Person Centred Planning What is it? The way to make DREAMS happen

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  • Person Centred PlanningWhat is it?The way to makeDREAMS happen

  • The White Paper states..Workers should help people be independent and make choices.

    Service Managers should consult people on running and improving services.Care Managers should respond to peopleschoice of how they want to live and be supported.Commissioners should invest in systems that uphold peoples rights.

  • What does PCP mean for you?A way to reach your dreams

    Person Centred means doing something in a way that You want and which helps You to be part of Your neighbourhood

  • Who is involved?You are the most important person

    Other people may help:-ParentsCarersFriendsAnyone You choose

  • What is used? You

    You can choose how you want to plan

    You can plan by telling people what you would like to happen

  • There can be different types of plansEssential Lifestyle Planning

    Making Action Plans

    Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope (PATH)

    A Blank piece of paper

    These are just to help make it easierAsk your key worker to explain

  • Health Action PlanThis can help to keep you healthy and safe

  • When to use P.C.P.It can be useful when thinking about:-Letting People know what is really important to you Making new friendsKeeping healthy and wellGoing to CollegeGetting a job

    Use it as often as You require

  • What is achieved?Your plan shows whats possible, not just whats on offerYou live the life you wantGood things keep happening to youPeople keep listening to youYou follow your dream with people you choose

  • Key FeaturesYou are at the centre of your planFamily and friends are partnersThe Plan shows whats important to YouThe plan helps You to be part of Your communityRemember! Things dont stop when Your first plan is written

  • Thank you for comingEnjoy your day!

    JRCath and Joan

    I will explain more later