Pedal Your Cycle - Oxfordshire & The Chilterns - SPRING ISSUE 01

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Pedal Your Cycle newspaper, issue 1 for Oxfordshire and the Chilterns.


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    Power To Your PedalFrance

    coast to coastMemorial Ride

    Pedal Your CycleOxfOrdshire & The ChilTernsspring 2015Issue 01www.pedalyOurCyCle.CO.ukThe Free cyclists paper for oxfordshire & the chilterns

    Im Free

    Follow Dawn and Steve across France as they embark on a cycling adventure

    IntervIew wIth

    We chat with the American downhill pro.

    Some people had said theyd ridden it in one go and that theyd never do it again. A few people said they had done it in 3 days and that was hard.

    Aston HillOn a very murky and cool morning, I met up with Ian Warby and several of his youth development team doing a session at the Aston Hill Bike Park, just a mile outside

    Wendover. Aston Hill is one of the best mountain biking areas in England and sits on the side of one of the steeper sections of the Chilterns. The Chilterns are a mix of

    chalk and clay, which together with plenty of tree roots makes for an interesting and slippery surface to bike on, especially in the winter!Ian has been a part of the mtb scene most of his life starting on bmx bikes with his school friends. Mountain bike racing was just taking off and he found he was quite good at it and was sponsored by local bike shop Mountain High as a junior. He

    raced through to Elite level with much of his craft learnt in Wendover Woods. The first local race took place in the woods around Wendover but the need for public access required a dedicated site and the development of Aston Hill started. His father helped create the first mtb loop in Aston Hill in 1993 and Ian started work with the Forestry Commission in 1997 building more trails, setting up a club and taking

    out a lease for the site. In 2000 Ian went full time running Aston Hill. He did that through to 2006 when he joined CTC as their Senior Mountain Biking Development Officer offering advice to others on how to start and develop their MTB plans.

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    Kieran Lindars


    IntervIew wIth trIathlete


    we IntervIew

    CHRis PARKs SpIrIt BIkeS



    aBingdon To oxFordA ride with options to bring you into oxford

    CYCLing CLub CoLuMn

    THe PHoenix TRAiL

    CHiLTeRn soCieTY CYCLing gRouP




    P.23CowLeY RoAd CondoRs

    Johny Ringo

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    Pedal Your Cycle is the UKs only free newspaper for cyclists. With articles for all levels of riders, from professional cyclists to parents looking for a route suitable for the whole family, our aim is to create a newspaper and hub for all who love cycling.

    In each issue you will find local news, trails and events along with reviews and cycling adventures. Discover cyclists from all over the world in our interviews and check out the centre map to find trusted local places along your cycling route.

    We hope you enjoy your copy of Pedal Your Cycle as much as we enjoy making it.

    Missed something in the newspaper? Check out our website for all the latest cycling news and videos.

    Club ColumnCTC Wallingford1st Sunday of the month2 Star road ride gentle pace. Suitable for regular riders who pre-fer to cover some distance but at a more relaxed pace.Average speed: 1012 mphDistance: 2030 milesStart time: 1.30 pmStart location: wallingford Market placeRide time: approx 3 hours including a tea stop3rd Sunday of the month3 Star road ride quicker pace. Suitable for experienced riders, may be hilly, long, quick, or any combination!Average speed: 1214 mphDistance: 3040 milesStart time: 1.30 pmStart location: wallingford Market placeRide time: approx 3.5 hours including a tea stop

    For more detailed information on rides in the next month visit

    Cowley Road CondorsUpcoming Events in 2015 new member ride / come and try the club for size one a month until May Silverstone ttt Friday 19th June 2015 Oxfordshire road race league (Orrl) 7 rounds May > July 2015 Bike Oxford Sunday 13th September (training rides for non-members, people who have entered Bike Oxford are run by the club from June onwards). Spinning Classes run all winter (October > March) Maintenance classes (partnering with Beeline Bikes) January > april new member meeting april aGM October regular coaching sessions and presentations on training and dietary advice by a local cycle coaching company. winter months regular socials and pub trips all year round Club weekend excursions. destinations include wales, Sheffield, and Belgiuman excursion happens every Spring/Summer.

