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  • Mobile Device Software Solution for Parking Violation Citation lssuance and Other Violation Ticketing (lncluding Hardware andRelated Consumable Purchase Options)

    Specification No. 13141 8




    Specification No. 131418

    Required for use by:

    CITY OF CHICAGO(Department of Finance)

    This RFP distributed by:

    CITY OF CHICAGO(Department of Procurement Services)

    All proposals and other communications must be addressed and returned to

    Jamie L. Rhee, Chief Procurement OfficerAttention: Joseph Chan Senior Procurement Specialist

    joseph.chan@cityofchicago. org312 -744-7659

    Department of Procurement ServicesBid & Bond Room - Room 103, City Hall

    121 North LaSalle StreetChicago, lllinois 60602

    A Pre-Proposal Conference will be held on August 31,2016 at 1:30 p.m. Central Time, City Hall,11th Floor, Room# 1103, 121 North LaSalle Street, Chicago, lllinois 60602.

    Attendance is Non-Mandatory, but encouraged.






    Dear Vendor:

    Under the leadership of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the City continues to identify ways contractors can begood corporate citizens, enhance the City's business community, and improve small businesses'chances of being successful City contractors. The City has several bid incentives and programsdesigned to benefit local businesses, small businesses and utilization thereof, and reward corporateresponsibility and community awareness, including bid incentives for apprentice utilization, city-basedbusinesses, city-based manufacturers, project-area subcontractors, veteran/small business jointventures, and the use of alternatively powered vehicles, as well as the diversity credit program. lnformationabout all of the City's programs and incentives can be found at http//www,


    One program that you may not be aware of is the City's Mentor-Protg Program ("Program"). Under thisProgram, a prime contractor mentor is eligible to receive an additional 0.333 percent participation creditfor every one percent of the value of the contract performed by a subcontractor MBE/WBEprotg, up to a maximum of five additional percentage points of utilization credit. The mentor andprotg must enter into a formal, written agreement that must be approved by the Chief ProcurementOfficer and that describes how the mentor-protg relationship will develop the capacity of theMBEM/BE protg firm to become self-sufficient, competitive, and profitable.

    The Mentor-Protg Program thus embodies two of the City's most important goals: fostering economicdevelopment through the growth of small businesses, and connecting our communities to oneanother through lasting relationships that may not othenruise have formed. We encourage you to makeconnections at pre-bids and other networking events, contact the assist agencies' for vendorsspecializing in the area of work you are looking to subcontract, and search our MBE/WBE directoryonline, with the hope that you will take advantage of this Program. For more information and asample mentor-protg agreement, see

    Please also review the following additional reminders about bidding, contracting, and compliance.

    carefullv. We understand that government solicitations for bids, proposals and qualifications contain alot of information and may have mandatory forms to complete. However, errors and omissions in your bids,proposals and qualifications cost both you and the City time and money, since non-responsive bids mustbe rejected. Rejected bids may result in yourfirm notgetting thecontractand increasethecostof workto the City.

    t For a list of assist agencies, visit

  • Mobile Device Software Solution for Parking Violation Citation lssuance and Other Violation Ticketing (lncluding Hardware andRelated Consumable Purchase Options)

    Specification No. 1314'18

    lf vou have a question, ask us. The telephone number and e-mail address of the individual from DPSwho is responsible for each solicitation is stated on the cover page of that solicitation. Call or write us -we are here to assist you. However, please keep in mind that in regards to bid solicitations, we mustcommunicate answers to anything but the most general questions to all firms in the vendor pool. This isusually done via an addendum.

    disadvantaqed owned businesses. ln each bid solicitation, you receve a list of the City'sregistered assst agencies. As you plan for meeting your MBEffBE goals, remember to contact theassist agencies. They have members holding certification in a variety of disciplines. Please utilize themwhenever you have contracting needs. ln fact, contacting these agencies uel/ in advance of the bidopening dafe is a requirement for demonstrating good faith efforts to obtain MBE /VBE participation if yourequest a reduction or waiver of goals.

