Pepco Smart Meters FAQs

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<ul><li><p>8/8/2019 Pepco Smart Meters FAQs</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Frequently Asked Questions</p><p>What Are Smart Meters?</p><p>A smart meter is an electronic meter that can communicate two ways from your</p><p>home to Pepco and from Pepco to your home. These meters use advancedtechnology to help Pepco better track and report back to you your energy usage.</p><p>The meters bring with them a number of benefits including more accurate billing,enhancements to Pepcos online billing feature My Account, remote on/offactivation of power, and an improved ability for our customer service specialiststo respond more quickly and thoroughly to your needs.</p><p>Why Am I Getting One?</p><p>Pepco is working with the District of Columbia Public Service Commission to help</p><p>meet energy-efficiency guidelines, and smart meters are a critical part of thateffort.</p><p>Equally important, Pepco is making a proactive effort, through its deployment ofsmart meters, to help customers make better informed decisions about theirenergy usage.</p><p>Smart meters are designed to offer utilities and their customers a number of keybenefits. These include better insight into customer usage and billing, as well asincreased reliability and improved customer service.</p><p>When Will I Get My Smart Meter?</p><p>Businesses and residents will start receiving new smart meters during the courseof this year. The goal is to have all smart meters installed in the District ofColumbia by the end of 2011.</p><p>Will I Receive Any Notice Before the Meter Exchange?</p><p>A letter, along with a fact sheet, will be mailed to every customer approximatelyone to four weeks before the planned meter exchange.</p><p>What Do I Have to Do?</p><p>The good news is that there is very little you have to do during this process. Weencourage you to make sure your meter is easily accessible from the outside.When the time gets closer for you to get your meter, you will receive moreinformation, including a letter and a fact sheet on how to prepare for the meterexchange.</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Pepco Smart Meters FAQs</p><p> 2/2</p><p>Lastly, visit and register for My Account, if you have notalready. This is the fastest and easiest way to stay up to speed on Pepcos smartmeter program.</p><p>Will I Lose Power During the Meter Exchange?</p><p>The meter exchange may result in a brief interruption of electric service and youmay need to reset your clocks and other electronic equipment after theexchange.</p><p>What Types of Costs Will I Incur?</p><p>Pepco is making the initial investment in smart meters for its customers. As ofnow, there are no additional costs associated with you receiving your smartmeter. Pepco has received $34.1 million in federal stimulus grants to help fundPepcos smart meter program in the District of Columbia. These funds will help to</p><p>offset the cost of this project to customers.</p><p>However, it may be determined at a later rate case that some costs will bepassed on to customers. It is our goal at Pepco for our customers to reap long-term benefits and advantages from these new smart meters that will outweighany costs associated with the installation.</p><p>How Will I Benefit From a New Smart Meter?</p><p>Pepco sees a number of short- and long-term benefits for customers.</p><p>In the near term, smart meters will:</p><p> Provide customers with enhanced energy information through the onlineMy Account service, enabling them to better manage their energy use andcosts.</p><p> Significantly reduce the number of estimated bills through wirelesscommunications.</p><p> Provide more energy use information to our Customer Care employees,so they can better help customers manage their energy use.</p><p>In the longer term, smart meters will:</p><p> Help improve customer reliability and outage management. Enable special pricing options for customers to save energy and money. Make it easier to integrate renewable energy, such as wind power, and</p><p>plug-in vehicles into the electric system.</p></li></ul>