Perfect Landscape Photography Lens for the Ultimate Photography Experience

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Photography is termed as an ultimate art by many. There are people who prefer to do it just for fun whereas there are others who take photography as a profession and are quite serious about it. The professional photography may range from portrait photography, commercial photography, landscape photography and more.

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  • 1.Perfect Landscape Photography Lens for the UltimatePhotography Experience landscape- photography- lens- for- the- ultimate- photography- experience/ April 2, 2013Photography is termed as an ultimate art by many. There are people whoprefer to do it just for fun whereas there are others who take photographyas a profession and are quite serious about it. The professionalphotography may range from portrait photography, commercialphotography, landscape photography and more.For landscape phot ography, one needs to be a bit cautious beforebuying the lenses since there are unlimited options available, but not all are Landscapeas good as the rest. Landscape photography lens plays a crucial part in the Photographyphotography since if they are not good enough, nor will be the lights andthis will hamper the pictures.There are some myths related to landscape photography lens thatneeds to be broken.First of all, one must remember that different lens have different works to do. So in case one buysa lens and deems it fit for all landscape photographs, he is absolutely wrong.This apart, one must buy a lens that is not too heavy since most of the landscape photographershave to shoot outdoors and it seems to be a herculean task to carry the lens atop a mountain oracross a field while finding the perfect shot.One can choose an f/8, f/9, f/10 as well as f/11 to get the required sharpness in the pictures.Though many photographers believe that fast lenses with f/2 and more are good, the thing is thatthey are a pain to use and one can use the above mentioned lenses to believe the change. Youcan choose wide angle landscape photography lens that range from a minimum of 14 mm to amaximum of 35mm that fit perfectly for the DSLR camera and sigma 12-24mm lens that can zoomand can range until 35mm.Many photographers prefer the wide angled lens over the others simply because they give an outand out photography experience. This apart, one can use the medium length lens that rangetypically between 40mm to up to 160 mm and are absolutely a delight to take shots that areperfect for the naked eyes. They are very specific and focus on the subject itself.Other kinds of landscape photography lens include the tele-photo lens. These long lens rangesabove the average 150 mm shot and are good for wild life photography, though, mostphotographers believe that they are better without it.First, the investment is higher than the other lenses and second, the weight and length is quitebulky thereby making it difficult for the photographers to carry them everywhere. But in case Isomeone actually makes up his mind to use it, these lenses are quite good to take long elaborateshots and with a tripod, they are an absolute delight to use.One can choose the landscape photography lens based on weight and use.

2. This apart there are certain lenses whose zoom quality is better than therest. So in case if you are thinking of visiting a wild life sanctuary and takephotographs. The high zoom quality lens will be apt in that case.A photographer knows that lenses have the capacity to make or break animage and this is the reason why one needs to think twice beforepurchasing them.Do you enjoy photography?Im assuming you do or you wouldnt be here.How would you like to write about something you love doing, like takingpictures, writing about itand making money while you do it?LandscapeThats what I do.PhotographyWant to learn how?My team prepared this cool video for you: a decision to join now. Most people put off this decision until its too late. Dont be thatperson. Do it now: The Author: DR MurrayDR Murray is a 30 year Fortune 500 financial executive and US Army LogisticsManagement officer. He strongly believes in multiple income streams to reduce therisk of relying on one income source. His personal mission is to empower otherindividuals to take control of their own destiny and along the way maintain a sense of humor. Itsbetter to be in the parade than to watch it go by! Are YOU ready to join him? Join Him Here