    A contractor may not makeany substitution for a previously approved subcontractor unless the substitution is acceptable to theChief Procurement Ofcer. All requests to substitute subcontractors must be submitted on the appropriateform.

    portion of the work from the Citv. Failure to pay your subcontractors within the seven-day time periodmay subject you to fines or other penalties.

    Vendors are reouired to reoorl oavments to all subcontractors and suooliers in C2. The City'sCertification and Compliance Management system, C2, allows prime contractors to report MA/V/DBEutilization quickly and efflciently through a web-based format while simultaneously allowingsubcontractors the ability to confirm payment activity.

    EDSs must be kept uo to date. Vendors are required to fill out an Economic Disclosure Statement('EDS') prior to award of a contract. Until final completion of the project, you must provide, withoutneed for request by the City, an updated EDS f there is any change in ownership or change in anyother circumstance that would render the EDS then cunently on file inaccurate or obsolete. Failure toprovide an updated EDS when required is an event of default.

    and submit activitv reports everv quarter. For more information regarding this requirement,please contact the City of Chicago Board of Ethics. lnformation about the Board may be found atvrunru. citvofchicaqo. oro/ethics.

    Check the Debarred Vendor List. Prior to submitting a bid, or for existing contracts, a request forapproval of subcontractors, you must check the list of debarred vendors to make sure that you are notproposing the use of a flrm that is ineligible to do business with the City. The list of vendorsineligible to do business with the City may be found at:

    www. citvofchicaoo. oro ic rs/debarred firms list. html

    Complv with prevailing waqe and minimum waqe requirements. Pursuant to the lllinois PrevailingWage Act, (or Davis Bacon Act for federally funded contracts), contractors and subcontractors must paylaborers, workers and mechanics performing services on public works prolects no less than the cunent"prevailing rate of wages" (hourly cash wages plus amount for fringe benefits) in the county where thework is performed and, no later than the tenth day of


  • Mobile Device Software Solution for Parking Violation Citation lssuance and Other Violation Ticketing (lncluding Hardware and RelatedConsumable Purchase Options)

    Specification No. 13141 8

    each calendar month, file a certified payroll for the immediately preceding month with the public body incharge of the project. Additionally, pursuant to Mayoral Executive Order 2014-1, the minimum wage($13.1Sittour as of July 1 , 2016) must be paid to all employees regularly performing work on City propertyor at a City jobsite, and all employees whose regular work entails performing a service for the City under aCity contract. For more information about the prevailing wage, see

    For a copy of Mayoral Executive Order 2014-1regarding minimum wage, seederNo20 l4-l.pdf.

    Comolv with the United States Deoart of Labor Occuoational Safetv & HealthAdministration ("OSHA laws and reoulations. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, employersare responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace. OSHA's mission is to assure safe andhealthful workplaces by setting and enforcing standards, and by providing training, outreach, educationand assistance. Employers must comply with all applicable OSHA standards. Employers must also complywith the General Duty Clause of the OSH Act, which requires employers to keep their workplace free ofserious recognized hazards. For more information, visit www.osha.qov/law-req

    Complv with the Multi-Proiect Labor Agreement ("PLA"). The City is a signatory to the PLA, whichapples to all contractors and subcontractors of any tier performing construction work, includingconstruction, demolition, rehabilitation, maintenance, andior renovation of real property located inChicago. See the relevant sections of the bid specification for more information.

    I also want to remind you that on December 2, 2014, the City Council of the City of Chicago passed anew chapter of the Municipal Code, 1-24, specitying a minimum wage of $10.50 per hour to be paid to allwokers within the City of Chicago - not just employees of City contractorc - effective July 1 , 2016. Forwork performed on City contracts, a Contractor must pay the highest of (1) prevailing wage/Davis-Baconrate, if applicable; (2) minimum wage specified by Mayoral Executive Order 2014-1; (3) "Living Wage" ratespecified by MCC Sect. 2-92-610; ) Chicago Minimum Wage r