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Persian Empire

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Persian Empire. Society. Persian Classical Society. Persian society origins= plains of central Asia Family/clan relationships=important in political & social affairs Male warriors=heads of the clans D iverse empire complicated this structure. Persian Classical Society. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Persian Empire

Persian Empire

Persian EmpireSocietyPersian Classical SocietyPersian society origins= plains of central AsiaFamily/clan relationships=important in political & social affairsMale warriors=heads of the clansDiverse empire complicated this structure

Persian Classical SocietyImperial administration= new class of educated officialsUndermined old warrior eliteCities were home to administrators, tax collectors, record keepers, translators, and high ranking officials

Persian Classical SocietyClan Leaders and OfficialsArtisansCraftsmanMerchantsPriests and PriestessesLow ranking civil servantsSlaves

Women in Persian SocietyMarried women and women of royalty= respectedSome ruledSome were merchants and business leadersWhen the Romans captured Persian soldiers, some were women

Technological DevelopmentsQanat underground canals allowed cultivators to distribute water to fields w/out losing large quantities to evaporation through exposure to the sun and open airMaintained by slaves and laborers in the countryside

Technological DevelopmentsAgriculture=foundationResources helped Persia prosperBarley and wheat= common cropsBeer and wine= common beverage

Peas, lentils, garlic, onions, pomegranates, pears, and apricots supplemented the cereals in diets.

7Economic DevelopmentsLong-distance trade grew rapidlyStandardized coinsGood trade routesNew constructed highways= Persian Royal RoadSea routes through the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, and Arabian Sea

TradeFrom India: gold, ivory, aromaticsFrom Iran and Central Asia: lapis lazuli, turquoise and other stonesFrom Mesopotamia: textiles, mirrors and jewelryFrom Anatolia: gold, silver, iron, copper and tinFrom Arabia: spices and aromaticsFrom Egypt: grain, linen textiles, papyrus writing materials, gold, ebony, ivoryFrom Greece: oil, wine, and ceramics

Persian Religion= Zoroastrianism Celebrated natural elements and geographical featuresthe sun, the moon, the water, and especially firePriests performed sacrifices similar to those in IndiaUsed hallucinogenic agents

Persian Religion Attempt to address moral questionsPriest from aristocratic family, left to seek wisdomExperienced visionsConvinced that the supreme god had chosen him as a prophet to spread message

Quick ReviewWhat group of ppl replaced the warrior elite?

How were women viewed in Persian society?

What were some Persian technological developments?

Explain Zoroastrianism

Activity: Persian Short StoryPartners= at least 3 paragraphsPersian creative short storyCreate characters, get them in INTERESTING SITUATIONS, be accurate when referring to Persian social lifei.e. social classes, gender, jobs, technology, religion, etc