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1 Janice Chancey Mgr, Financial Information Systems & Reporting Controller’s Division PeopleSoft Financials Basic Navigation

PeopleSoft Financials Basic Navigation

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PeopleSoft Financials Basic Navigation. Janice Chancey Mgr, Financial Information Systems & Reporting Controller’s Division. Agenda. General Overview Basic Navigation. General Overview. Budget. Grants. Purchasing. Catalog Mgmt. General Ledger. Journal Entries. Accounts Payable. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Janice ChanceyMgr, Financial Information Systems & Reporting

Controller’s Division

PeopleSoft FinancialsBasic Navigation

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• General Overview• Basic Navigation


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BudgetPurchasing Catalog Mgmt


Journal EntriesGeneral Ledger

Accounts Payable

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Hands-on PS FinancialsTraining Classes

eProcurement Requisitions & Health eShop – Learn how to enter ePro Requisitions into the system to purchase goods and services.

PS Tools for Grants – Learn how to use the MCG Grant pages and reports to help you manage your Grant account.

Delivered Reports and Inquiries – Learn how to run Budget reports and inquiries to help manage your budget.

Basic Query Training – Learn how to run a Public query and modify a query to save as your private query.


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PeopleSoft Financials Training Documents

PeopleSoft Financials http://www.gru.edu/finance/peoplesoft/index.php

Financial Training Documentshttp://www.gru.edu/finance/controller/training/index.php


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Request for Login You will not be automatically setup in PS Financials

because you have attended the Basic Navigation class

Your department must submit a PeopleSoft Financials Security Access Request Form requesting your access

The Security Form is available on the PeopleSoft website at:



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Request for Login – Cont’dHow Do I Know What to Check on the Form?

– We have created a document under the Security Information and Forms link on the PeopleSoft Website with a document called:• What access is given when I check a box on the Security Form?• The link to this document is below:



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Where To Login? The PeopleSoft Financials Icon

to login is on the PAWS Portal page under Applications & Tools.

Your User ID and password for PeopleSoft Financials will be the same as your NET ID and Password. This is the same as your SoftServ login.

When you change your password, then your PeopleSoft Financials password will change as well.


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How to Login?


Type in your NetID and password.

If your user ID does not work, try typing it in ALL CAPS.

If you get a message that your account has been disable, then call: Janice 706-721-3288 Tina 706-721-0018

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PS Financials Security

• Never leave your system unattended• Lock your desktop when you leave your desk

– CTRL-ALT-DEL and click on Lock Workstation

• Do not share your password• Do not let someone use your Net ID


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Basic NavigationBasic Navigation

PeopleSoft Financials

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Menu Navigation and Expand Button

This is the Expand and Collapse Triangles in PSFIN. You will see them on many pages. A

sideways triangle means Expand (take a look and it will show you more information).

This is the Expand and Collapse Triangles in PSFIN. You will see them on many pages. A

sideways triangle means Expand (take a look and it will show you more information).

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Universal Navigation Header


Universal Navigation Header

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New Window

• When you want to open a second window to look at another menu option, click on the New Window hyperlink at the top right corner under the Universal Navigation Bar

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Setting Favorites

• Navigate to the page that you would like to set as a favorite

• Click on the Add to Favorites link on the Universal Navigation Bar

• The page will now show up on your My Favorites Menu


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Adding My Reports Menu to Home Page in PS Financials

1. Click on Content hyper link on top of the menu by Personalize.

2. Check the box by My Reports under PeopleSoft Applications.

3. Click on the Save button.

4. You will then see your My Reports menu under your Menu. To move it to the side: click on Layout by Personalize.

5. Click once on the My Reports under the Left Column, and then click on the right arrow to move it to the Right Column.

6. Click on the save button.

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Run Controls

• A Run Control is the driver that needs to be created to run Budget Status Reports, Budget Transaction Details, etc.

• The idea of a run control is to create and save them so you can use them again without having to create the same criteria every month or week for the same data you want a report.

• Run Controls should be made for each type of report that you run.

• The names cannot include spaces.• They can not be renamed or deleted.


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Creating a Run Control • When you first go to run a

report, you will need a Run Control ID (since you have never created one at this point you will have to add a new value)

• Once you click add a new a Value, then you will have to name your Run Control. I recommend starting the name with the report name.

• If you already have a existing Run Control then you just need to click the name listed below search results.


Add A New Value

Find an Existing Value

Saved Run Control Listing

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Budget Transaction Detail Report Run Control Sample


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Process Scheduler Request

•This page comes up when you click on the Run button on a report run control page.

•Crystal Reports must be run under the PSNT server.

•SQR Reports and All Other Processes must be run under the PSUNX server.


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How to Get Make the TAB Skip Over the Lookup Magnifying Glass

1. Click on the My Personalizations at the bottom of the Main Menu.

2. Click on the Personalize Option button by Navigation Personalizations.

3. Choose Yes from the drop-down list by “Tab over Lookup Button”.

4. (Note: you can also choose Yes by “Tab over Calendar Button”)

5. Click OK to save your settings.

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If You Need Help

• Financial Information Systems and Reporting– Problem resolution and general questions

• Janice Chancey – 706-721-3288

– Requisition Workflow Approvals and Security forms• Tina Fletcher – 706-721-0018

– Department ID creation/editing & Authorized Signature forms

• Gordon Prettelt – 706-721-2046

• ITS Help Desk– 1-4000


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