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  • *Pengayaan Short Functional textInvitation cardComparison

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    You are invited to the greatest party ever. Please phone if you cant come

  • * YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED! for : Diana date : May29 time : 6.30 p.m. place: Jl Sriwijaya 45.

    given by: Elena

  • *1. Who celebrates the birthday party?a. Elenab. Elenas friendsc. Dianad. Dianas friends

  • *2. What should Diana do if she cant come to the party?a. Tell Elena directly.b. Give a birthday card.c. Phone Elena soon.d. Give the invitation card back to Elena.

  • *3. YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED!The underlined word is similar to a. anxiously and desperately.b. warmly and sincerely.c. strongly and urgently.d. carefully and kindly

  • *4. When will the party take place?a. In the morning.b. In the afternoon.c. In the evening.d. At night.

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    Hi Susan,Come to my home on Wednesday 11, 4 p.m. 2/7 Shirley Rd. Share your happiness at my sisters birthday. Dillon

  • *1. Who invites Susan to the birthday party?a. Dillon.b. Susan.c. Dillons sister.d. Susan' sister.

  • *2. Whose birthday party is it?a. Dillonsb. Susansc. Dillons sistersd. Susans sisters

  • *3. Where is the party held?a. Susans homeb. 2/7 Shirley Rdc. In a restaurantd. At school

  • *ComparisonPerbandingan

    Sama (postive)Lebih (comparative)Paling (superlative)

  • *Yang diperbandingkan:

    Adjective (kata sifat/kata keadaan)Adverb (kata keterangan)Quantifier (kata penunjuk jumlah)

  • *Adjective: kata sifat/kata keadaanKata yang menjelaskan keadaan suatu benda atau orang.Diletakkan setelah be (is, am are, was, were) atau sebelum benda yang dijelaskannyaTina is beautiful.I met beautiful girl yesterday.

  • *Adverb : Kata keterangan Adverb of manner adalah kata keterangan caraDigunakan untuk menjelaskan kata kerja.Diletakkan setelah kata kerja yang diterangkannya.Adverb bisa berasal dari Adjective + ly Ani walks slowly. The man worked hard.

  • *Quantifier : kata penunjuk jumlahA few : sedikit untuk benda yang bisa dihitung.A little : sedikit untuk benda yang tidak bisa dihitung.Much : banyak untuk benda yang tidak bisa dihitung.Many : banyak untuk benda yang bisa dihitung.

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    1 syllable(1suku kata)tallbigcheaptallerbiggercheapertallestbiggestcheapest

    3 syllable(3 suku kata)Interesting

    beautifulmore interesting

    morebeautifulmost interesting

    most interesting

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    2 syllable(1 suku kata)Note: y becomes iEnding in er, y, ly, owCleverPrettyCrazynarrow+ er




    stupid+ moremore carefulmore modern

    more stupid+ mostmost careful

    most modern

    most stupid

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    oldbetterworsefurther (untuk jarak dan waktu)farther (jarak)

    older (orang dan barang)

    elder (orang)bestworstfurther




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    Construction (pemben-tukan dalam kalimat)As-----asThe water is as cold as ice

    Not as----asHe is not as tall as his brother.------thanMary is taller than Jane

    The -----ofThis box is the biggest of them all.

    The .in (places)This house is the largest in the town.

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    1 syllable(1 suku kata)lowlatehard+erlowerlaterharder+estlowestlatesthardest

    2 or more syllable(2 suku kata atau lebih)quickly

    accurately+moremore quicklymore accurately+mostmost quicklymost accurately

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    Irregular formwellbadlylatefarbetterworselaterfartherfurtherbestworstlastfartherfurthestConstructionAs----asHe wrote as quickly as possible.------thanThey arrived earlier than I did.-------of all.He ran the fastest of all.

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    Kata penunjuk jumlahfewlittlemanymuchfewerlessmoremorefewestleastmostmostConstruct-ionAs----asHe has as much money as his father does.------thanI drink less coke than he does.-------of all.They bought the most books of all.

  • *1. Asti: How far is it your house from here?Lia: Its about kilometers Asti: Mine is too. So my house is .yours from here.

    a. farb. fartherc. farthestd. as far as

  • *2. Nany : How is your father? Dian : Well, his illness was we first thought so he should stay in hospital for a few days. Nany : Oh, I am sorry to hear that.a. as serious asb. more serious thanc. the most seriousd. as seriously as

  • *3. Dimas: You like this jacket, dont you? Why dont you buy it? Alex: I have tried it on but it is too small. I need a size but they dont have. a. large b. more large c. larger d. the largest

  • *4. Nia : Is this the room we are going to rent ? Lisa : Yes, It is .I could find. The others are much more expensive.

    a. cheap b. cheaper c. the cheapest d. the most cheap

  • *5. Didi: What issport in the world? Gandi: Football. a. popularb. more popular c. the most populard. as popular as

  • *6. Vita: Will you join the English debate competition? Ade: Id love to but I think youd better ask Eliza to join. She can speak English I do. a. as fluent as b. more fluent than c. fluently d. more fluently than

  • *7. Rian: Lets go by car. Rista: Why dont you use the motorcycle. It will need going by car. a. more time than b. as little time as c. less time than d. fewer time than

  • *8. Kiky: How was your exam? Nino: It was I expected. Kiky: So you are sure you will pass it, arent you? Nino: Yes, I am really sure. a. more difficult than b. easier than c. more easily than d. the easiest

  • *9. Mother: The weather is still unpleasant today. Father: Yes, but it is yesterday. Mother: But you still must bring the coat. Father: All right, dear. a. worse than b. better than c. the best d. the worst

  • *10. Hanna : I am sorry, I came late. I have tried to get here I could. Rissa : All right.a. as fast as b. faster than c. the fastest d. more faster

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