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<ul><li> 1. PERSONAL LIFELONG LEARNING PLAN21st Century Literacy Level ofActivities to Time Frame Support/Resources NeededBarriers/ChallengesSolution/Action Point Competency Improve/Enhance(Strong, Good,Literacy Weak) The Arts andGood Attend Seminar-Every Semestral Seminars-Workshop/ Arts Skills notAsk permission/ authority toCreativity Workshop on break Trainings/ developedthe Department if you are in Enhancing Arts andFunds the service Creativity Skills in Conflict time with problem-solvingteaching periodGive/Set time for trainings/SeminarsInsufficient funding Grab the opportunity when there are free or not free seminars/Trainings/workshop offered by the DepartmentEcoliteracy Good Attend Seminars and Every Semestral Seminars/Activites/Prorgrams Conflict timeAsk permission/authority to participate in every breakconducted by Environmental Insufficient funding the Department if you are in activities promotingagencies/ the service Ecological literacy toFunds Give/Set time for develop awareness oftrainings/Seminars the environment Grab the opportunity when there are seminars offered CyberliteracyGoodAttend ComputerEvery Semestral Seminars/Programs/Activities Conflict timeAsk permission to the(Computer and ICT)Related Seminar- break required by the DepEd Department if you are in theWorkshops toSkills in basic use of serviceacquire/developOnline Tutorial/Classescomputer, internetskills in the use of Funds(ICT)Give/Set time forcomputers, internettrainings/Seminars&amp; other information Insufficient fundingtechnologies.Grab the opportunity whenEnroll a computerthere are seminars offeredrelated course(e.g.Online courses)Integrate /use ICTmost often as a tool All year roundof learning process.</li></ul> <p> 2. Financial Literacy Good Engage in theAll year roundSeminars/Programs/Activities Management skills is Ask permission/authority to activities Regardingnot developed/ the Department if you are in FinancialFunds to conduct activities the service Give/Set time for Management (e.g Time conflict with trainings/Seminars livelihood activities,Teaching period entrepreneurship)Grab the opportunity whenthere are seminars offeredMedia LiteracyWeakAttend Seminar- Every Semestral Seminars-Workshops/Conflict timeAsk permission/authority to Workshop on How to break Trainings the Department if you are in develop skills inFundsInsufficient funding the service integrating &amp; using media as a tool of Give/Set time for learning trainings/SeminarsGrab the opportunity whenthere are seminars offered Social/Emotional Good Engage inAll year roundFundsLack of time and Ask permission/authority to Literacyactivities/programs chances to engage in the Department if you are in of the society toSeminars/Programs/Activities the different people the service acquire social skills and develop Time Give/Set time for emotional conflict with Teaching trainings/Seminars intelligenceperiodGrab the opportunity when Insufficient funding there are seminars offered Globalization andWeakAttend Seminars Every Semestral FundsLack of chances andAsk permission/authority to Multicultural on Developing abreaktime learning onesthe Department if you are in LiteracyCulture Respect forSeminars/Programs/Activities culturethe service Cultural Diversity Time conflict with Give/Set time for Teaching periodtrainings/Seminars Insufficient funding Grab the opportunity whenthere are seminars offeredPrepared by:MARIO B. PIDLAOAN Learner GURO21 Class 5 3. REFLECTION PAPER ON THE PLLP Honestly speaking, I am an ordinary mathematics teacher in Malacaang National High school whodoes teaching in the traditional way that is Chalk and Talk. I only teach the lesson or topicconfined orindicated in the curriculum with time bound. I usually deliver and present the different lessons in a singlestrategy, the Traditional way of Teaching. I have been experiencing preparing Learning Plans in my subject area but all those have limitation.But preparing, designing and planning Personal Lifelong Learning Plan is much different from all otherLearning Plan I prepared. I experienced difficulties during the preparation and planning of the PLLP.Before writing the plan there are many things to consider e.g. I have to assume that I am a 21st centuryteacher, I should know the Four Pillars of Learning, Imust know within myself the 21st century skills andthe 21st Century Literacies. I should also know what Personal Lifelong Learning is and I should develop andpossess the Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, and Values (KSAVs) needed to cope with the changes in the 21stcentury education. I have to take into consideration that designing a Personal Lifelong Learning Plan is not easy taskbecause this is the plan of my progress from one learning level to the next throughout my lifetime. Andalso, I took many paths in designing this Personal Lifelong Learning Plan. However, one path for successbegins reviewing the seven21st century Literacies. I should know every literacy by heart because it will helpme lay the ground work for creating a successful learning plan. Writing Personal Lifelong Learning Plan is such difficult task but once accomplished this will bemy assurance of being focus and directed in my personal and professional development. I can also create,control, manage and direct my students learning and helping them develop the Knowledge, Skills,Attitudes and Values they need to succeed in their studies and works as the new challenges of the 21stCentury Education. Implementation of this Personal Lifelong Learning Plan may encounter challenges or difficulties butit is possible to accomplish for the preparation of the challenges of 21st century education for we have tomake changes within ourselves and in education itself. Be 21st Century Teachers equipped with 21st century KSAVs. (Mario B. Pidlaoan)</p>