    Rides rides (including the famous Screamer ride) are tailored for all abilities / distances every tuesday and thursday (6.15 meet at ricks Caf, Cowley for a 6.30 departure) these occur all year round. every weekend Members usually post ideas for rides on Face-book. women-only rides (occur more frequently around competition time). training rides for the race teams are also held around competi-tion time.

    For the latest details go to

    Bicester Millennium Cycle Clubevery month we have twO types of Introductory ride for you to try. Meet the club, have fun, get fit.

    Shorter taster ride - 30 miles @ 10-12mph (Cafe Stop at 16 miles)9:30am on the 4th Saturday of each month.2015 dateS: 28th March, 25th april, 23rd May, 27th June, 25th July, 22nd august, 26th September, 24th October, 28th novem-ber 2015.

    longer taster plus ride - 40 miles @ 12-14mph (Cafe Stop at 26 miles)9:00am on the 2nd Saturday of each month2015 dateS : 14th March, 11th april, 9th May, 13th June, 11th July, 8th august,12th September, 10th October, 14th november, 12th december 2015.

    Club night - wendlebury village hall - 7pm thursday 5th March 2015Film night - a Sunday in hell - 1976 paris-roubaix - Merckx/dev-laeminck/MoserFamily, friends and new members always welcome.

    CtC social rides to start in april.we are pleased to support the CtC in organising a monthly Bicester Social rideBicester leisure Centre - 10am Sunday 19th april 2015 @ 8-10mphBMCC 9up team time trial - Silverstone Gp circuit, Friday 19th June 2015

    For latest information go to:

    if you would like your clubs events included on this page please email the editor

    Editors Welcome The first Oxfordshire & the Chilterns edition

    As I write this at the end of February, hope springs eternal having just been out for a ride on a sunny day in 13C. However dedicated we are to cycling over the winter there is always a sense of relief when warm rides are just around the corner.

    So the launch of our first edition of Pedal Your Cycle in Oxfordshire and the Chilterns could not be more timely as some of the first local cycling events are within touch: the Chiltern Challenge in March and the Abingdon Cycling Festival in April.

    The last 2 months have been a wonderful journey of discovery for all at PYC as we have expanded out of Herefordshire, Wales and the West Midlands, where we have been publishing for the last 6 months, into new territory. I think we all know cycling is still growing in popularity but hearing how the Cowley Road Condor CC has doubled in size the last year and Berhamsted CC has gone from a standing start to 200 members since October 2014 makes you sit up to just how many people are getting involved in cycling.

    T h e r e is much to celebrate and talk about and our aim at PYC is to help you get the best from your local cycling world. We will be bringing you profiles on local clubs and what makes each unique, local events you can join in with, we will get to know local talented individuals, suggest cycle rides for all levels, holiday ideas, the mtb scene, how to support charities, and safety matters. If its on 2 wheels and its local we will let you know about it!

    So please let us know of your stories, events, opinions and campaigns and we will do our best to inform our cycling community.

    Theres much more on our website too, so take a look.

    We hope Pedal Your Cycle is both enjoyable and useful and look forward to getting to know you better in the months to come.

    Be safe and have fun.Chris Palmer

    Abingdon Cycle Festival has been growing steadily for the past five years. This year the organisers hope the festival will be bigger and better than ever with over 600 people expected to attend the event held in the town centre.

    Project Manager, Mark Utting, reckons that the growth of the event indicates the strength of a developing culture of cycling in the town. Abingdon now has several

    well-attended cycling related clubs and I hope that this free event will encourage scores of new riders on their bikes.

    Visitors to Abingdons Cycle Festival on Sunday 19th April 2015 can expect a fun-filled day of live music, great food, and organised rides through the stunning Oxfordshire countryside.

    sunday 19th April 2015 is the