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Persian Empire

Persian Empire

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Persian Empire. The Persian Homeland. Modern day Iran Great farmland Rich in mineral resources Copper, lead, gold, silver, blue lapis. Cyrus the Great. Founded the Persian Empire Conquered neighboring kingdoms in what is today Iran, the Fertile Crescent, and Anatolia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Persian Empire

Persian EmpireThe Persian HomelandModern day IranGreat farmlandRich in mineral resourcesCopper, lead, gold, silver, blue lapis

Cyrus the GreatFounded the Persian EmpireConquered neighboring kingdoms in what is today Iran, the Fertile Crescent, and AnatoliaDifferent from the AssyriansEstablishment of tolerance of conquered peoplesNo looting and burning of citiesHonoring of local customs and religionsFreedoms granted after conquests

ProcessingHow was Cyrus the Greats/Persias empire different form that of the Assyrians? Give at least 2 examples.

How was Cyrus important to Judaism?CambysesCyrus son, took over after Cyrus diedNOT a tolerant ruler, died 8 years later and left behind a weakened empire

Darius IWas originally a royal bodyguardUsed the 10,000 Immortals (bodyguard army) to take controlExpanded Empire to 2,500 miles (p.94)India to Anatolia and EgyptUnable to defeat the Greeks

AdministrationThe worlds largest empire was divided by Darius into 20 provincesEach province was ruled by a satrap appointed by Darius

Persian AchievementsPersian Empire thrived due to the Royal Road1,600 mile road improved communication and transportation leading to more tradeCirculation of coined moneystandard for entire empire

Feats of Engineering

Persian ReligionZoroastrianismZoroaster: prophet (600 BCE)Two armies fought over a persons soulAhura Mazda: god of truth and lightAhriman/Ahura Mainyu: god of evil and darknessJudgment Day at the end of ones lifeParadise.or a fiery pit, depending on how you lived your lifeHoly Book: Avesta