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PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION Tan Chin Khoon 226879 Nik Muhammad Faiz bin Nik Idris 227105 Muhamad Mustaqim bin Md Sepian 226352 Anis bin Kamal Basah Esmael Hakimi bin Ahmad Safien

PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION Tan Chin Khoon226879 Nik Muhammad Faiz bin Nik Idris227105 Muhamad Mustaqim bin Md Sepian226352 Anis bin Kamal Basah Esmael Hakimi

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  • PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATIONTan Chin Khoon226879Nik Muhammad Faiz bin Nik Idris227105Muhamad Mustaqim bin Md Sepian226352Anis bin Kamal BasahEsmael Hakimi bin Ahmad Safien

  • Personnel administration flow

  • Recruiting (Attracting potential employee)

  • Selection- select based on details in job application form- avoid discriminatory questions- pre-screening interview by a well-trained person- check applicants details before interview- interview evaluates applicants technical skills, general temperament and personal traits- if rejected, applicants should be notified and their form kept for other job openings

  • - Testing done by certain companies for supervisory and managerial positions- Examples : intelligence tests, attitude tests and interest tests

  • - Induction process welcomes new employe- Paperwork completed before beginning work

    - Effective induction and orientation decreases labour turnoverHiring (Accepting the applicant)Personnel orientation introduces new employee to the companys goals, house policies and general job details

    Department orientation explains specifics of the job, tour of hotel given

  • - Large numbers of unskilled labour in hospitality industry- Thus, training are needed especially in:Training

  • - ongoing training programs to make sure staffs do not forget hotel concepts and standard procedures

    - If productivity and quality of work decreases, retraining also needed

    - Training provides opportunity for job promotion

    - Labour turnover and absenteeism can be reduced if training can increase staff self-esteem and rise their willingness to work and increase earning power

  • Worker Motivation

    - Motivation needed to deliver excellent service- Some people look for challenge, recognition and opportunity to be part of a successful organization- Manager needs to find out how to create a conducive environment to motivate staff

  • Maslows Theory of Motivation

  • Herzbergs Ideas on Motivation

    Manager needs to create an environment where individuals can function to maximum capacity

    Recognition, feelings of achievement, job responsibility,Opportunity for growth and achievement

  • Practical motivational techniques

    - Design work areas that suit the job that needs to be done- Good communication reveals problems of poor working conditions, low morale - Employees must be respected and given credit for what they do

  • Employee Evaluation- Evaluation needed to provide feedback about employees job

  • Creating Worker Satisfaction- Create worker satisfaction so that employees stay with the company for extended periods of time by the following suggestions:Career path programmes- show the clear level of position so that staff can work for it

    Incentive programmes- staff paid more if they excels

    Wellness programmes - promote healthy lifestyle for the staff

    Transportation assistance - provide transport to go and back from the workplace

    Participative management- staff given opportunity to make decision

  • Employee Discipline

    - Besides motivation, discipline of the staff must be monitored- Unacceptable behavior includes insubordination (protest), absences, tardiness (lateness), theft, etc.- Disciplinary action to be taken consist of oral warnings, written warnings, etc.

  • Personnel administration flow