutter speed: 1/100Camera: Nikon D5100Lighting Conditions: very misty and light was restricteddue to tree cover</p>