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Let’s learn: Let’s learn: p p air air , b , b are are , and p , and p ear ear

Phonics Digraphs air,are,ear

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Text of Phonics Digraphs air,are,ear

  • Lets learn: pair, bare, and pear

  • Lets learn: -air

  • hairShes got blonde hair.

  • pairI would like to buy a new pair of shoes.

  • fairWe are at the fair right now.

  • airA moving air is called wind.

  • Lets learn: -are

  • careMy mom takes good care of me all the time.

  • hareI saw a hare in the forest yesterday.

  • squareA square is a four-sided figure.

  • shareThe more we share, the more we have.

  • scareIf you scare someone, they might scream.

  • bareIf a room cupboard or shelf is bare, it is empty.

  • Lets learn: -ear

  • bearBears are mammals.

  • pearPerry sat under the pear tree.

  • wearWhat do you like wear?

  • hearI cant hear you.

  • swear Swear means to make a solemn statement or promise.

  • Name the picture

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