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PBS and KQED for Early Learning

PBS Kids Apps for Learning

http://pbskids.org/6PBS LearningMedia

http://youtu.be/u-A0_JsYARw 7Browsing Options

StandardsGrade and SubjectAccess to Favorites, Profile, and ToolsKeyword SearchAt the top of the homepage access personalized Dashboard to view favorites, update profile, and use the productivity tools. This slide also provides a closer look at the search options available to users.8Browsing Options

Grade Level SubjectsBrowse By Grade & Subject button allows Shannon to expand the search options. Search results can be filtered by specific grade levels (Pre-K 13+) and subject area.9Viewing Favorites and Folders

Resources you identify as favorites are curated hereSort favorites by:Newest to OldestOldest to NewestA to ZZ to A

After selecting favorites from your dashboard, Ms. Celia is directed to her favorites folder. She has selected a resource as a favorite by clicking the heart icon on the resource page, the media will appear in the full list of favorites. On the left-hand side of this page, she will see the option to view all favorites or individual folders that have created. On the right-hand side of the page, there is an option to sort resources by:Newest to OldestOldest to NewestA to ZZ to A 10Create Folders for FavoritesList of favorites and foldersClick to create a new folder

Name your folder and write a descriptionSave your folder

Favorites can be curated into individual folders created by users.To create a folder:Select Add New FolderGive your folder a title and description and press saveThe folder will show up in the list of folders on the left-hand side of the page

To add a resource to a folder:Select the resource(s) by clicking the small box next to the image of the mediaChoose Add to Folder to see a list of created foldersChoose one or more folders to house your resource(s)


Add Resources to Folders

List of favorites and foldersSelect resource to add to folderAdd external links

On the left-hand side of the page, she can view all the resources selected as favorites and all folders she has created. To add a resource to a folder:Select the resource(s) by clicking the small box next to the image of the mediaChoose Add to Folder to see a list of created foldersChoose one or more folders to house your resource(s)

External links can be added to folders by clicking Add a Link. The external link will be listed within the users favorites.

Currently, PBS LearningMedia Collections cannot be added to favorites. However, each collection has a unique URL which can be added as a link.


Productivity Tools for Teachers + Student ExperienceTools DescriptionsA new set of productivity tools makes it easy for educators to share resources from PBS LM. These tools also help educators implement personalized learning objectives for individual students by giving them media and quizzes that are appropriate for their grade or skill level. PBS LM Lesson Builder. The PBS LM Lesson Builder allows educators to create a personalized, interactive activity for their students that can be used for an in-class activity or a homework assignment. Educators can create a lesson in minutes by combining a video from the PBS LM catalog with a short quizEducators share the lesson with students using an assignment URL that can be posted on a class webpage, or a simple assignment code that can be written on the class boardStudents can complete an assignment WITHOUT creating an account using a web-based interface that works on any desktop or mobile device, including mobile phones or tabletsEducators can view a summary of results for the entire class in real-time or view individual student responses to determine if the entire class or just a subset of students is having trouble with a quiz questionEducators can share the results for a question in real-time for an in-class discussionPBS LM Quiz Maker. A PBS LM quiz making tool feature allows educators to create personalized, short quizzes about individual videos in PBS LM.Educators can select one video in PBS LM and then enter a title, instructions and questions to create a short quizEducators can add questions in a multiple types including multiple choice, fill in the blank or short answer questionsEducators can create one quiz per lesson and can share the assignment code with studentsPBS LM Storyboard. The PBS LM Storyboard allows educators to demonstrate complex concepts to their students, and allows students to demonstrate their knowledge of a complex subject while engaging them in learning in a way that paper and static images cannot. Educators can create a web page in minutes using images and videos from PBS LM along with text and educational graphics to support a specific lessonEducators can share the Storyboard with students with a distributable URLEducators can create an activity for student in minutes that allows students of any age to create their own Storyboard in order and submit to the teacher in order to demonstrate what they learned in class

PBS LM Student ExperienceThe PBS LM Student Experience allows students of any age to browse and search educational and inspiring resources from PBS LM for a homework assignment or for lifelong personal learning. Students of any age or grade level can browse resources from PBS LearningMediaStudents can register for PBS LM in order to mark any resources as favorite, or to download resources for offline viewingStudents 13 or older can create their own Storyboard and share it using a public URL

13Accessing Tools & Student ViewLog in to your PBS LearningMedia account.Select Dashboard at the top of the page.Tools and Student View will be visible in your list of options.

14Tools Page

On the Tools page, you can access the Lesson Builder, Quiz Maker, and Storyboard Tools15Lesson Builder Tool

The Lesson Builder Tool enables teachers to incorporate PBS video content into a self-paced activity for students. Using the Quiz Maker Tool, teachers can embed quiz questions that accompany the video in lessons.Storyboard Tool

The Storyboard Tool allows you to design interactive web pages with videos, artwork, dynamic backgrounds and images from PBS LearningMedia.

Media Literacy Skill Building

http://tinyurl.com/pbslmanimalshttp://tinyurl.com/pbslmreadingStudents can create their own storyboards18PBS LearningMedia for Students

Access the PBS LearningMedia student site at pbsstudents.org Almetria VabaProject Supervisor, Educationavaba@kqed.org

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